Here it is, folks. The final chapter of The Legend of Zelda: Seven Sword Saga. Its been a fun ride, guys. Thanks for seeing this to its end. I apologize if its long, lol, but Ganon has a lot of forms… Enjoy!

As the Links ascended the stairs which would take them to their final destination and their inevitable showdown with the evil Prince of Darkness they reflected on their journey and the steps that they had to make to get here. From getting lost in the forest and working together in the Water Temple to fighting the Dodongo in the Death Mountain Range. And then there was Young Links' capture and the appearance of Dark resulting in the Heroes splitting their forces to save the day. And now the Links had overcome a sinister trap set by Ganon. After all the trials and twisted turns their journey was about to draw to a close.

Ocarina opened the door leading into the boss chamber and walked in, the others following. Ganon, the evil king of darkness, was sitting on the throne waiting for them. A smirk crossed the fiend's face as he sized up the Heroes.

The Hero of Time with his young counterpart leading the group, the Hero of Labrynna and Holodrum on the right, the Hero of Winds to the left, the Twilit Hero in the middle, and the two older Heroes covering the back. Though there were seven of them they were still just Link. Nothing to worry about.

Ganon stood, ready to face them, "I'm glad you could make it," he said. "I was starting to think you wouldn't show at all…"

"Well excuse us for being so late! Now tell us where the Princess is!" demanded Brunette.

"She's safe… For now that is…"

"Why you dirty-"

"You should all be thanking me actually," he continued. "For, if it weren't for me, that pesky Wind Mage would have done her in long ago…"

"Like we'd ever thank you!" yelled Twilight. "You're the reason she was captured in the first place!"

"Of that, I am guilty." Ganondorf sighed, a smug look on his face, "But to think all seven of you would show… Heh, seven Triforces of Courage to choose from…"

"Like we'd ever hand it over to you, you big jerk!"

"Yeah! You're not courageous at all!" yelled Toony. "Instead of fighting us yourself you had all those other monsters try to take us out! You, Ganondorf, are a coward!"

Ganon glowered down at the small Link, "I'm fighting you now, aren't I?"

"Exactly, so enough talk." Seasons faced the boss seriously, "You want the Triforce of Courage don't you? Well come and take it. That is if you can…"


Ganon eyed him curiously, "I remember you… You're the brat who was so weak he had to rely on that irritating spin attack…"

"It was enough to beat you wasn't it?"

Knight smiled, "So, what do you say we put an end to this bothersome pest?"


"Or do you prefer lowly cad? I think I can come up with a few more descriptions if you like but-"

"Enough!" Ganon held out his hand where a long sword appeared. He was through with words. It was time for action. "Though there may be seven of you, I still have the upper hand!" Grasping the sword, he turned and charged the Links head on.

"Holy crap!"

"Here he comes!"

As the Links turned to get out of the way there was one Link who stayed. Twilight quickly drew his sword and rushed forward to meet Ganon head on. Their two swords met in a power struggle to see who would get the upper hand.

"Go get 'em, Twilight!"

Twilight grit his teeth and stood his ground. There was no way he was going to let Ganon win. Little by little he worked to get the upper hand.

Suddenly Ganon let up causing Twilight to stumble forward. With one well placed kick, Ganondorf knocked the Hero off his feet and sent him flying backward.

"Twilight!" Young Link turned to face Ganon. "You'll pay for that!"

"S-Stay back!" Twilight had recovered from Ganon's blow and was getting to his feet, eager to settle the score. "I can handle this…"


Ganondorf grinned, "Ah, let the boy fight… I'm sure he's just itching for a rematch…" He laughed, remembering when he had caught the Link off guard outside the gates of Hyrule Castle.

"S-Shut up!"

"Young Link, calm down. I got this." Twilight faced Ganon, ready for round two. "Take this!" He charged up his sword to use a jump strike which was easily dodged.

Brunette sighed and folded his arms, watching the fight. "What the hell? Why doesn't he use a Silver Arrow and finish him already?"

"You mean a Light Arrow," corrected Toony.

"No, Silver Arrow. Its what you use against Ganon."

"Really? I always thought you used the Light Arrow," said Ocarina. "At least, that's what Zelda told me…"

"I seem to recall using the Silver Arrows as well," mentioned Knight. "Although I cant remember who told me…"


"Damn it!"

While the Links had been off in their own little world, Twilight had been busy dealing the hurt. He had successfully pushed Ganondorf back and had landed a blow to the demon's shoulder. Ganon had retreated to gain distance as he summoned an energy sphere. Once released, it flew towards its target: Twilight.

"I don't think so!"

With one well placed strike, Twilight successfully volleyed the sphere back. The sphere flew through the air where it finally connected with its creator. Ganon, shocked by the force, dropped his sword and fell to one knee.

"Alright, you did it!"

"I wouldn't be too sure about that…"

Ganon staggered to his feet, hurt but not spent. The demon still had some tricks up his sleeve… "You honestly think striking me with my own attack would be enough to end this fight?"


"Fools! You'll have to do a lot better than that to defeat me!" He laughed as he contemplated on just how to kill them. "Yes, I believe that form will do…"

"Form? What does he mean, 'form'?" Toony looked around confused. "What's he talking about, guys?"

"Behold! My true form!" Ganondorf then began to change into the hideous beast he was. He grew pig-like in appearance with sharpened claws and two tusks. The whole thing was quite grotesque… "Now feast your eyes on my new power!"

As the Links prepared to battle, Ganon disappeared.

Ocarina blinked, "Uh… Where'd he go?"

Seasons frowned, "The hell… How are we supposed to 'feast our eyes' if we cant even see him?"


"Ack!" Young Link put his shield up just in time to avoid a fireball that had shot at him from out of nowhere. "What the- Knight! Look out!"

Knight quickly turned to see a fireball coming his way. Knowing he wouldn't be able to dodge in time, he quickly equipped the Magic Cape. His body became transparent and invisible causing the fireball to pass through him. He sighed, "That was a close one."

"I am so going to get one of those…" grinned Twilight.

As Ocarina dodged a fireball he was hit from behind by a second. It wasn't that painful, which was odd, but sure did it sting! "What is going on? Where is he?"

"He's invisible, stupid." answered Brunette. Out of all the Links only Brunette had remained calm after Ganon's disappearance and for a good reason too. He had been through this before.

"Invisible? But how- Ow!" Toony rubbed his stinging arm from where a fireball had hit him. "How do we beat him?"

"With the Lens of Truth?"

Brunette rolled his eyes, "There's no point in using that cheap trick when you can simply defeat Ganon like this."

The others watched as Brunette did…absolutely nothing. He just stood there doing nothing while occasionally dodging fireballs. Just when they were about to retort, something happened.

Suddenly, Ganon appeared. It was only for a second or two but Brunette was ready. He swung with his Magic Sword causing the beast to temporarily be stunned. Switching to his bow, Brunette quickly shot the demon with a Silver Arrow.

Once the hit had been made, Ganon staggered back. He wasn't expecting to be foiled so quickly. Summoning forth his dark powers he was able to manifest his weapon of choice: A long three pronged trident. It was with this weapon that he would destroy them.

Brunette took a step back, "T-That's new…"

Twilight gulped, "You're telling me…"

"This whole transformation thing is new to me," said Toony, still confused.

"Gwah ha ha ha ha! You may have been able to beat my other forms but you are no match for me now!"

Twirling his trident like a football cheerleader twirls a baton, Ganon summoned several fire keese to spread out and attack the Links. They dodged as was necessary but when the evil king actually threw his weapon, they weren't so lucky.

Young Link and Twilight, who had rushed forward to try and get in the first hit, got slammed with the trident head on. Both Links went sailing backward where they slammed into the far wall.

"You guys okay?-!" called Ocarina as he dodged another wave of fire keese. One of the bats had gone for his hat, singing it beyond repair.

"We're good…"


"Take this!"

While Ganon was busy charging up his next attack, Brunette and Toony had charged up an attack of their own. Slashing with a double spin attack they easily delivered heavy damage. Undeterred, the great king fired another volley of keese. The unlikely duo backed off as Seasons and Ocarina charged in.

As soon as they went to attack, Ganon quickly teleported to safety.

"Ah c'mon! He can teleport too?"

Knight smiled, "Might as well get used to it…"

Young Link and Twilight, now back on their feet, dashed in to join the fray. Right when they got within reach of the boss, he teleported one more. "Crap!"

Brunette stood his ground, knowing Ganon would reappear soon. "Okay, when he materializes you and me gang bang him, got it, Toony?" He paused. "Toony?"

"Ah! Help me!"

Brunette sweat dropped. The small Link was currently being chased by a bunch of fire keese. Sighing, he quickly defeated them all.

"Stay focused you guys!" advised Ocarina. "We have to-"

Suddenly the lights went out, casting the Links in darkness.

"Alright, who forgot to pay the electric bill?"


"Who was that?"

"Where are you guys?"

"Ocarina, where are- Ack!"

"Um, I think we should turn the lights back on…"

"This sucks…"

"Okay, who's the jerk who keeps stepping on my foot?"

Ganon laughed at their disorder, "You were doing well, to be sure, but how do you think you can fare against this technique of darkness? En garde!"

Knight grinned, "En garde, eh? Brunette! Use your Red Candle!"

"Who are you to order me arou-"

"Just do it!"

When Brunette used his Candle, the entire room lit up. Ganon, who was just about to attack him, became visible. Shielding his eyes against the light, the Prince of Darkness didn't see what was heading his way. Knight had brought out his bow and fired a Silver Arrow. His aim was true and Ganon recoiled, already hurting from the first Silver Arrow.

"Nice one, Knight!" cheered Ocarina.


"Enough!" roared Ganon thoroughly pissed. He was done playing around. It was time to get serious. Taking trident in hand, he quickly charged the Link closest to him.

Seasons was caught off guard as Ganon attacked him full force. Ganon slammed him with his weapon causing the Link to double over in pain before quickly twirling the trident to hit him on his side. Seasons was knocked sideways where he fell to the ground clutching his wounds.

"Seasons!" Ocarina ran to his fallen friend only to be knocked back by a series of fireballs that the boss had summoned. Unlike the previous fireballs he had used, these actually hurt. Ocarina was knocked off his feet where he landed near the far wall, unconscious.

Young Link gasped, "Ocarina!"

As soon as Young Link called out his name, Ganon turned to him, "There's one Hero of Time down… Time for the other…"

Young Link gulped and took a step back.

"Oh no you don't!" Twilight charged, sword first. "Die, you fiend!" He grinned as his attack connected, "Gotcha!"

Ganon simply grinned, "Child's play…"

Twilight gasped and his eyes widened, "No way…"

"Hmph." The evil demon backhanded Twilight out of the way and continued toward Young Link. "Now then, where were we?"

Taking out his bow, Young Link quickly fired a Light Arrow at the beast. It may not have done any damage but at least it blinded him. The young Hero quickly ran out of range and to Ocarina's side to see if he was okay.

"Yo, Pig face!" yelled Brunette. "Eat this!"

Both Brunette and Knight fired off Silver Arrows to try and weaken the dark lord. To the Links' horror, the arrows simply bounced off, effect less.

Knight slowly backed up, fear creeping into the heroic knight, "What manner of beast is he?"

"Who cares? Run!"

"Leaving so soon?" grinned Ganon as he slammed his trident into the ground creating a shockwave that stunned the Links so they couldn't move. "But I'm just getting started!" The evil king then summoned a giant fireball far larger than the rest. He eyed the Links, an amused smile on his face, deciding on his next victim.

The two Heroes of Time were together, with the older being injured. The younger one wouldn't leave the first so if he chose one of them it would be a two for one deal. He had the two older Links dead in his sights but that wouldn't be any fun. It was too easy. The young punk he had backhanded earlier had managed to make it to his friend who had fallen at the beginning of the fight. Both were injured. No chance for escape. Another two for one deal. But wait… Wasn't there a seventh Link? Ganon looked down. Glaring up at him was Toony.

"Stop hurting my friends!"

Ganondorf burst out laughing. This puny Link was actually standing up to him! "And what if I don't?"

Toony scowled up at the large beast. "This!" Charging up his sword, Toony prepared for his most powerful attack: The Great Spin.

The dark lord gasped, "No! Not a spin attack!"

Ganon quickly dissipated the giant fireball in preparation for his next attack. Seconds before Toony unleashed his Great Spin, the room turned blue. Toony released his attack only to have it backfire on him. Instead of charging forward, towards Ganon, he went backwards towards Knight and Brunette! The two Links, now able to move, immediately dove out of the way but instead of diving in opposite directions they ended up ramming into each other thus getting hit by Toony's attack.

Twilight glared at them, "What the hell are you guys doing?-!"

"I-I don't know…" Knight tried moving forward only to take a step backward. "I think Ganon reversed the room or- Aah!" Knight was knocked backwards as Ganon delivered a hurtful blow from his trident.

"Knight!" Brunette tried to run and assist his friend only to end up going the opposite direction. "What the hell is going on?-!"

"That's it!" Young Link stood to take on Ganon. "You're going down! This ends now!"

"Young Link, no!"

Young Link charged forward, but forward was backward so all he managed to do was run into the wall behind him.

"Told ya…" Twilight sighed. This fight wasn't going so well. If only there were some way to beat him…


He looked down at his friend, "Hey Seasons, back from the dead again?" He paused, his face going red. This was just like before. "I-I didn't do anything! I swear! I-"

"I don't care about that…"

"You don't?"

"Listen, you have to do the opposite of what you should do, got it?"

Multiple question marks appeared above his head, "Eh?"

Seasons groaned. Amateurs… "Look, go take care of Ocarina. I'll handle Ganon-"

"But you're injured!"

"So are you."


"I'm the only one who has dealt with this before. I got this." Slowly he got to his feet. The wounds Ganon had given him hadn't fully healed yet, even with his Heart Ring Lv2. "I'll be fine. You handle Ocarina and for goddesses sake stop Young Link from running into that wall."

Twilight laughed despite their situation, "Alright, will do…" He stood and ran to the Heroes of Time. Or tried too…

"Go in the opposite direction!" yelled Seasons annoyed.

"Uh, right… Got it."

Seasons shook his head sadly as he left. "I swear these new Links are all soft…" He turned his attention to Ganon. "I think its time we ended this…" Equipping his Spin Ring, he charged Ganon by going backwards therefore he was actually going forward.

While Ganon was distracted with Brunette and Toony, Seasons snuck up from behind and used a double spin attack. The demon roared out in pain, the blue field disappearing. Finally the Links could maneuver normally again.

"Ah… Thank the goddesses!" Brunette let out a relieved sigh. "Back to normal…"

"Not yet…" cautioned Knight was he joined them. "We still have to take down that thing…"

"Use a spin attack!" ordered Seasons. "It's the only way!"

"One triple spin attack, come 'en at cha!"

All three Links plus Seasons charged up their swords. This was it. The final blow.

"Take this! Spin attack!"

One, three, four, five. Each spin attack was a direct hit. Plus it helped that Ganon was such a big target, he was hard to miss. The demon fell to his hands and knees, trying to recover from their latest assault.

"No!" he gasped, unable to believe it. "I cant be defeated… Not yet! I wont allow it!"

"And we wont allow you to win!" yelled Toony firmly. "You're going down! End of story!"

Brunette gave Toony a grin, "Nicely said… But you forgot how we're going to beat him to a bloody pulp first."

"Oh…" He cleared his throat, "You're going down cuz we're gunna beat ya to a bloody pulp! End of story!" Toony paused, "How was that?"

"We'll work on it…"

"You dare stand there and mock me, the Great King of Evil?-! Impudent fools..." Slowly Ganon stood. If it was even possible, the dark lord seemed to grow even taller. Two tridents were now held firmly in his hands, a newly formed tail flailing dangerously behind him. "All who dare ridicule my power deserve nothing but death!"

Ganon swung with his double tridents, first knocking out Brunette and Toony then Knight. His tail had whipped around wildly, hitting Seasons upside the head. Needless to say, he was out.

Twilight stared at this newfound beast wide eyed, "Oh man… That thing is huge!" He gulped, "I think I liked the other one better…"

"Ocarina! Ocarina, snap out of it!" cried Young Link desperately. "Wake up!"

Twilight eyed them worriedly, "I don't think he's going to-"

"Yes, he will! I know he will!" Young Link punched Ocarina in the face, "Wake up, you lazy bastard!"

"Stop that!" Twilight pulled him away before he could do anymore damage. "Listen, we have to take out Ganon, now, before its too late!"

"But…" Young Link stared at the ground. "I cant…"

"What do you mean, you cant?-! You're a Link, aren't you?"

"Yeah, but… Ocarina's the one who killed Ganon, not me…"

Twilight couldn't believe it. One day he wants all the credit for killing Ganon, now its all on Ocarina's shoulders? What the hell? "Listen to me… I don't care if Ganon was killed by Ocarina or a ballerina. All that matters is you and me, defeating Ganon, got it? I need you on this one… Link, please…"

He nodded. It didn't matter who did what. They were all Link. What mattered was protecting those who couldn't themselves and defeating those who threatened those individuals. He was done complaining about a past that wasn't his. It was time to start fighting for the future so when he looked back he could be proud of a past that was his.

Seeing the grin on Young Link's face, Twilight sighed. He had gotten through. "So, ready to serve up this pig?"

"Heh, nah… Lets just bleed him dry till the demons take him."

"Good idea."

The two Links stood to face the dark lord Ganondorf. Sure it was two on one but no one fights fair these days anyway.

Ganon laughed, "So the punk and the runt think they can take me… How amusing…"

"You wanna laugh?-!" yelled Young Link. "Well laugh at this!" Firing a Light Arrow from his bow, the young hero was successful in stunning the beast. "Twilight, now! Attack the tail!"

"You got it!" He dashed forward while the beast was stunned and rolled between his legs to get behind him. He swiftly turned, bringing up his sword in the process.

Ganon howled with pain and quickly turned to trample the one who had attacked.

Twilight dodge rolled out of the way just in time to avoid it. "Heh, I lied. I like this Ganon a lot more. Though he is uglier…"

"U-Ugly?-! How dare you!" The boss swung with his tridents, missed, and roared in pain as Young Link attacked his weak spot. "Sly brat! Rah!"

Young Link ducked as Ganon attacked with one of his tridents. With the other he fended off Twilight, protecting his weak spot. The two Links were a good team to be sure, but not quite good enough…

As Young Link switched to his bow, Ganon unexpectedly threw his trident at him. The Link went to dodge only to end up caught in Ganondorf's grasp.

"Young Link!"

"Don't move!" ordered Ganon. "Or I'll crush the life out of this puny runt!" the prince of Darkness tightened his grip to show he meant business.

"You coward!" yelled twilight angrily. "Let him go!"


Ganon swung with his other trident to try to catch the Link off guard. Twilight dodged easily but Ganon was expecting this. He grinned as he arched his tail around, catching Twilight off guard. The young hero was slammed into the ground as he took a direct hit.

"Now stay there while I have fun with our little friend here." Ganondorf sneered down at Twilight before turning to face Young Link. "Now what game should we play today?"

Young Link glared at him, "Put me down, now!"

"Put me down, now?" repeated Ganon with a grin. "I love that game!" yelled Ganon as he slammed Young Link into the ground. The young hero let out a sharp exclamation of pain before Ganon returned him to his grasp. "That was fun… Any more suggestions?"

Twilight slowly turned to face Ganon and Young Link. That last blow Ganon had given him had hurt like hell. It felt like every muscle in his body was aching. But as bad as he felt, Young Link had it worse. Twilight cringed as his young friend's screams pierced the room. What had happened? Where had they gone wrong? Seasons, Toony, Knight, Brunette, Ocarina, and now him. Had it all been for nothing?

"And now, my young friend, its time we ended this…"

Young Link winced as he lifted his head to stare at his enemy. This is it, he thought. After all the journeys, adventures, this is how it would all end. Here. In this room. His friends beaten and bruised. No one to save them. He started to cry as he realized his helplessness. No, it cant end like this. They were so close! If only Ocarina hadn't… "Damn you, Ocarina, you stupid jerk! Get off your lazy ass and help us!"

Ganondorf laughed at his pitiable situation, "Help you? Even now, on the verge of death, you still cling to hope of a rescue? How pathetic… Allow me to rid you of such fanciful notions such as hope. Hope does not exist!" With that he began to squeeze tighter, trying to crush the life out of the small hero.

Just when he was about to pass out, Young Link thought he heard a voice. It sounded sort of familiar. Almost like-


Young Link gasped, "Ocarina!"


Ocarina was back in action. He quickly fired off a Light Arrow to stun the beast who released Young Link. Ocarina ran forward and caught him as he fell. "You alright?"

He smiled at him weakly then quickly glared, "Do I look alright to you, you stupid lazy jerk?-!"

Ocarina laughed, "You sure sound alright…"

"Yeah well…" He paused as he noticed his situation. "Hey! Put me down! Put me down!"


"Jeez, what took you so long?" asked Young Link annoyed.

"I was having a nice dream."

"About what?"

He grinned.

"Never mind…"

"So, need help?" asked Ocarina with a grin.

"What, now you want to help?"

"You're not going to let me live this one down, are you?"

"Nope!" he grinned. "Goes right up there with 'lose sword at final battle' and 'gives Triforce to enemy'!"

"Quit ignoring me!" yelled Ganon finally.

"Shut up!" Both Links fired a Light Arrow which stunned him once again.

"So what I miss?" asked Ocarina as if nothing had happened.

"Mm… Not much really…"

"Welp, lets get this over with…"


The two Heroes of Time faced Ganon, ready to finish this battle once and for all.

Twilight closed his eyes and relaxed. Young Link was safe; Ocarina was back. They would win now for sure. All that remained was for him to stay here and- No! He couldn't pass out yet. There was still work to do. Regrettably, he pushed his sore body to stand. Ganon wasn't the only fiend lurking inside the castle. Dark Link was still out there and it would take all of them to bring that dark being down. Someone had to take care of the others and since Young Link and Ocarina were busy…

"Get him, now!" yelled Young Link as he stunned the beast with yet another Light Arrow.

Ocarina rolled past the demon and use a quick spin attack. As the creature turned to face him, Ocarina fired his own Light Arrow, thus making Young Link do the attacking. It was a good strategy and one that was working. Both heroes were working together to smite the enemy and it wasnt long before their hard work paid off.

Ganon collapsed, spent. He had no other forms to change into, no more tricks to pull. The evil king of darkness was done.

"We did it!" cheered Young Link ecstatic. He jumped up, giving Ocarina a high five. "Yes!"

He grinned, "Couldn't have done it without ya."

Young Link blushed slightly, "Yeah well… You were pretty good yourself…"

"Oh gag."

The two heroes turned to find the rest of the Links standing behind them. Thanks to Twilight each Link was now healed and ready to go. Which was a good thing for Ganon still had one more card to play. Emerging from the shadows was Dark Link.

"Damn! And to think I thought this fight was over…" Brunette groaned. "Now we have to deal with this guy…"

"Damn…you…" breathed Ganondorf as he tried to remain conscious. He glared up at his dark creation, full of malice, "Where have…you been?-!"

He glared back, "Around."

"Well don't just stand there. Kill them!"

Dark Link glanced over at the Heroes who drew their swords, ready for a second battle. A small smirk crossed his face as he turned back to Ganon. "I'm sorry, but a pathetic creation such as myself can amount to nothing."

"What are you-"

"That is what you said, correct?" A dark malicious grin spread across his face. "Well, let me show you just what this 'pathetic creation' can do…"

The evil lord's eyes widened as he realized that his creation had turned on him, "No… No!"

"Now die." Dark Link raised his hand emitting a powerful dark force that completely engulfed the demon.

Ganondorf, the great king of evil, had been destroyed.

Dark Link then turned his attention to the seven Links who stared at him completely dumbfounded.

"Okay, what the hell just happened?"

"He just beasted Ganon!"

"No way…"

"I wanted to kill him!"

"Way to go, Dark Link! I mean, uh…"

"So that's how it is…"

"Hmph," Ocarina held his sword steady, ready for one final showdown. "I always knew it would come down to this…"

Dark eyed the sword with disinterest, "You can put that toy away. I'm not here to fight…"

"Like hell!"

Dark shrugged, "Fine then, do what you want. I care not." He turned to leave.

"Wait… You're leaving?" asked Young Link confused.

"Ganon is dead," he said simply. "I have no business here."

The Links exchanged confused looks, "But…what about us? Don't you want to kill us?"

Dark Link turned to face them, "And what would that accomplish? Other than ridding the world of your stupidity?" he added with a grin.

"But you- And Ganon- The dark side-" Ocarina sighed, "Okay, now I'm confused…"

"What else is new?" Coming to the conclusion that the Links would not let him leave unless they received some answers Dark said, "I killed Ganon because it was necessary."

Young Link grinned, "I knew it! You're actually on our side, aren't you?"

He glared at his happiness, "I'm on no one's side."

"Seriously," said Brunette, "That guys nothing but trouble. Just think about it! Why would he help us?"

"But… Back in the forest you had the perfect opportunity to take me out but you didn't." Young Link stared at Dark Link. "You took me to face Majora so I could collect the next item to dispel the barrier. You knew I would be able to destroy it and escape."

"Correct me if I'm wrong," started Knight, "but you were the one who saved us from the Twilight Realm, weren't you?"

Dark folded his arms and looked away, "I don't know what you're talking about."

Knight smiled, "Oh, I think you do…"

"Hold up…" Seasons eyed Dark suspiciously, "If its true that you've been on our side all along, helping us retrieve our items and saving us from the Twilight Realm, then why did you attack me in the Dark Tower in Labrynna?"

"Yeah! And in the Great Palace!"

"Not to mention the Water Temple…"

Dark Link sighed. Must he explain everything to these morons? "I wasn't the one who attacked you in the Dark Tower nor did I attack you in the Great Palace."


"What you fought, Seasons, was only a cheap imitation conjured by the sorceress Veran. The same could be said of the Dark Link you faced, Brunette." Turning to Ocarina he said, "You are the only one who has fought the real me, but at the same time it wasn't me. I was being controlled by Ganondorf to do his bidding and to kill you. Not that I didn't enjoy bashing your face in…" he added with a grin. "I was created by Ganon to serve Ganon."

"But if all you say is true," said Twilight, "then why didn't you kill us when he ordered you to?"

"By that time you had weakened him to the point where he couldn't control me and maintain his own stability at the same time," he explained. "I simply waited for the most opportune moment to strike."

"Wait a minute…" Toony gasped, "You planned this whole thing from the beginning! You used us!"

"Your point?"

Brunette threw his hands up in the air exasperated, "Gah! I cant believe this!"

"So you set up this elaborate plan to gain your freedom from Ganon by having us weaken him for you so you could kill him," concluded Knight. "Clever…"

"If all you wanted was to gain your freedom then why did you capture Young Link?" asked Twilight angrily. "You had no reason to-"

"I did that because apparently you people think saving the world means taking a pleasant vacation."


"I think he means we were going too slow…" whispered Toony.

"Well excuse me for being slow!"

"So where's Zelda?" asked Ocarina. "You better not have hurt her or-"

"Please, your precious princess is safe. I made sure to release her earlier."

Knight smiled, "How thoughtful of you…"

"And Vaati? Where is he?"

"I'm pretty sure that mage has already been destroyed by now…"

"Destroyed? Destroyed by who?"

"Its not important." He sighed, tired with all the questions. "I think I'll be leaving now. Since Ganon's control over me is gone, I no longer have any reason to associate with you any longer…" Once again Dark Link turned to leave.

"Wait! You're not being controlled by Ganondorf anymore, right?" asked Ocarina. "Why don't you stay?"

Dark Link stopped in his tracks, "What?"

The others looked at him like he was crazy, "Have you gone insane?-!"

"That's Dark Link!" yelled Brunette. "Dark Link! Evil villain supreme!"

"Not anymore…" Ocarina smiled, "What do you say, Dark? You may have been controlled by evil but you're still one of us."

Dark hesitated, "But I-"

"He's right," said a familiar voice from behind them.

The Links turned around and grinned as they recognized who the voice belonged to, "Zelda!"

The Princess of Hyrule smiled at her warm welcome and faced Dark Link with the same smile. "You may have been created by evil but you have overcome that darkness. Freeing me is proof of that. Please, wont you stay?"

He gazed at the other Links, a strange expression on his face, "You don't need me here."

"That's not true! We may all be Link," said Ocarina, "but we're all different. Each one of us is unique and brings their own skills and traits to the mix. Take Toony here… Sure he's weird and kind of annoying-"

"And gets in the way…"

"And is short…"

"But he's not bad," finished Ocarina.

Brunette grinned, "He's fast and a great swordsman… Always thinking of others first… But that's to be expected. He's a Link after all…"

Toony beamed up at Brunette who gave him a wink. He was alright in his book.

Ocarina motioned toward Twilight, "And Twilight here… Sure he's new but he's proven that all that means is we, not him, have a lot to learn. Heh, he's probably the most advanced sword fighter amongst us and… I'd be honored to learn from him…"

Twilight gave him a thumbs up which Ocarina gladly returned.

"And you cant call me an outsider anymore," said Seasons. "Thanks to your little scheme, I've been all over Hyrule and I got to say it's a pretty nice place. I could show you around sometime, that is, if you feel like sticking around."

Young Link grinned, "And don't worry. We don't have a self proclaimed 'leader' who steals all the shots. We simply work together as a team, right?"

Ocarina nodded, "Right."

Everyone turned to Knight to hear what he had to say.

He simply smiled saying, "Whether you choose to remain here with us or to go your own separate way, the decision is yours to make. You are not bound by Ganon any longer. You are free to make your own choices from now on."

"So what do you say?"

Dark Link frowned in annoyance, "If I agree, will you stop saying corny things?"

The Links looked at each other, unsure of how to answer.

"Then its settle!" Zelda clapped her hands together happily. "Dark Link, I would be honored if you were to attend my party…"

He sighed, "Fine, whatever…"


And so, the adventures of Knight, Brunette, Toony, Twilight, Ocarina, Seasons, and Young Link drew to a close. The Links had learned that only by working together could they overcome their trials and defeat the mighty dark lord Ganon. And now that the great evil was vanquished, the Links had a party to get to. Only this time, they were bringing a friend…

The End

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