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She's angry, and Freddie knows how upset she is, because otherwise Sam Puckett would never come to him for help. Because Sam is the strongest-appearing person he's ever known.

She's stomping around his room, muttering under her breath, and Freddie knows better than to ask what's wrong. If she wants to share, she will. Other than that, he's content to just be there, because he knows that's all she needs. That and maybe some meatballs.

It's funny that she's prettiest when she's angry, Freddie thinks as he tosses her a stick of beef jerky and Sam attacks it with the fervor of something feral. It's funny that he of all people should think so.

After a while, Freddie isn't keeping track of the time, Sam tires of grumbling and pacing, and with a quick glare and a short word, she turns to leave.

He knows she's still angry, and he knows she's resisting the urge to take it out on him. He knows she's dangerous right now, but he's also been watching her eyes and he sees that tiny glimmer of vulnerability that rarely lets itself show.

Freddie's not exactly sure why he grabs Sam's arm, because he knows Sam'll flip him if she wants. He knows from years of experience and a possibly a scar or two. But for one blind moment, he grabs her wrist.

She's taken aback, because normally Fredward Benson knows better. And because she's taken aback, she doesn't hit him. She just stops and looks at him.

And it's the look in her eyes that drives Freddie to do the craziest thing he's ever done.

And it's nothing like kissing Carly. It's rough and a little violent, and she tastes like ham and a little bit like metal. And it sounds like a gross combination, but it's all Sam and it's scary and intoxicating at the same time.

And he's not really sure what he's doing, but she's kissing him back with a hunger that fights his.

And it's just like all the stupid clichés he's heard when girls talk about lame Lifetime romance movies, but it isn't clichéd because it's Sam and it's him and therefore completely different.

And neither of them remembers or cares why she was upset, but they're beating each other up about it anyway.

And she's biting his lip and he's wrestling her to the ground, and even when kissing they're fighting as usual.

And he wouldn't have it any other way.