"Th . . . Thanks for inviting me on this date." Mathew blushed looking at his hand that were rested in his lap.

"Kesesese no problem, and its not like its our first date." ginned the silverette in the drivers seat.

"I know but your the only person who ever wants to go out with me and it makes me really happy." the Canadian beamed "Thank you, Gilbert, thank you so very much."

"Mathew, I need to tell you something." Prussia said softly.

"What?" he asked, smile falling slightly.

Looking into his eyes, pure love burning in them he said "Matt I lo . . ."

SCREEEECH . . . . CRASH! . . .

BEEP . . . BEEP . . .BEEP . . .

"Mmmm whe . . . Where . . . Where am I?" Canada asked groggily, he felt like he'd been kicked in the head about twenty times along with the rest of his body. Opening his eyes he saw he was in a hospital room, well that answered his question, but at the same time gave him a new one. Why was he in the hospital? The last thing he remembered was being in the car with Prussia. They had been on their way back from their date, it wasn't their first, no where near it, but it was by far the best. But that didn't explain why he was in the hospital with an aching body and pounding head.

Lets see what was the last thing that happened they had been going through an intersection, and Gilbert was about to say something, something important, but had stopped when that god awful screeching noise started, then everything went black . . . That's right! Their car had been hit, on his side. So if he was here where was "Gilbert!?" he cried looking around praying he was alright, he paused when he thought he heard someone yelling outside of his room.

"The res no fucking way in hell that your sorry ass is getting in my dear brothers room!" America snapped.

"Just let me fuckin' see him! Then I'll fuckin' leave!" Prussia's snarled in a smooth tone.

"I suggest you leave, now, you bloody wanker." England's said.

"No!" the albinos voice cracked "I . . . I just want to say that I'm sor . . . sorry and tell him good, goodbye."

"You better fucking be sorry you god damn mother fucking son of a bitch! My fucking little brother is in there and its all your damn fault! Im not letting you in there cuz I know you'll hurt him again you fucking prick!" Alfred was practically foaming at the mouth at this point.

"Yeah." Prussia murmured sadly 'I . . . I probably would. It'll probably be best, for Matt, if I stayed away.' he turned and slowly walked away, the sound of his foot steps echoing painfully in his heart.

"Where, where are you goin'!?" the stunned American sputtered.


"But . . ."

"Let the twat leave America."

"But . . ."

"What do you want him to stay?"

"No I never said that. But . . . " Alfred pouted, he didn't know why but he suddenly felt sorry for Prussia, as he watched the slumped figure disappear around the corner.

"No, you didn't, now lets go check on your brother." Arthur said "Hopefully he'll wake up soon." 'If he doesn't I'm going to curse that German wanker with everything I've got.'

"Okay Iggy."

"Damn it don't call me that."

"Awww why got?"

"I'm not even going to answer that you git." England sighed opening the door and walking it, a pouting American trailing behind him. His sapphire eyes widening when they met Mathews indigo ones.

"Mattie!" he cried hugging his brother tightly "I'm so glad your awake! Don't worry I wont let you get hurt ever again."

"Al, I cant . . . breath . . ." Canada gasped in pain.

"Oh sorry." giving his hero laugh the sunflower blond pulled away.

"So Mathew how are you feeling?" Arthur asked, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Like I've been playing hockey nonstop for a week."

"Poor Mattie you must be in excruciating pain then." his brother cooed "Don't worry it will go away soon."

"Unlike you Al, I don't get the crap beat out of me every time I play hockey. So its really not that bad."

"Your so cute when you try to be . . . Hey I'm good at hockey! It's just a dumb sport and I would rather play Football.

"Ya I do enjoy 'Soccer'." teased the Canadian.

"Not Soccer! F-OO-T-BA-LL, you know with a quarterback, linebacker, left tackle, and all that fucking amazin' stuff." cried the American.

"America, you have officially ruined my perfect language." England sighed rubbing his temples, Alfred pouted like a child, and Canada laughed. But doing so made him double over in pain, fighting back tears, reminding him of his predicament. that in turn reminded him that the person he wanted to see the most was absent.

"Where's Gilbert?" Mathew asked, praying he wasn't hurt.

"He's not here." his double said coldly. 'Oh god then where is he?'

"Where is he?"

"Home." was all he go.

"I think it's best if you stay away from him." Arthur said, blandly.

"What?! Why?!"

"He's a waste of your life."

"No! He's not, he's not! I wont stay away from him!" Mathew cried, then added softly "Unless he wants me to."

"Well what do you think he's trying to tell you by not being here?" the Brit said quickly ignoring the look America gave him "He doesn't want you anymore but he is to much of a cowered to tell you himself."

"I . . . I don't . . . I don't belie-"

"Believe me, Mathew. I wouldn't lie to you." Alfred snorted at that, knowing full well that whole thing was a lie.

"I guess it makes sense though he is simply to awesome for me." He yawned tearfully "I'm not good enough for someone like him."

"Don't worry about it, but you should go to sleep you'll get better faster that way." Arthur smiled warmly, he really sounded like a mother right there, though he would never, ever, admit it to anyone.

"Yeah, goodnight you guys."

"G'night Mattie." sang his twin, hugging him quickly, and softly.

"Goodnight." England said and he and America slightly Mathew laid back on the bed and was asleep in no time. But was greeted with a nightmare that would continue to haunt him and only get worse, just as his reality would.

"Stupid fuckin' American, God damn Englishman." Prussia swore as he lay on his bed staring at the ceiling. The least they could have done was let him know how Canada was. It wasn't his fault, it was the other car that ran the red light. Yet he felt like it was his, if Matt hadn't gone with him he'd still be home, safe, unhurt. 'I . . . I need to stay away from him. 'Cuz it seem like every time were together he gets hurt somehow, and I don't want himto get hurt anymore.' "Gott, when did the awesome me become such a pussy?" he sighed, letting himself fall asleep. Enjoying dreams of a soft spoken honey blond that would always be his. Though to his dismay those dreams would be the only place he'd see that blond, the fiend that so easily stole his heart.

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