A new NejiHina collection of drabbles/one-shots. I've got this thing for NejiHina now and I don't think it's going away. You cannot ignore the itch!

Marigold Flower - Sacred Afftection, Cruelty, Grief, Jealousy.
Rating: G
Pairings: One-sided NejiHina. NaruHina.
I own nothing.


He is ashamed of himself. He watches her hands tremble like the delicate flower she is and can't help but wonder how she is so pure when she belongs to something so tainted.

"Please Neji..." she says for the second time, her voice a little stronger than before. He keeps his expression blank, something every Hyuuga, byakugan or no, has mastered. He can hear his heart beating in his ears, hear her ragged breath from pleading.

His bedroom is quite bare, he realises for the first time. The Clan Leader watches him with hopeful eyes and he can't look at her. Instead, he focuses on the white walls, the grey linen, the oak desk.

"I couldn't ask anyone else. I wouldn't ask-"

"And what about Naruto?" he asks before she can finish her sentence. She smiles once, "It was his suggestion," and Neji inhales sharply. "He understands my position, Neji-kun."

He realises that the suffix has been added. It is enough to tell him that this is strictly business.

A part of him breaks inside.


He watches them from the patio of the Hyuuga Compound, walking by the Kitakami River. The back garden has changed somewhat in the last few years, now filled with medical herbs and spices. Hinata is wearing her favourite purple kimono, her violet-navy hair now down to the small of her back when out of its ties. He prefers it this way, far more natural.

She is holding Naruto's hand and she laughs at something he says that Neji can't hear and the blonde runs forth to the little girl who is now standing on the river. She is six years old, her byakugan far exceeding anyone else in the main branch.

She has a handful of flowers in her palm, all different varieties from her mother's garden. She drops them one by one until she is left with a single Marigold flower. She walks back to the dry grass, bypassing her mother as she does so and runs to uncle Neji before handing him the flower.

"This one reminds me of you," she says and her pink cheeks light up when he thanks her. She activates her byakugan before returning to her imagination. She is the new Hyuuga heir and it is said that she is destined to be the greatest Hyuuga of all.

Neji's not surprised. After all, she has her mother's gentleness and her father's eyes.