Back To Wonderland

Hey guys, hattersgirl13 here ! So here's a short summery of this story: 16 years after Alice and Hatter left Wonderland it's the night before they celebrate their twin's Emmy and Penny's 15th birthday when a message from Jack's great-great-grandson comes saying something terrible has happened in Wonderland. Here holds the untold story of Alice's kids Emmy, Penny, and Andrews' adventures in wonderland. Oh and did I mention my dear friend who would like to be known as hatterfan is co-writing this story with me! Hope you enjoy! Wait one more thing this chapter is a trial if u want us write this story please review saying so

Chapter 1

Back To The Past

Alice's pov

"It's beautiful Hatter!" I said as Hatter led me into a small park full of flowers. We've been dating for three months today. As we walked along the path his arm around my shoulder warming me up along with the purple coat he gave me the first day we met, that was a day I would never forget. Ever since the day hatter came to earth and left his home in Wonderland he introduces himself to people as David, I would say it's the prefect name because he's flawless but I can't because he has flaws and thats why I love him, I thought to myself before noticing we had stopped. When I turned to see what was going on hatter was there on one with a small black velvet box in his hand.

"Alice, I have loved you from the day we met, and will love you to the day I die. Yes, I know I'm not prefect but please will you marry me?" Hatter said while removing his top hat and opening the box revilng a ring.

"Cinderella walked on broken glass, Sleeping Beauty let a life time pass. Belle fell in love with a beast, Jasmine chose a poor man, Ariel spent her life on land, Anastasia gave up her crown so why shouldn't I marry a mad hatter? Of coarse, I'll marry you!" I replied my vision bluring with tears of joy as Hatter slid the ring on finger! When I looked up from Hatters' eyes I saw a little girl in a blue skipping towards us her blond hair and blue eyes reminded me of Jack.

"Don't cry! The ring is soooo big and shinny you should be happy, like when my daddy gave me a ring!" the little girl said when she saw the tears rolling down my cheeks.

"It's not as big or as shinny as the Stone of Wonderland." Hatter whispered in my ear as the little girl ran towards the forest. When the young girl reached the forest edge a beautiful woman stepped out of the trees, she was tall with blond hair and blue eyes. When I gazed into her eyes I knew right then who it was. Standing there with the little girl holding their hands was Jack and Duchess, the rulers of Wonderland.