Endymion's Thoughts
By: LunaCatt (AKA Freyja SilverWillow)
Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon. All those other people do.

My father told me once that loyalty and honor was the two mostimportant things in one's life, rivaled only by the love for a woman. I was only eight, but his words never left me. For ten years, this boiled in my brain, not sure of its true meaning, until I met her. Ah, yes, my princess. With her long, blonde, soft-silk hair, just like sunshine spilling across a rose; her azure eyes that remind me of the sky after a gentle rain; her creamy skin, softer than the purest silk; her lips, blushing faintly pink, and sweeter than honey. My princess, Serenity. How did I ever live or breathe without her? How will I exist if she ever wasn't a part of my life anymore? My delicate rose, who I would gladly die for...but where would I be then? In death, I would be without her, and death is a lonely enough place. It is for her I live and breathe, each day, my whole life, my being, my heart, my soul I place in her hands.

Just at fourteen, she is a vision of a woman to be. Her charm, wit, beauty, intelligence, and ability to love takes my breathe away. How can one love, and expect nothing in return. How can a creature of such perfection love someone like me? My heart swells, threatening to burst when I think of it, of her. She is putting so much at stake, as am I, in loving each other. But no matter the consequences, I cannot help but feel this is right.

I will stay loyal to my crown as the prince of Earth, and my ideals. But if anything betrays my loyalty to my crown or ideals, then all that is left is my honor. I have never loved anyone as much as Serenity. For her, if I must, to protect her, if the need ever arose, I would die without my honor, if she loved me, and continued loving me into death, and even into the next life, if she still loved me. And that would be enough.