Wolves in Sheep's Clothing  
Wolves in Sheep's Clothing
Chapter One

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"Ah, Mr. Musako. It's good to see you and your lovely wife have arrived safely." Mr. Henson stood up and strode over to the pair who had just entered his corporate headquarters.

Musako bowed politely, but his fanged smile was anything but serious. "It's nice to be here," he said, his English tinted with a slight accent. "Hopefully, Arami and myself can be of great service to the Montfort Corporation."

Arami, the aforementioned lovely wife, smiled brightly and tucked a few stray strands of red hair behind her ear. "It was a pleasant trip," she said, with a more discernable accent. "But we hope that all parties involved will come away from this partnership with mutal feelings of goodwill."

"I'm sure we will, if you two are half as good as our sources tell us you are," beamed Mr. Henson. "Have you been to the hotel yet?"

"We've been informed that all is prepared for our arrival… but no, we came here straight from the airport," said Musako. "You had mentioned having several packets of information which we'd need to look over… I want to pop over here and pick them up now, so I'll be able to look them over this evening."

Arami laughed lightly. "That's my husband for you. Such a hard worker. Work, work, work. It's amazing I can convince him to get any sleep at night."

Several comments rushed through Mr. Henson's head, mostly expressing disbelief that Musako could prefer paperwork to the nocturnal company of his lovely wife, but he politely refrained from any of them. He doubted they would have been kindly received by Musako. Instead, he smiled politely and asked, "I hear you two have a child?"

"Oh, no. He's actually my nephew," explained Arami. "My dear older sister passed away unexpectedly last year, and we took the boy in. But I was informed you had arranged for his schooling to continue?"

Mr. Henson nodded. "All of that has been taken care of," he reassured her. "And my condolences, regarding your sister. Now, here are the packets you had wanted…" He withdrew them from a drawer in his desk, and began going through them with Musako and Arami looking intently at them, nodding and commenting every so often.

At the hotel

"It's amazing how good your English is, considering your Japanese is so deplorable," Arami said scornfully, reverting back to her native language. She gazed into a mirror, patting at her hair. "And what a horrid plane trip… I thought my legs would atrophy completely before we landed."

"I wished my ears would atrophy, so I wouldn't have to listen to you complain," suggested Musako, grinning fiendishly in her direction. "Anyhow, it's going to be a long six months, Neon-han, so why don't you try to stay in-character while we're alone? It would be much more pleasant." The fiendish grin grew even wider. "Just think. You get to be the oh-so-loving wife… 'Can I rub your feet for you, Musako-san?' 'Oh, Musako-san, that shirt's wrinkled… I can't have you going out like that! Let me iron it for you!' 'Oh, Musako-san, may I scrub your back for you?' 'Oh, Musako-san… the night's so cold… please warm me up'---- ooooff!"

His loving 'wife' had slammed one of the couch cushions into his face, and he plopped down onto the sofa, rubbing his nose cheerfully.

"Behave yourself, Joker-san," said Neon, glancing over at the third member of their party who was silently watching them, yet soaking in everything that was going on. "You're going to be a bad influence on Kaoru-kun."

 "Au contraire!" responded Joker, placing his feet on the coffee table. "I'll be a very good influence on him. I'll tell him everything he needs to know about women. And the first rule is," he added, turning towards the younger boy, "If you ever meet a woman like Neon-han, run. She'll bite your head off with one misstep… or try and smother you with a pillow while you sleep. Her kind is dangerous." He paused for a moment, deep in thought, and then added, "What the heck… it's pretty much a bad idea to look for an Uruha girlfriend in the first place. They're all bloodthirsty, violent Amazons."

Another cushion hurtled his way, and he caught it neatly in his hands.

"I don't see why I had to get dragged along with this," said Koganei, wisely changing the subject. "All I'm going to have to do is just go to school and make certain friends… it doesn't sound very integral to the mission."

"That's what Kurei-han wanted Neon-han to think-- that you're part of the plan," explained Joker patiently. With a smirk, he added, "You're really here as a chaperone, to keep Neon-han from taking advantage of me when I'm alone and vulnerable---"

"In your dreams," scoffed Neon, interrupting him. Turning to Koganei, she said in a much more patient voice, "It's really mostly psychological. If we're seen with a child, people won't suspect us as much, because they wouldn't expect us to involve someone your age in something like this. We thought about bringing Ganko-chan, but she's too little. But you're old enough to know what's going on, you've got good brains for figuring things out, and plus, you can take care of yourself in a pinch. Besides, you've had several years of English and she hasn't… but it's enough to get by here for a while."

Joker stood up. "I still think it's superfluous, having two Jyushinshuu here on the same mission," he said, looking serious for once. "Either you, or me, plus an underling-I don't particularly care. But there's so much going on in Japan, I feel hesitant about us both leaving Kurei-han alone at the same time." He glanced at Neon significantly.

"He's not alone," answered Neon. "If Raiha-san had left with us… I might feel worried. But if Kurei-sama felt comfortable with sending us away for six months to do this, I'm not going to second-guess him. We've already discussed this."

Joker shrugged. "I just hope this isn't some wild goose chase. I hope Kurei-han's sources knew what they were talking about."

"We'll find out soon," said Neon significantly. "Come on, you two. Help me unpack the clothes."