Wolves in Sheep's Clothing  

Wolves in Sheep's Clothing
Chapter Eight
The Report

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Kurei looked steadily at them. "You didn't bring back the madougu?" he asked ominously.

Joker shook his head. "We couldn't. Just the plans."

"Your departure wasn't very subtle, was it."

"It got the job done. All of their information and databases were thoroughly destroyed. All of their research was lost. A number of their researchers were killed… Henson-san was among the casualties… there's no way they could recover within ten or fifteen years. If that soon."

"And about this Lawrence-san who was always in your reports?"

"He was found dead in his bed. No one can figure out the motive, or whodunnit," said Joker cheerfully. "Police think it's a bit suspicious he was killed the same day of the explosion… but they can't pinpoint anything."

"And how did your cover get blown?" asked Kurei. "Don't tell me they decided to randomly bug your suite after so many months of faithful service. They had to have a reason."

Joker's face took on a more concerned look. "Before Lawrence-san's mysterious demise, I finally managed to get some information from him I'd been wanting for a long time. The original name for the project was Operation Mugen… based on the name of the madougu they were trying to copy."

Behind his mask, Kurei's face remained cold and impassive, but both Neon and Joker could tell that he was silently digesting this new information. "So what you're saying…"

"You might want to keep a closer eye on Genjuro-san in the future," said Neon. "I'm assuming that's how they also discovered who we were." Her eyes had a steely look to them.

Kurei nodded. "I'll turn the plans over to my scientists," he said. "Arigatou, for a job well done. You may go."

Joker and Neon glanced at each other. "Hai," they said submissively, and left.

Joker draped his arm around Neon's shoulders. "So, our divorce doesn't become final for another hour," he said. "You want to go upstairs for some marital bliss before we call it quits?"

Neon shrugged herself free. "I don't remember any marital bliss in the first place," she replied, scowling, as they walked down the hall.

"Admit it… every day, it was a joy to wake up in my warm, strong arms-"

"-Freezing cold, because you stole all the blankets and kicked them onto the floor-"

"-Fighting the urge to give me soft, sleepy kisses to wake me gently from my slumber-"

"-With a crick in my neck because you hog the pillows, too-"

"-Struggling with the internal torment of foregoing some early-morning loving because Koganei was in the other room and might overhear your noisy animalistic cries of passion-"

"-Martyring myself night after night, longing to commandeer Koganei's couch for my own, but refraining, since I am not so cruel as to condemn him to share a room with you-"

Raiha passed them, walking the opposite direction. "You two sound like you're married for real," he called over his shoulder. "You could have fooled me, anyways…"

"See! We were destined to be together!" said Joker triumphantly, ignoring Neon's squawk of rage.