The morning began as any other.

Seeley Booth, alone in his room.

His eyes closed.

There was only one way to get through a day spent with Temperance Brennan. Without embarrassing himself.

One way.

And it was as old as time itself.

He closed his eyes, relaxed.

Thought of her.

And put his hand to himself.

Unlike any other morning though, the woman in his thoughts was parking her car outside his apartment building, and sneaking up the stairs to his apartment.

To surprise him, with breakfast in bed.

Or at least donuts.

It was his birthday.

She snuck into his apartment, her key making no noise in the lock, her stocking feet making no noise on the floor.

She'd left her shoes outside, hoping to catch him by surprise.

She glanced around. Living room was bare. Kitchen empty.

No running water.

She smiled happily. Perfect. She'd catch him in bed.

She held the paper bag carefully and tiptoed down the hall to his room.

To his door.

She heard a moan.

Her eyes widened, and she paused. Was there a woman in there? There had only been one pair of shoes.

She listened.

"Bones.." A whisper.

She squeezed her eyes shut. Broken. No, wait, she amended her own thought. Busted! The term was busted.

Sighing she pushed his bedroom door open and walked in.

His eyes were closed, and he was stroking himself firmly.


She'd never watched that before.

And he really was very impressive…

His eyes fluttered open, smelling her perfume. "Bones!" He shrieked, but it was too late to stop, he'd reached the moment of no return, and a few seconds later he was overtaken by the usual sensation.

Brennan smiled.

"Good Morning Booth. I brought you donuts, for your birthday."

He buried his head in the pillow mortified.

"Go wait in the KITCHEN."

"Why? You're done aren't you? I have to say.."


She shrugged, and turning, left the room, singing a little song.

Booth pulled his head from the pillow stunned, listening..

"Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me.." She sang happily.