Sonny POV

Just like any other day, Tawni and I were walking through the halls of Condor studios to get back to the prop house after practicing one of our new sketches, when I said, "Don't you just love that new ninja sketch? We get to repel off walls and do flips in the air. It is going to be the best sketch we have ever done on the show."

Tawni said while looking at her reflection in her compact,"Yeah, it's great until we get done and I have to see what it has done to my hair. I mean of course I still look amazing, but does it really need to make every hair fall out of place."

"We get to fly around in the air and you're still worried about your hair?" I asked astounded yet somehow deep down unsurprised.

When we arrived at the prop house, we found Nico and Grady making sandwiches for lunch, while Zora sat on the couch tinkering with some indescribable thing that she found buried in the piles of props in the prop house. We were sitting down ready to watch television, when Chad Dylan Cooper came through the door. The flip of his soft blond hair made me forget that I was the one holding the remote control causing Tawni to throw a pillow at my head.

"What are you doing?" she asked impatiently.

"I, I … was just getting comfortable before I turned the TV on. You have to be more patient."

Then Tawni followed my gaze toward the door and an understanding smile filled her face, "Yeah sure that's what it was."

Chad said, "Hey Randoms. How's life at the second biggest show on television."

"Chad what are you doing here? If you only came to gloat, you can leave," I said while standing up and crossing my arms. Why does this guy always have to be so annoying?

"I would," he said," but I actually came over to see if one of you would like to help me practice my Jujitsu. I'm testing for my brown belt next Tuesday and my coworkers at Mackenzie Falls do not wish to go up against my superior Chadness so do any of you dare to train with me?"

Nico said, while taking a bite of his sandwich," Why would we want to help you when we have our own lives and a cool ninja sketch to fulfill all of our martial arts dreams."

"It's bad enough my hair needs to get messed for the sketch, but hey Sonny wants to help," Tawni said while shoving me toward Chad.

"What?" I said surprised to be volunteered for something without my consent, but before I could object further Chad chimed in while flashing his beautiful smile in my direction and said," That would be great Sonny. I will pick you up here at 7 pm tonight." Then turning to leave he added," See you later Sonny." Then in an after thought and with disapproval, he added,"Randoms."

When he was no longer in sight and I finally rapped my head around what had happened, I turned to Tawni and said," What did you do that for?"

"Oh come on Sonny its not like you did not want to go anyway. I just helped you get in before you talked yourself out of it."

Even though it was mostly true, I really do want to practice with him, that did not mean that I wanted Tawni to accept for me and prance around with that smug smile on her face. Sure I like Chad but it's not like he likes me much because every time we see each other we begin fighting and it inevitably ends with "Fine", "Fine", "Good", "Good", "So we're good", "Oh we're so good." I can't help it that every time I see him shockwaves of happiness fill me and butterflies fill my stomach, especially when I look into those gorgeous sea blue eyes and think about his beautiful windswept blond hair. I bet he never even thinks about me, but I won't think about that now I guess I have to go and get my stuff ready for some constructive violence.

Chad POV

Whoa! I had to get out of there as quick as I could before she changed her mind. Of course I had not intention of practicing with any of those other Randoms, but it was not like I could ask sonny straight out, so I had to take my chances with the others. Luckily, Blondie gave me an opening with Sonny or she may never have decided to say yes. Actually come to think of it, she never actually did say yes, but she will be there because she never backs down from what she promises that is one of the things I love about her. Wait did I just say love! I mean like! Oh, who am I kidding she's cute she can't do anything without being cute, Stupid cute, and her shiny hair is so beautiful in the sunshine. She is my Sonshine. Wow, I better get back to rehearsals before I lose my mind completely.

Sonny POV

When I called home from work, I told my mom that I was going to practice Jujitsu with Chad. Of course, she was excited and asked a million questions so I had to do everything I could to get away so that I could get ready. It my sound stupid, but I got a shower even though I knew well that I would sweaty again once we started. I really needed to get in the right mindset. I still couldn't believe I was going to be alone with Chad for who knows how long. Hopefully it would go well; with Chad you never know how he will be snotty or sweet. I put on sweatpants and a t-shirt and got a bag ready with a drink and a towel. It was 7:05 when Chad got to my dressing room, leave it to him to be fashionably late. When I opened the door, he stood there looking at me with wide eyes and then he said, Sonny, you look beautiful."

Blushing and confused, I said," Beautiful? Chad I am wearing sweatpants."

"Oh right," he said before clearing his throat and moving out of the way to let me out my door.

"So where are we going to practice?"

"I have a special place on the Mackenzie Falls stage where I practice."

"I could have just come over myself."

"I know. Think of it as a thank you for helping me."

What could I say; being near him was boggling my brain. I could smell his cologne and see his windswept yet still perfect hair. When we arrived at the set where we were practicing, Chad said, "Are you ready to start?"

"Yeah, sure."

"Have you ever done any martial arts before?"

"Yah some. We are actually doing a sketch about ninjas for our show which is really…"

"Monroe a sketch is not the same as really doing martial arts."

"I know. How about we get started?"

"Okay, we are going to go through some techniques."

"I'll be sure to try to keep up," I stated then he told me to attack so he could do one of his techniques. In the middle of his technique, I countered and got him to the ground with and arm lock.

"How did you?" he asked with his cute little face in the mat.

"Oh that. I should have also mentioned that back home in Wisconsin, I earned a black belt in Jujitsu."

"Yah that probable would have been good to mention. Could you let me up now? I had enough of my face in the mat for now."

"Oh yah sure! So do you still want to practice with me?" I said while getting standing up.

"Sure I do, but I am here to practice so could you just let me get through the techniques. Then maybe we could do some sparring if you are not too scared," he added with a sly smile while sitting up on the mat.

"Okay, but I think you are the one who should be scared," I said mirroring his smile. This should be good.