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Part Two – Three months later

Chad POV

I pulled my tie taut on my neck and looked in the mirror admiring what I saw as usual but also thinking beyond the mirror, into the future I had with Sonny. Soon enough she would be Mrs. Chad Dylan Cooper and I couldn't be happier. It had a sort of ring to it. I pulled the coat of my traditional black tux off the chair beside me and put it on before leaving my room to find my groomsmen hoping that they hadn't killed each other yet. I saw them down the hall thankfully dressed and ready. One less thing I had to think about. They were dancing around for reasons unknown. I really didn't know if I wanted to know, but being the curious person I am I asked anyway, "What are you three doing?"

They stopped and looked, "Just waiting for you. Are you ready?" Nico asked.

"Do you have everything you need?" Grady chimed in.

"I think so," I said running through the list in my head.

Devon spoke up, "What about those flower things?"

I turned around to go back to my room saying, "Right the corsages." I pulled all of ours out of the box and went out to distribute them. After we were done I checked my watch and said, "Okay lets get to the car my beautiful lady is waiting for me."

Sonny POV

As I pulled on my white strapless dress, I couldn't help but revel in its beauty. The beading on the bust was what pulled me in and its soft comfortable feel made me buy it. I opted for a dress that went to my knee because I am only twenty-one and I wanted to add my own spin plus the long train wasn't particularly practical for our particular venue.

Tawni, Zora, and Chad's sister Lilly helped me after getting into their own flowered periwinkle sundresses. "Can somebody zip me up?" I asked and Tawni came over.

Zipping my dress she said, "I know I don't say this often so enjoy it while it lasts…you look beautiful today."

"What?" I said acting like I hadn't heard her.

"You heard me and I'm not saying it again. Although these brides mates dresses are awesome instead of those horrible things people usually get. They always claim you could wear them again but nobody ever does."

"You did help me pick them out," I said stating the obvious.

"I know you should thank me for keeping you from fashion tragedy." I should have known that is where she was going.

"Thanks Tawni you may be…but you're still a great friend." I gave her a hug and she, not wanting to ruin my special day, let me.

"Let's go everybody in my car. We have to go now if we expect to get there on time," Tawni said leading the way.

I stayed behind to look at my reflection in the mirror one more time when I noticed Lilly stayed behind as well not following the others out. I turned to her and said, "What's up Lily?"

She came closer and thought for a minute hesitating before answering, "Sonny I have known you since I was five, so I think we're already pretty close, but you are going to marry my brother today and…"

She stopped so I pushed her along, "Yah its okay you know you can say anything to me."

"Well it's just I never had a sister and after today I will. I just want to say, I'm glad it's going to be you. I love my brother he's my best friend and I know you really love each other so before we go out here and get photographed, poked, and prodded I want to say… I love you sis."

That was a completely unexpected turn the conversation had taken us. I started to tear up luckily Tawni insisted on waterproof mascara. I hugged her and said, "Lily you don't know how glad I am to hear you say that. You are the best sister I could have ever asked for. I have always wondered what it would be like. I love you and maybe you could come over for a sleepover after Chad and I get back from our honeymoon."

She looked excited, "You mean it?"

"Sure that's what sisters do. Come on we're going to be late." I put my arm around her shoulder and she put hers around my waist so we could walk out together. She may only have just turned eleven the week before, but she has wisdom and heart beyond her years.

We got into the car and Tawni said, "Finally what took you so long they can't have a wedding without the bride."

Chad POV

As we neared our destination, my nerves started to settle in. I had no question whether or not marrying Sonny was right; it was the act itself that got me a little nervous. We were not having a big wedding just close friends and family, but there would still be plenty of people watching us exchange our vows. I got out of the car and we all walked toward the arches of flowers placed in the sand. It seemed only natural for us to get married on the beach. We both love the feel of sand under our toes and the beauty that is the vast expanse of the ocean. Unknown to everyone else, it was also the background to one of our first "non-dates" for lack of a better term.

I took my shoes and socks off when I reached the edge of the sand and carried them the rest of the way. It was nearing sunset, my favorite time of day, when the sky is painted with new and magical hues of orange and red. It was also the only time any part of the beach would be free. I heard another car come from the opposite direction and park near mine.

Devon came up to me saying, "You have to turn around until Sonny gets into the tent the girls say you are not allowed to see her yet for whatever reason."

"It's superstition; it's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding," I said confidently.

He stared at me, "You have spent too much time helping Sonny set this up. It's polluting your mind."

It's true that I have helped Sonny with the wedding because I didn't want to miss anything but, "Everyone knows that if they have ever lived with a woman. My mom dragged me to more weddings as a kid then I care to remember, before I was able to stay home alone. This is different though, it's all mine."

The minister appeared before me and asked, "Are you ready?"

"Yes sir. Let's get this show on the road." I arranged myself at the trellis covered in flowers encompassing the whole spectrum of the rainbow. Grady, Nico, and Devon were standing next to me all carrying the title of best men. With such a small wedding it was hard to choose between them. Despite our early bumps in the road, Grady and Nico had actually become really good friends of mine. The music started as I watched Zora lead the procession to the violinist's tune. Finally, my Sonny will be all mine.

Sonny POV

I got out of the car and quickly made my way to the small white tent we set up on the beach. It reminded me of the tent used by the Mackenzie Falls cast on our camping trip although it was empty, except for tables and chairs that would be needed for the reception. A violinist friend played music as Zora lead the procession followed by Lily and Tawni.

When the music changed, I looked over to my mother dressed in a color similar to the bride's mates but in a differing, more motherly, style. I could see happiness radiating from her but also the tears that were likely to fall before the ceremony would end. I took her arm and took a breath thinking about my father. He should have been there walking me down the aisle handing me over to Chad just like most fathers do but that could never happen. There is no break from death. Still as we broke out of the tent and into the evening light, I could fell him with me. I walked with my loving, wonderful mother down the aisle to my prince, my knight in shining armor all of that and more.

I stared into his eyes the moment we walked out of the tent. I didn't notice all of the people around us all that mattered was him. The light from torches stuck in the sand was playing off his features making him even more handsome, if that was even possible. When we reached him, my mother kissed my cheek and whispered, "I love you. I'm so proud of you. You are so lucky to have a man who loves you so much. Your father would be so happy."

"Thanks mommy," I said hugging her close before she placed my hand in Chad's and took a seat in the front row next to Chad's parents.

I stared into Chad's eyes and he stared into mine as the minister said, "Dearly beloveds we are gathered here today to join in matrimony Sonny Ann Monroe and Chad Dylan Cooper. It is not often that two people so perfect for each other meet so when it does it is magical. In spite of that if there is anyone that believes that these two should not be married speak now or forever hold you peace."

No one spoke, there was not a cricket or any noise all. It was like the earth stood still and time was frozen. "Sonny your vows," the minister urged after hearing no objections.

I took a breathe and started, "I always knew deep down that you were the one for me from the moment we met, even though it took me awhile before I could admit it to myself. You were a jerkthrob but also caring and sweet in a way that nobody else could be. I look forward to our life together. I love you Chad Dylan Cooper and I always will." I teared up by the end unable to hold back the swell of emotion within me, and I had no desire to hold it back. It was the best feeling of my life.

"Chad your vows," the minister said motioning toward Chad.

"Sonny you have always been a surprise to me. You are unlike any girl I have ever met. Your smile lights the world and keeps happiness in the lives of so many especially mine. My life before you was confusing, but since I am with you, you have become my beacon. The light that guides me toward the future being the best person I can be. I love you more than you could ever realize," Chad said his eyes never leaving mine. It felt like we were the only two on the beach.

The minister brought me back, "The rings please." Tawni moved forward and handed them to us. She had been entrusted with them for better or worse.

"Do you Sonny Ann Monroe take Chad Dylan Cooper to be your lawfully wedded husband? Till death do you part?"

"I Do," I said as Chad slipped the ring on my finger.

"And do you Chad Dylan Cooper take Sonny Ann Monroe to be your lawfully wedded wife? Till death do you part?"

"I Do," he said as I placed the ring on his finger.

"Then by the state of California, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride."

"Finally," Chad whispered under his breath with one of his irresistible smirks. I giggled meeting him halfway for my first kiss as Mrs. Sonny Cooper.

Chad POV

Kissing Sonny as my wife only made it more special. I knew for certain that we were each others forever, bound together by love and law. Since it was a small wedding, everyone came up to us and congratulated us right there on the beach. We picnicked there by the light of the moon and the torches. It was beautiful and magical and was everything Sonny told me she had dreamed of. We laughed with our friends and family until the wee hours of the morning. Then when our group finally disbanded, leaving the beach in the pristine condition we found it, I took my Sonny to our new home. It made me happy to be able to say that 'our home' had a certain ring to it that could never be duplicated by 'my home.' Mine and yours has a certain loneliness, whereas 'our' suggests love commitment and togetherness.

We drove up the driveway to our house that we had purchased and closed the deal on only the week before. A honeymoon would come in the morning as the plane departed from LAX to the beautiful Caribbean. But it did not matter that we would not leave until tomorrow because I no longer care where I am as long as I am with her. As we got out of the car, I took her hand and walked with her to the porch which wraps around the painted blue exterior. When we got to the door, I turned the key and swept Sonny into my arms. She stared into my eyes adorningly. "Carrying me over the threshold, how old-fashioned of you," she laughed a bit hugging her arms closer around me.

"Well they say the classics never die," I said sweetly. "Plus it makes getting upstairs quicker." She just laughed with me as I made a mad break for the stairs.