The Queen and I

A sunny day. But I shivered. As the girl in the blonde twintails turned around, I shuddered. The sunlight was blinding behind her.

She was beautiful.

Passion was immediate. It was sudden, and it shocked me. It ran from head to toe, a sudden tremble of possessiveness. I wanted her. I wanted to take her up in my arms and kiss her face and her neck and her breasts and her stomach and –

Wait, wait, wait, waitwaitwait.

What kind of pervert am I? Stop this thinking right now.

That was what I thought at the time. So I stuffed that perverted voice down into a deep corner of my heart, muffling its cries of lust. Katja was dangerous to me. I could feel it, a sickening feeling of fear. Fear that I would be discovered, my fantasies exposed to the world.

A moment left unguarded, and I lost control.

And she was waiting for that moment.

I was revealed for who I was. A pervert! A creep! No, not me, not me. You've got the wrong person. I swear to God, I wasn't dreaming of your nakedness, your vulnerability…

What is this?

I could feel myself sinking deeper into an unknown world as she pulled my shirt up over my breasts. I was in a position I never had been in before. And when she lowered her head –


A moment was an hour, a second was a day, and a whole month went by with her mouth on my nipple. I was floating in clouds of ecstasy, so abrupt and sweet that it left me exhausted. When she let me go, I fell to my knees, bowing to this beautiful goddess.

We've come a long way since then. At first I resented her torturous actions, but I slowly gave in to the pain of pleasure. She is now my world, and I am now part of her world. I would like to think of myself as important to her, but an empress such as she couldn't possibly see a servant like me as anything more than a way to get what she wanted.

And that is alright. I am content to be her ever obedient slave, surrendering myself to her every whim and fancy. Because she is my master.

She is my queen.