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Chapter 1 - The Warlock and the Wizard

The sun sets on this day as the Primp Magic School Tournament is coming to a close. The students, and visitors of Primp Town have gathered on the day of the Closing Ceremony. On the podium, is the school's teacher, Ms. Accord, giving a brief speech.

"Thank you for coming to the Primp Magic School Tournament Closing Ceremony everyone! I hope you enjoyed these wonderful days of this event. To end this event, I am throwing a party for everyone in here."

What is the Tournament about? The past few days, the Primp Magic School sponsored this event, having each of the players face off against right others to win a special medal. The medal, handed out by Ms. Accord, is able to grant wishes...but is there evidence that it can? Not a single wish requested has been actually seen by others or granted, so its abilities are...questionable.

"I declare the Tournament festivities...over!"

With the Tournament officially over, everyone jumps right into the party festivities. Amitie and Arle seem to be having a conversation, while Feli is looking for Lemres. Lemres is just talking to Sig, until Amitie and Arle join in.

"Hi Lemres!" Amitie ran over to Lemres, calling out his name.

"Oh hello Amitie, are you enjoying yourself?"

"Of course!"

The group engages in conversation, until Lemres looks out into the distance. At the beach there seems to be a caped figure. Lemres stares at it, losing his attention on the other three.

"Lemres, are you okay?" Arle asked.

"Oh, sorry, I was probably seeing things." Lemres answered.

...I probably shouldn't have lied. I definitely saw something out there...

While the three engaged in more banter, Lemres began to drift away from the group to check out that shadowy figure in the distance. Even with the three chatting to their hearts content, Amitie notices Lemres disappeared.

"Hey...where did he go?" she said.

"He just...disappeared..." Arle added.

At the beach, Lemres got a closer look at the object. What he saw was a silver-haired man with a cape, with a sword at his side. That person can only be none other: Schezo the Dark Wizard.

Hey...he's that Dark Wizard I ran into in the Tournament. Lemres thought.

Knowing who he is, Lemres approached the Dark Wizard's presence to say hello...or perhaps bring him along to the party.

"Hey...how come you're not at the party like everyone else?"

"Oh? You're Lemres aren't you?"

"Hahaha, you even remembered me." Lemres chuckled.

Schezo adverts his gaze from Lemres for a bit.

"Hey...why aren't you at the party?"

"I'd...rather not get involved."

"Why not? You'll have lots of fun!"

"I'm fine."

"There's all sorts of sweets and drinks."

"I'll pass."

"Everyone is there! Even Arle is there too!"

"I'll definitely pass."

Attempt by attempt, Lemres tries again and again to coerce Schezo to the party. None of the attepts could budge Schezo from his spot.

"Oh come on! Just join in!" Lemres even went so far to grab Schezo's hand and drag him over to the party. Lemres must have a high concern for Schezo to even attempt literally dragging him. More so if he's dragging him by the hand!

What is he thinking?! I've made a fool of myself once, I'd prefer not to do it again! Of course, Schezo's reaction would be to break his grip from Lemres'. He snaps his arm breaking Lemres' grip from Schezo's hand. "Confound it! Why don't you understand!? I've already left a bad impression on everyone! You are not an exception! I don't want to engage this these activities!"

"...Suit yourself," Lemres left Schezo where he is, but deep down, he seems disappointed. I know he can change...I just got to find out what makes him tick...

Schezo turns away from Lemres, staring out back into the ocean. What is wrong with him...He's definitely weird...perhaps...too weird.

Back at the party, Lemres meets up with Amitie and Arle.

"Where'd you go Lemres? You just disappeared from us," Amitie asked.

"Oh...I just went to check out that object I saw. Turns out to be that Dark Wizard I met at the Tournament," Lemres answered.

"Dark Wizard...? Oh! You mean Schezo!" Arle added.

"Lemres! I've been looking for you!" Feli called out running toward her senior. "Where have you been!?"

"Oh, I just went to the beach."

"There's something I'd like you to do for me..." Feli grabbed Lemres by the wrist and began dragging him away from the rest of the group. However... Lemres seems to be thinking about something.

Schezo huh? ...I'll keep that name in mind. Intrigued by the Dark Wizard, he seems to hit a small grin on this particular fellow.

Huzzah! End of Chapter 1! I apologize for the shortness, I'm just getting started! So how do you like it? I want some reviews because if I don't get any, I might stop writing this story!

To clarify, I'm literally picking at the stories and trying to flesh out an afterstory of Puyo Puyo! 15th Anniversary. Also...here's some little notes if you're confused:

The Medal - According to Ms. Accord, this can grant wishes. However, in each of the character's stories their wishes are either:

A) Unseen

B) Loopholed

C) Undisclosed (well in Ms. Accord's case.)

So I poked at these facts and made its abilities questionable ^_^

Why so Anti-social? - If you've seen AT LEAST one cutscene involving Schezo, 99% chance it'll have his famous quote ("Omaega...HOSHII!" which loosely translates to "Be my desire!") in it. Because of that, Schezo's left a bad impression on nearly all of the characters. I'm not sure if this is really what he's do, but his ending involves Ms. Accord giving him advice on watching his mouth so he won't be called a pervert, so I made him alone for the sake of not crashing the party.

Schezo is not Psychic - If you've played Schezo's story his first opponent is Feli, and she discloses Lemres' name. However, he does not know who he is. He DOES run into Lemres as the 3rd to last opponent in his story. Lemres isn't forgetful - Along with the "Not Psychic" bit, the two of them meet in Schezo's story. However, he does not know Schezo's name, he only knows he's a Dark Wizard. Throughout the whole cutscene Schezo DID NOT disclose his name, which explains why Lemres doesn't exactly call Schezo by his name.