Chapter 9 – His Sweet Desire

After being caught off-guard by the kiss, Schezo attempts to get away from him once more. The kiss was, in fact, a true event; Schezo completely denies it, realizing it was his first kiss. Lemres wanted to apologize for the cookie stick incident, seeing he had gotten a negative reaction from it. Schezo doesn't accept it and tells him to go away, even resorting to brute force to get his point across. Lemres' feelings were hurt, and he thought he would never see Schezo again. Turns out Schezo appeared at the Town Square, meeting Arle and Rulue. The two attempted to talk to him, but he just walks away from them, without engaging in a real conversation. Even with all of the crazy events happening to him, he has been doing the same thing ever since he met Lemres: avoiding love.

"Confound it. I feel so guilty now that I think about it. All those things he's done to me was to make me happy, yet I just throw it away and reject such actions." Schezo sighed, pulling his cape to cover him. "Maybe it is I, the one who should be apologizing, not the other away."

Conveniently, Lemres was passing by, not to far from him. Hearing his footsteps, Schezo turns around. It's him. Schezo gets up to try and speak to him, but Lemres just walks away, without noticing him. Is he denying his existence? But...the bigger problem is...Do I have the will to say anything to him?

Lemres was simply wandering around, still hurt from the incident earlier. His hand is on his cheek, where Schezo hit him. I didn't think Schezo would hate me for doing that to him. I guess trying to make him happy was never meant to happen.

Although in different places, Lemres and Schezo utter the same line at the same time, "I guess I was wrong about him..."

[5:00 P.M.]

Lemres was walking down the path to the beach, hoping the ocean waves would cheer him up. Coincidentally, Amitie spots him walking down the path.

"Hey Lemres, what are you doing out here? It's getting late," Amitie asked.

"Oh, I'm just taking a walk."

"Well, don't stay out too late. You wouldn't want to get lost."

"Hahaha, I won't get lost," Lemres chuckled rather weakly.

"I'll see you tomorrow!" Amitie waved goodbye and ran off.

Lemres waved back, but quickly sighed after she was out of sight. He was hiding his true feelings, not wanting anyone to know what's going on. I don't want her to know how I'm feeling, but I don't feel right lying like that. Lemres continued down the path, towards the beach. However, his hand nicked a bush, leaving a cut on his finger. "Aaah!" Lemres quickly jerked his hand, noticing the small cut on his finger is lightly bleeding. I hope this day doesn't get any worse...

At the beach, Schezo continued to watch the sunset, listening to the waves of the ocean. I don't think he'll forgive me for my actions though...But...didn't I do that to him earlier? Confound it! Schezo pulled his cape closer to him and wrapped it around himself, like a blanket. "I really drew the line this time...But I guess it won't hurt to try...Maybe my emotions will be hurt, but it's worth it." Then, at the corner of his eye, Lemres was at the beach. But...he was gazing at his right hand since he has a cut on his finger. Schezo got up and walked towards him wondering why Lemres is just fixated on his hand.

"Um...Lemres...?" Schezo asked Lemres.

"Oh, hi Schezo," Lemres replied.

"Is something up? You're just- W-w-what happened?" Schezo yelled, noticing the bleeding on Lemres' hand.

"I seem to have nicked a bush and cut my finger."

"Can...I take a look at it...?" Schezo sat down in front of him.

"Sure..." Lemres showed his hand towards Schezo to have him take a closer look.

With the hand closer, Schezo takes it and gets a closer look at the cut. It doesn't seem too serious...

Lemres pondered what Schezo's going to do, just looking at his hand. I don't think he knows any Healing spells...considering he's a Dark Wizard. Suddenly, Schezo went as far to put Lemres' finger in his mouth! Caught by surprise, Lemres's eyes open up and he began to blush.

I know this is pretty far and I regret pulling this stunt, but I have to get his trust back...and his heart. Schezo gently caressed Lemres' finger between his lips, in hopes of trying to stop the bleeding.

I...never thought Schezo would do this...It's...unsettling. Lemres continued to stare at Schezo's action, with his face turning a brighter red with each passing second. Moments later, Schezo took Lemres' finger out of his mouth.

"Feeling any better?" Schezo asked.

"Uhm..." Lemres was speechless. He fidgeted a little bit and regained his composure. He closes his eyes soon after.

"It's okay, you don't have to say anything." Schezo got up and sat next to him, allowing Lemres to get the view of the sunset.

The two are sitting together, watching the time pass by with nobody else to bother them. The gentle summer breeze lightly lifts the capes on their clothes like leaves on a tree. Schezo, still feeling guilty, begins to talk to Lemres.


"Hmm? What is it?"



"I, uhm..."

"Go on. Speak up. Nobody else is here."

Not again...these kinds of moments make me lose track of my thoughts... Schezo is too embarrassed to say anything, and begins to blush. He slightly tucks himself in like a shy person.

"Do you still hate me? If you do, I'll-" Lemres began to get up to leave Schezo alone, but he is suddenly stopped.

"No wait!" Schezo interrupts Lemres and tugs him back down. Though, he seems to have grabbed Lemres by the hand! Lemres recognized the message when he was tugged down, and promptly sat back in place.

My, that's a surprise. He has something to say? Lemres is curious to hear what Schezo has to say, and begins to listen closely. "What do you want to tell me?"


"Sorry? For what?"

"For snapping at you. I'm sorry I let my anger get the better of me. On all of the incidents."

"All? What do you mean?"

"The childish game...the cream puff...all of the moments I got angry at you."

"Even the...cookie stick?"

"Especially that. To tell you the truth, I knew what you were trying to do was to make me happy."

"You mean...?"

"Yes, they actually worked. The cookie stick moment...I actually liked that the most."

Lemres chuckles listening to all of this. His spirits have been uplifted knowing his actions worked.

"W-what's so funny? What did I do!"

"Nothing. It's just that I've accepted your apology from the beginning."

"You have?"

Lemres nods in agreement. "I'm not that kind of person to hold a grudge. But hearing that you liked what I did for you was pretty funny nonsense."

"But it isn't nonsense!"


"I said those things for another reason. I don't know why, but you're the only person that has gone through to me. Deep into my heart."

"What do you mean?"

"I love you Lemres."

Lemres was deeply shocked at what Schezo just said, flinching back. "What...did you...say?"

"I love you."

"...I'm not hearing things am I?"

Schezo shakes his head. "These are genuine feelings. I've been fleeing from such feelings all this time...but I've come to accept-"

Before Schezo could finish his sentence, Lemres sticks another cookie stick in Schezo's mouth mid-sentence. Again? Okay Lemres, I'll play along.

With the other end in Lemres' mouth, he began nibbling away. Things began differently, however, as Schezo is also getting into it, nibbling on his end of the stick. It wasn't long until their faces were only a couple of centimeters away, where the two stop suddenly. Their faces are so close, they only see each other. Like last time, Schezo blushes at the moment, but he isn't afraid anymore. Lemres takes the first move and tries to get the last bit of the cookie, pushing Schezo over and resulting in lip contact. This time, Schezo took it.

I see...This is how you swing right? I'll make sure nobody else gets in between us. Schezo gently embraced Lemres, wishing the moment would last forever.

You weren't lying to me huh? I believe this will be a sweet relationship, if you know what I'm saying. Hehehe. I love you too Schezo.

End of Chapter 9