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What could've happened

What would've happened

What should've happened

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Real Version-

Episode: Save the Last Dance

Scene: Gwen and Kevin are dancing to a love song at the end with fireflies in the background and all this cheery, happy, loving feeling between them.

My Version-

Episode: Screw the Last Dance

Scene: Let's just see what would've happened if I were writing Ben 10: Alien Force…

He held out his hand to her.

She stared at it with inquisitive eyes, just looking it over, taking in the detail of every line, every mark, every blister, every callous.

"Care to dance?" he asked softly. The tux was already ruined and the night had been entirely wrecked all thanks to Ben, but that wasn't about to stop Kevin.

Gwen just smiled playfully with a strange glitter in her emerald orbs. Something was telling her that this was their night, but this wasn't how they were going to spend it. So she said the first thing that came to mind. "Let's go bowling."

He thought she was kidding. He had to blink a few times to get everything to register.

And she took his hand and dragged him to the car. "Come on. Screw the last dance, let's just go." She dropped into the passenger seat. When Kevin didn't move, Gwen reached over and honked the horn.

Figuring it better not to argue, Kevin just shook his head with a disbelieving grin and got behind the wheel.

As soon as the engine revved up, Gwen cranked on the radio without even knowing what she was doing.

Katy Perry's voice cranked out of the stereo system, loud and static-y.

You gotta help me out
It's all a blur last night
We need a taxi 'cause you're hung-over and I'm broke
I lost my fake ID but you lost the motel key
Spare me your freakin' dirty looks
Now don't play me
You want to cash out and get the hell out of town

Gwen was singing along, or at least trying to. She was entirely tone deaf and so off key that it made it seem awful to even try.

Kevin was smiling and laughing so hard he could hardly drive without cracking the slightest smile and his mind exploding into hysterics. He loved her and this was one of those very rare moments where he felt like the sane one in their relationship. She could lose control like this and things turned funny in the shortest of moments.

Don't be a baby
Remember what you told me
Shut up and put your money where your mouth is
That's what you get for waking up in Vegas
Get up and shake the glitter off your clothes, now
That's what you get for waking up in Vegas

Her dress was torn at the hem. His tux was shredded here and there courtesy of Ben eating through it. And at that thought, he grinned and tried to sing along too to create that one moment he and Gwen would remember forever.

Neither were close to sounding good, but Kevin was much closer than the redhead.

Why are these lights so bright
Oh, did we get hitched last night, dressed up like Elvis,
And why, why am I wearing your class ring?
Don't call your mother
'Cause now we're partners in crime

Gwen had her hands up and her fingertips brushed the ceiling and she shook her head for that rockstar effect. As is every girl's dream, she wanted to be a singer. From the sound of her voice now and the way the driver was laughing at her, she knew that was shot down the toilet.

Don't be a baby
Remember what you told me
Shut up and put your money where your mouth is
That's what you get for waking up in Vegas
Get up and shake the glitter off your clothes, now
That's what you get for waking up in Vegas

Kevin just laughed. He could never imagine Gwen like this on a normal night. Or even on a night where they'd just had the time of their lives. But he found a new respect for her.

You got me into this
Information overload, situation lost control
Send out an S.O.S.
And get some cash out
We're gonna tear up the town

Her hand found the volume control and she cranked it up to about twenty. Kevin usually kept it at five when he listened to it or silent when Ben and Gwen were with him.

Don't be a baby
Remember what you told me

She was out of tune, dressed like a mess, and totally, crazy drunk.

Remember what you told me

Remember what you told me
Told me, you told me, you told me
Shut up and put your money where your mouth is
That's what you get for waking up in Vegas
Get up and shake the glitter off your clothes, now
That's what you get for waking up in Vegas
Shake the glitter, shake, shake, shake the glitter, c'mon!
Give me some cash out baby
Give me some cash out, honey

Gwen was drunk on Kevin.

That car rumbled up to the sparkling lights of the bowling alley, which illuminated Gwen's face. Kevin found her expression almost childish and she was out of the car in a heartbeat. He only found the emotion to roll his eyes and kill the engine before jumping out himself.

Her hand met his, her shoes drumming against the blacktop as she ran for the door. She'd changed from a pair of strappy sandals to a pair of Ben's Converse without him even knowing it. And somehow, he was glad.

"Why are we bowling again?" Kevin asked as he raced to catch up with her. He was already tired from the crazy night they'd had. Fighting off Ben. Then watching some other crazy stuff unfold after that. And then… yeah, then Gwen got all crazy in the car and that took a lot out of him, watching her long red mane of hair fly across the car in a wild way that made her just that much more beautiful in his eyes.

She shrugged. "It sounded better than dancing." Her voice was tight and relaxed at the same time, the girl turning into a bucket of contradictions in one night.

Kevin wondered if she was still the same Gwen he'd fallen in love with. She seemed so different but still the same.

The lights inside the alley were brighter, the smell of smoke filtering through the air with the underlying scent of wood. He had to be sure he wasn't crazy. He pinched himself so that Gwen couldn't see. This wasn't a dream. He was really at a bowling alley in the middle of the night with Gwendolyn Tennyson.

"Come on." She just grabbed his hand and whisked him away towards a lane. Not like the guy at the front desk was awake enough to care. Her gaze caught the worker and he was snoring away. "Let's go."

Reaching over the counter, Kevin pressed a couple of buttons on the computer to set up a lane for them. He was amazed Gwen didn't even care to pay or follow any of the simplest rules.

They didn't even bother getting shoes. They just grabbed a ball off the rack, a pink one for Gwen, but she grabbed the heaviest one she could find and used her mana to pick it up and hand it to Kevin. "There. Now it's fair."

He stared at the bowling ball in his arms, which happened to be a sickening color of fuchsia. He looked up at her, but she was already gone, racing down the lane to throw the pink ball. It spun like crazy as it rolled down the lane and she looked back at him with that quirky little grin of hers and pranced to take a seat on one of the many built in plastic chairs. Her dress was tattered and singed in a few spots, but she couldn't care less no matter how long it took her to make the pattern and sew together the silky shining fabric, it was worth it to have a night like this with the guy she loved.

And his only thought was that she was absolutely crazy. He threw the bowling ball at the pins without even being slightly bothered by the weight of it. It was probably the heaviest one in the whole building.

Gwen watched as he hit a perfect strike. "Where the heck do you learn things like that?!" she asked in shock.

"When you sit in the alleys of New York, you have to try and find any form of entertainment a dumpster can provide, one of them being bowling." He smirked and waved her ahead to take her turn.

She took a slow pace over to the wooded floor again and picked up that pink ball. The redhead flung it down the lane only to have it be a gutter ball. While Kevin was distracted with checking out his tux, she picked it up out of the gutter with her mana and whipped it at the pins with a flash of pink.

Kevin had actually seen and stepped up close behind her, wrapping his arms around her abdomen. "Cheater," he murmured in her ear, his lips barely touching her jaw line. It sent a shiver down her spine. Then he pulled himself away from her. She already missed his touch.

Picking up the ball she'd assigned to him, he turned so that his back was to the lane. Being talented was one of his many talents. He lifted it over his shoulder and threw it. There were bonuses to being part alien.

Gwen watched it hit the wood with a loud crashing sound. Still, Kevin hit a perfect strike. He passed her, their shoulders touching. He leaned in to her, letting his hand close around hers. "And that, is how you bowl without Anodite powers," he whispered with a chuckle. He was so soft and gentle at times like this.

Her heart nearly stopped. The redhead loved how his breath made her skin get all tingly and her mind grew fuzzy when all she could feel was Kevin's presence.


"Oh crap." Kevin was the first to grab her hand this time and he ended up sweeping her up bridal style to race out the door. The girl was laughing so hard that he could hear it over the lone worker's screaming. She giggled real loud. He liked that.


"COOL!" Kevin yelled back. That brought another round of giggles out of Gwen. She was absolutely drunk on him. It was official.


"YEAH, WE'D RATHER KICK ALIEN BUTT!" Kevin helped Gwen into the passenger seat and looked back at the worker whose face had dropped and twisted into confusion. "SO DON'T MESS WITH US!" He let out another pealing howl of laughter before dropping into his own seat and flooring the pedal to race away from the bowling alley.

It had been the craziest thing he'd done in a long time. The car disappeared out of sight from the building.

This time, Kevin flipped on the radio for Gwen and she gave him that smile that sent her heart soaring through the clouds and higher beyond that.

"Now we can tell people about this when we're old and gray. The night we were supposed to be at a dance and instead got kicked out of a bowling alley," Kevin said, the volume of the music drowning out his voice, but Gwen already knew exactly what he was saying, twining her fingers with his and finding that she truly loved every little bit of Kevin being Kevin.

Even the bad parts.

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