A/N: 'cause I just wanted to get this done. Worst episode ever. So here's what should've happened…

Real Version-

Episode Title: Mother of All Vreedles
Scene: The whole episode.

My Version-

Episode Title: !Cancelled!
Scene: Behind the scenes, why this episode shouldn't have even aired…

"Nope, not gonna do it." Kevin threw down the script and was about ready to storm out when Gwen grabbed his shoulder and attempted to pull him back.

"Kevin, come on, we need to do the episode." Her own script was jammed under one arm as she tried to hold him back with the director and her cousin so they could get to work. About fifty little Vreedle clones were walking around, all disturbing in their own ways. It was disgusting as far as the Anodite was concerned, but it was still so sick and twisted...

"This is a lame episode!" He normally wouldn't fight against her, but this was definite. The worst episode ever. He and Ben had been hanging out together to check over the script the night before, and it was the definition of terrible. "It doesn't even work with the rest of the season!"

"Kevin, it's a filler season until the last two or three episodes again Dagon and Vilgax." She was practically pleading with him to keep him on the set. And to keep him away from his car and his jet specifically so he couldn't get too far away. "That's how the second series's season three went, remember?"

"Yeah, but at least that one had the Rath episode," noted Ben, coming up beside his teammates with a shrug. "I don't know, Gwen, but I'm kinda with Kevin on this one."

"It slanders our names."

Gwen was about to ask where Kevin learned that word but decided against it. "All you need to do is be part of the episode. Just say your lines and behave and it'll all be over before you know it, I promise." Her eyes were patient.

"No." It was honest and deliberate.

"Gwen, it's a terrible episode," Ben added in from the sidelines. He was at Kevin's side. "The Vreedles have nothing to do with any of this. And I don't think anyone cares about their lives. Honestly, I'd prefer a whole episode about Kevin rather than this garbage."

He got a dark glare from Kevin and went unusually quiet, hands shoved into his jacket pockets. When the Osmosian's gaze fell back on the Anodite, he continued carefully, "Gwen, just tell them not to air this episode. No one cares about Ma Vreedle or whatever's going on there and we as a team don't even get much air time in the whole thing. It's an awful episode. Useless and stupid. The only thing it does is add onto the 'let's save the planet' theme we had with the last episode. Ya know, stoppin' the trash monster. That was good! I had one-liners!"

"He did," interjected Ben before retreating to the sidelines again silently.

"This time, I have, like, one quippy line. Not even worth watching." He put a hand on her shoulder and gazed levelly into her jade orbs. "Tell them to stop putting props up for this crappy episode and get them to start writing something better." His dark eyes went soft and his face, usually hard, grew gentle. "Please."

With a heavy sigh and sagging shoulders, Gwen turned around and called out, "Hey, everybody! Stop shooting! We're killing the episode!" She ran a hand along her neck in the 'cut' signal.

Groans and moans of irritation rose up from the crew that had just finished putting up the cloning machine. They were all about to leave on a coffee break and instead walked back to the machine with slumped posture to take the whole thing apart again.

"Thank you," said Kevin, still calm and quiet for the moment. It would never last long.

"And imagine if some kid decided to start watching with this episode," added Ben. He and Kevin looked to each other and simultaneously shuddered. "Bad things would happen." The brunette's green gaze was clouded over with horrible thoughts. He could already imagine riots from the diehard fans...

"You just saved the universe from having to watch that terrible episode." Kevin gave his signature smirk and looked at the sets that would all now have to be ripped down and revamped for the next episode. "They all thank you."

"Uh-huh." Gwen waved her hand and gave a defeated sigh. "Just go eat some donuts."

The boys then looked at each other and pumped their fists in the air. "Donuts!"

A/N: So here's the real question- was this episode even worth the time?