It started as I walked down the halls of my new school looking for my next class. It was my first day at a new school and it seems no one was very friendly. No one was in the halls to even ask how to get to room 305. The principle seemed like a real ass. And above all odds I was carrying a map that made me look like a major dork. I didn't even know if there were hot guys here yet and if they saw me like this they'd think I was a major nerd. So anyway I was walking down the hall when the bell rang and thought great this day can't get any worse. So I missed my first class, couldn't even find my locker and there were really hot guys staring at me. I started walking again looking for my locker when I ran in to something really hard.

"Oaf" I said as I fell to the ground. First I thought I had ran into a wall or something. But the it spoke so it must have been a person. "I am so sorry" said the person. I started to say "O now it was" when I looked up and saw a sex god boy starring at me. Then I realized I was starring and said "Don't apologize it was my fault. I was reading the map and not paying attention to were I was going." "So your new here I thought I had never seen you before. Let me introduce myself. My name is Kaden Michel Stanley. Kade for short." "Nice to meet you my name is Haven Lee Nelson. Haven for short." He was handing me my things now. " So what you looking for." " Room 314 now" "Really that's the room I'm heading to next I'll take you." " Thanks" No problem our teacher Mr. Simons will probably let us go early and I can show you the way around the school. " Really that would be great." I hope I didn't sound like an idiot. Here I was talking to a sex god and probably making a fool of myself. He was about 6'1, sandy hair, and blue eyes that looked like an ocean.

It turned out to be a great first day. Kade gave me a tour of the school, sat with me at lunch, and kept me company the rest of the day. He even gave me a ride home. I couldn't wait to see him again tomorrow. When my mother got home she questioned me about my day. I told her it was fine and started to head for my room when she said "So your okay with leaving Adam" Now why'd she have to go and bring him up. I had just gotten over him and she had to bring it up. Adam Raymond Frerichs was my ex sex god boyfriend that I had to dump when we moved. He loved me and I loved him. He was tall blond ,muscular, and sweet. I cried over him for four months, three weeks, and two days. "Thank you mom that was just great. I finally got over him and you bring him up again." And with that I fled to my room.