Need You Now

Chapter One

December 26, 2009

For hours now he had been looking forward to making this phone call. That afternoon he received a text: When you have time give me a call X O X O.

From that moment on Derek Morgan's mind was only halfway focused on spending time with his twin nephews, who he had taken out to an arcade and pizza place to give his sister and her husband a break. Now he was back at his mother's place, ensconced in the bedroom he grew up in, sitting with his back resting against the headboard. He had all the privacy he needed to call her. He only hoped she wasn't busy because after thinking about her non-stop for the last few hours he really wanted this conversation to be more than a quick "Hope you had a great Christmas," chat.

After pressing the first number on his speed dial he lifted the phone to his ear. The tension in him drained away as a small smile played on his lips, in anticipation of speaking to her.

Soon her teasing, seductive tone filled his ear as she said "Was Santa good to you? I told him that you've been a very naughty boy this year but not to give you coal in your stocking because you can't help yourself."

He chuckled. "A naughty girl like you should know just what that's like."

"Oh, I do, believe me. Do you know it's a sin to think impure thoughts? God forgive me, I think its worth it where you're concerned."

A big grin came to his face. "Woman, I miss you!" he cried, not planning to tell her that but it was how he felt and it was true.

Her voice was soft and sweet when she said "Aw, sug, I miss you too."

"Merry Christmas, Penelope. I'm sorry I didn't call yesterday. I didn't want to interrupt your plans."

"I could have put you on speaker. I'm sure JJ, Will and Henry would have loved to hear from you too."

"I thought about calling a couple of times but I just wasn't sure what you were up to." He left it go unsaid that it was the fact she had a boyfriend and Derek was, and had been for a long while now, afraid he'd call her when she was in the middle of something, in or out of the bedroom, with Lynch.

"You're forgiven. I know you're busy with your family. That's why I sent you that text. I figured you'd call me when you had the time. Do you have any plans for tonight?"

"My Mom is at work still. I spent the day with the twins but I dropped them off an hour ago."

Happily she told him "Good. So now you are all mine."

It had been a long time since they got to sit on the phone and talk for hours. Derek hoped tonight might turn into one of those marathon phone sessions, like they used to have. God knew he needed to hear her voice.

The last month he had been having the worst nightmares. During the day he thought about how messed up his life was and how the whole team was struggling these days and at night he was tormented with images he hated to even try and remember in the morning.

Flirting with her he said, in a deep and sexy tone, "Garcia, I've always been all yours....Just waiting for you to be all mine."

"Handsome, don't you know I'm all yours in all the ways that really matter?"

He chuckled. "Oh yeah? Then why am I in this big bed all alone?"

She chuckled. "Because you insisted on playing the field. How is that working for you?"

He laughed. "Rub it in, why don't you?"

He could tell she was smiling when she teased "I won't if you admit you blew it big time by never letting me show you a good morning."

"Every morning I can see that bright smile of yours is a good one, doll face."

"You stubborn man," she said because he hadn't admitted he was wrong and foolish all those times he went out with other women instead of her.

Derek laughed because she had called him on his evasive measures. "You hard headed woman, always wanna be right."

"I'm the Oracle. I don't always want to be right. I always am right. Big difference."

"That's true only when it comes to what you do with your magic fingers."

"Don't think I don't know every time you say magic fingers you imagine my fingers-"


"Giving you a magic time."


She giggled. "Make me."

"I'll get on the next plane just to come home and spank you."

"Promises, promises."

Derek lay back on the bed, one arm resting underneath his head, and smiled. He couldn't remember the last time they had a conversation this flirty. It felt like forever and a day.

He taunted her, his voice a sexy rumble that no other woman could now inspire in him, "Try me, baby girl. I wish you would."

"Keep it up, Hot Stuff, and you'll be getting an e-mail with me wearing my sexy new Christmas baby doll nightie and panty set. Bent over so you can see this ass you always threaten to spank so much."

His body reacted to her words. Closing his eyes, as his breathing quickened, he tried to get his lust back under control as he ground out "Stop it," in a sexy way that let her know how she affected him.

Penelope pouted. "You suck..." and then added in a seductive tone "and so do I, you sexy thing."

"Baby girl," he breathed out, as thoughts of their naked bodies withering against each other played out in his head "hush that hot little mouth of yours with that kind of talk and tell me how your Christmas went."

"You're no fun," she joked and then talked about her holiday for a couple of minutes.

Derek's body calmed down. He shifted on the bed and held his head up with one hand. "Sounds like you had a great time." She hadn't mentioned Kevin and Derek hated to bring him up but he was a reality of the situation so Derek asked "Lynch didn't wanna go see his family this year? Ain't that what you two did last Christmas?"

"Oh, he went. I just didn't join him. We've been talking a lot about going our separate ways but he kept saying we could work it out. I finally told him to go see his family and enjoy his holiday but that....I needed things to be over for us when he came back."