Need You Now

Chapter Six

December 30, 2009

Derek grinned after taking a bite of the fried ice cream Penelope offered him, after they ate dinner at a Mexican restaurant that night. She teased "I told you to order some for yourself. Silly man!"

"When you are right, you are right, baby girl." He sat back on his side of the booth and watched her under hooded lashes, his eyes dark with love and longing.

"And I was right about us from the start."

He just smirked for an answer.

Penelope looked at him appraisingly after she swallowed down another bite of her dessert. "Baby," she started, in a tone that said to him that she was hesitant to bring this up, "I know this isn't a whim for you-"

He leaned toward her. "No, it very much is not."

"I can just look in your eyes and know that but what I don't know is when you decided you wanted us to be more."

That was a loaded question and the answer wasn't an easy one for Derek to explain. He took a drink of his ice tea.

When he didn't answer Penelope became obsessed with looking at her food. Derek reached over and took her hand. "Look at me."

Her eyes fluttered up.

Derek went on "There have been countless times over the years when I have wanted to kiss you. And when I wanted to forget about anything and everything but you. But I always talked myself out of it. I told myself I wasn't ready to settle down. The truth is I wasn't ready....cut and dry..... I wasn't ready to feel so much, risk so much, get hurt and open myself up to someone. Every time we got close to really getting together I would pull back until yourself a boyfriend....and then I really found out what its like to...." He let out a long breath as he tried to find the words "Like you said, miss you when you're standing right in front of me. Baby girl, my feelings for you didn't come overnight and I know you know that. This kind of thing that we have between us is the kinda thing that grows everyday and, woman, it always will." He gave her a small smile and big eyes. "You got that?"

"I got it," she whispered happily.

"Good. Now finish that dessert because I am taking you to hear some music."

She lit up and named a folk artist that she loved that played at a local very small club several times every week. Derek was not a fan of this woman and Penelope knew that.

He dramatically told Penelope "Dream on, sweetheart!" but then they ended up at that club anyway, as he had planned all along.

The tender way Penelope looked at him when they pulled up outside made it worth it to listen to that singer who he thought whined all her lyrics. He spent the next hour with Penelope's chair pulled close to his and his arm around her waist, whispering sexy things in her ear about what he wanted to do to her when he got her alone.

Her hand went to his thigh and Derek's whole body reacted. Over time her fingers grazed him and then would still just to graze him again. He loved it but also couldn't wait till the set of music was over so they could get out of there.


As soon as they were in his SUV Derek leaned over and caught Penelope's mouth in a kiss. At that moment he was wild with lust and the feeling of how intoxicating it was that he didn't have to try and ignore his desire for her any longer.

Soon their kisses grew bolder and he was undoing her coat, sliding his hand over her breast and eliciting a moan as she struggled to press closer to him. His thumb gently teased at her hardened nipple. Penelope jerked her mouth off Derek's, threw her head back, and let out a moan. Her face was flushed and her breathing was becoming erratic.

Bringing his mouth by her ear he kept up the sexy talk he had been feeding into her ear since they went to the club. "Do you like that or do you want you want skin to you want it so bad it hurts...cause I can't have my baby hurting so just say you want it and I'll have to soothe away the burning ache as best as I you want that? Tell me where to touch you. Tell me how to make it all better. Tell me that this," he gently twisted her nipple "makes it better." He did it again. "Is that better?" She whimpered with lust and Morgan teased, his breath hot on her ear and his voice low "No? You need more?"

He squeezed her breast and increased the speed that his thumb was moving over it.

"Oh God," she whispered "we got to get out of here."

Smiling he gave her a quick kiss and then went back to his own seat. "You were right."

Penelope was adjusting her clothes and running her hands through her hair. She gave him a sex filled look.

Derek added "This will be my best night of 2009."


She marveled at how sensual it was to feel her bare leg wrapped around Morgan's waist. Somehow this time sex wasn't something she did while also thinking way too hard about how she looked and how her partner thought she was doing. This time it was just an emotional coming together of two people who loved each other more than they had ever loved anyone else in all their lives.

Afterwards they lay entangled for a minute. The feel of his body was amazingly comforting, as her body came down from the breathtaking high he had taken her to. Derek's face was in the crook of her neck. His fingers tangled in her hair. He whispered her name with tears in his tone "Penelope," before rolling to his side.

She pulled a blanket over them and soon they had fallen asleep in each other's arms.


In the middle of the night Penelope woke up because Derek had left the bed to go to the bathroom. When he came back they immediately started kissing again and made love slowly and sweetly, whispering all their feelings as their bodies joined together.

In the morning she woke again because Clooney was licking her hand. After putting on her glasses and soothing back her hair she looked at Derek. He seemed like he was practically in a coma because he was sleeping so soundly.

He looked throughly spent for sure. Penelope giggled at that and got out of bed. She found a robe on a hook on the back of the door and put it on, though it was too long, then went to the bathroom. After that she took out Clooney, made coffee, had a cup and then had a shower. She combed her hair, rinsed her mouth with mouthwash, and went to find Derek.

He was still in bed and Penelope decided to lay down next to him. As soon as she put a knee on the bed he stirred and then he was feeling around for her. Opening his eyes he spotted her. She froze for a moment.

Derek quickly grabbed her in his arms and pulled her fully onto his body. "Mmmm, morning! You smell good. All fresh and clean already. Silly girl, that was way pre-mature."

She laughed as he turned her over onto her back, the sheets getting tangled around him as he started to kiss her again. They stayed in bed till afternoon when it was time to go out and get some food for the small get together Derek was having later. He had invited over Reid, JJ, Will, and Emily to watch the countdown. Four years before he had done the same thing with Penelope, Reid, Elle and JJ. But after that year he hit harder times in his life and he sent the next few New Year Eve's drinking alone. After Haley died Morgan had thought he wanted to make more of his depressing life so he asked his friends to come over for this holiday, as one of his first ways to bring a little more fun into his life.

Now that he had Penelope as his girlfriend he knew that would no longer be a problem. That night they had a great time with their friends. Derek and Penelope didn't try and hide the fact that they started dating. There was no way to resist the urge to kiss and touch. She spent a lot of the night sitting on his lap or with his eyes on hers if she wasn't within his reach.

When the last of their guests went home Derek closed his front door and pulled Penelope close, whispering "Need you now." They shared a tender kiss.

"Need you always, handsome."

He grinned as he scooped her up and carried her to bed. Always....that was just what Derek wanted for them too.