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The Pain Of Unacceptance

Screams and small explosions echoed through the streets of Boston as metal and cement was blasted away. People ran in fear, clutching children protectively as they tried to escape from the army of brown robots flying through the streets, using fists, blasters and drills to shatter glass and blow away anything that got in their way. Scouring the city, they found and broke into every jewellery store they found, stealing everything of value before moving on their way toward the city bank.

"Yes, that's it. Take it all. Hahahahaha!" The exaggerated, evil laugh overlapped the noises of panic and destruction as a dark figure flew over the seen with an unusually loud megaphone. If anyone had taken a good look at him, they would have noticed that he wasn't anything special. He was a teenaged boy with red, spiky hair and really pale skin, as if he never went out into the sun. He had black makeup creating a weird symbol under his eye and wore all black with metal boots in an attempt to look dark and fearful, but it was clear that he had little to no muscle mass and that anything he was capable of doing was only possible because of his machines. On his back was what looked like a backpack with helicopter propellers spinning on top, his means of flying. "No one will stop me, Jack Spicer, the prince of darkness."

"Hey dumb-dumb, knock off the gloating and give the scrap piles new orders already. The cops are coming." A girl with blonde hair wearing a full body, black burglar suit, complete with cat ears, claws and a tail shouted impatiently as the wail of police sirens contributed to the noise pollution.

Pouting at being interrupted, Jack turned to the approaching flashing lights and brought a wrist mounted communicator to his face.

"Jack-bots! Attack the cops." Right on queue, half the robots switched directions and fired their blasters at the speeding vehicles just as they turned a corner. Caught completely unaware, the cops screamed in terror as the blasts hit their marks, causing a few cars to swerve out of control and into nearby buildings while the resulting impact of the blasts flipped the others upside down.

"What do you know, I guess that they are actually good for something after all." The girl sneered before turning to another jewellery shop and shattering the window, taking everything she could reach.

"Shut up Katnappe, my Jack-bots are state of the art." Jack growled as he landed next to her.

"Whatever momma's boy, just hurry up and get them to blast through the bank walls already. I came for the money, not to listen to you gloat about your toys." Katnappe retorted, putting the freshly stolen jewels into her sack and walking off towards the bank.

"I am NOT a mamma's boy!" Jack shouted in what had to be the most whiney voice he was capable of as he followed her. However, he was quick to comply and leaving a few robots to ensure that the cops couldn't follow, he had the rest blast straight through the outside wall and right into the vault.

"Money. Gold. Oh, this purrfect." Katnappe exclaimed, her eyes full of gold sparkles. "Come on momma's boy, get your bots to gather it already."

"Alright, alright. Sheesh, what's your hurry? The cops are already defeated and it's not like the Xiaolin losers are gonna show up without a Shen Gong Wu waking up." Jack responded casually before screaming like a overexcited child and jumping into a pile of money on the floor, resulting from the explosion. "All this is ours and no one can stop us." He laughed, rolling around and pressing the money to his chest.

"Cocky, aren't you?"

"Huh?" Both of the dark clad villains whipped their heads up as the voice floated down them. When they found the source, Katnappe let out a scowl and a hiss while Jack did what he always did; let out a girlish scream.

"White hair, glowing gr-green eyes, black suit, you're… you're-"

"Danny Phantom." Katnappe finished, hissing again. "Aren't you a little far from home, you freak of nature?"

"About as far as I am." Another voice called from behind them, this time female. Turning their heads again, Jack let out another scream as he saw Kim Possible standing on top of a bus with her arms crossed, smirking down at them.

"Kim Possible!" Jack screamed, jumping back to his feet and jumping behind one of his Jack-bots. "D-d-d-don't come any closer." He snivelled, ruining any chance of looking threatening. The smirk never leaving her face, Kim just flipped off the bus and confidently walked towards the criminal duo. "NO, STAY AWAY!" Jack screamed as tears filled his eyes. "Jack-bots, FIRE!"

The Jack-bot he'd hidden behind and the two flanking it immediately pulled out their blasters and got ready to fire, brining back some of Jack's confidence and causing him to sneer. However, before a single shot could be fired, a black and white blur shot past them, bringing with it the sound of breaking metal and jumped off to the side mere seconds before all three robots blew apart, Jack's sissy scream clear to everyone around despites the small explosions. Turning to where the blur had stopped, Jack's eyes widened to the size of dinner plates and another scream left his lips as his eyes locked onto a pair of unimpressed, ocean blue ones and quickly scanned the rest of his foe. The boy had blonde, spiky hair and wore a white short sleeved jacket over a black zip up shirt with a silver cross on the zipper. His pants were dark green at the top and white from halfway up his thighs down. A checkered wrist band was on his left wrist. But what really struck recognition and terror into Jack was the key like swords in his hands, one black and the other white with what looked like a blue and yellow snowflake on the end.

"You… you… you're a NOBODY!" Jack screamed, flinging his arms into the air and running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. "A NOBODY! A NOBODY! WE'RE ALL DOOMED AAAAAAHHHHHHH!"

"Will you SHUT UP!" Roxas and Katnappe simultaneously screamed. Roxas was thoroughly pissed off. He was trying his hardest to make the world realise that he wasn't like those he'd come with, yet everyone refused to see it. Now this pathetic idiot was going to remind everyone of his origins. Tightening his grip on his Keyblades, Roxas charged straight at the gothic wimp.

"AAAAAAHHHHHH!" Noticing Roxas as he turned, Jack gave out his loudest scream yet and threw his hands in front of his face and squeezed his eyes shut just as Roxas got within a foot of him. He was so busy screaming that he never noticed the wind pass him.

Ignoring his urge to blow Jack through a wall, Roxas ran straight past him, letting Oathkeeper lightly graze the boy's arm as he past, and straight to another cluster of Jack-bots. Jumping into the air, he pulled himself into a spin and blazed through them. By the time he'd landed, every one of his targets was a pile of scrap on the ground.

"You guys handle those two." Roxas ordered as Danny landed, worried that Roxas might overdo it. "I'll take out the scrap metal. If I fight the chicken I just might end up killing him."

"No problem. Go vent." Danny responded with a grin, hiding his relief. He knew that Roxas would be infuriated with Jack and was worried that he'd have to stop the blonde. Danny was happy to see that the young Keybearer was capable of rational thought even when angered.

"Both of you go fight the robots." Kim called, dropping into an offensive stance as she eyed Katnappe warily. "Sissy boy isn't going to add much to this fight. I can take care of both of our crooks."

"Well, if you're sure, have fun." Danny responded happily. Taking to the air again, his hands started glowing blue. "Hey bucket heads, how about a little frostbite."

Danny shot the blast and quickly froze five robots through while nearby, Roxas was a one man army. His Keyblades were a constant blur as leapt and swung them from one direction to another, every blow striking with direct precision and destroying it's victim, while effortlessly dodging every attack that came his way.

"You're friends are talented. Unlike that useless waste of space." Katnappe stated as she prepared her claws. "This'll be interesting. Fighting the monks over and over again quickly gets old."

"Well then, let me add a little variety." With that, Kim lashed out with a roundhouse kick. Katnappe ducked down to avoid it and launched up with her claws, causing Kim to back flip away before charging right back in with a right hook.

The girls continued to exchange blows, jumping back and forth and neither one gaining any ground. Kim was proving to be the better fighter, but Katnappe's claws were proving to be an issue. Kim already had a few deep gashes across her arm and her efforts to prevent that happening again were definitely holding her back.

"I thought that you could take us both down." Katnappe sneered, flipping over Kim as she tried the sweep kick the cat crazed villain before spinning on the spot and thrusting a clawed hand at Kim's face.

"Just give me a minute." Kim grunted, dropping onto her back and ploughing both feet into Katnappe's gut, leaping back onto her feet as Katnappe gasped and staggered, holding her stomach. "Now to deal with the other one while she's down." Kim muttered, turning towards Jack, but keeping a cautious eye on Katnappe.

"Monkey staff!" Jack screamed from behind a garbage can Kim turned to it just in time to see a monkey version of Jack with a staff held in his left hand fly straight her. Instinct quickly taking over, Kim leapt into the air and over monkey Jack. Both landed cleanly on their feet and immediately spun around, Kim throwing a right hook. Jack merely grabbed her wrist and dropped back, using her momentum and both of his feet to launch her into the air with a scream.

"YES! HAHA, OOHOOHOOH! I did it. I beat Kim Possible!" Jack cheered, jumping up and down on all fours, ecstatic over his accomplishment.

"Get real." His cheer effectively cut off, he looked up where the voice came from just as Kim, using her grappling hook, swung down and planted both feet into his face.

"AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHH!" He screamed, his eyes running rivers down his face as he fell up and back into just recovered Katnappe, knocking them both down and dropping the monkey staff in the process. Katnappe hissed in disgust and knocked the moaning, human Jack Spicer off of her as she glared up at the young heroine landing in front of her.

"Grr, I'm going to scratch you to ribbons for that." She growled, leaping straight in, claws ready.

"Better then you have tried." Kim retorted, settling into a defensive stance. In one quick move, she blocked both hands and launched a kick right into Katnappe's chin. Growling in both intensified pain and rage, Katnappe responded with a kick at to the head that Kim barely managed to block before the two were back where they were before, quickly trading blows and knocking over everything that wasn't nailed to the ground.

The bangs of metal being crushed constantly echoed through the air as Roxas continued his tirade. Despite the length of the battle and the fact that he was moving at full speed, he had yet to show the first sign of fatigue as he ploughed through the dwindling ranks of Jack-bots, leaving a trail of scrap behind him. He'd barely even noticed the green blasts aiding him from the sky.

There were only a few robots left now, all of them mindlessly charging the infuriated blonde. The first one flew right up and thrust a drill right at Roxas' face. Expecting the attack, Roxas dropped and slid below and behind the Jack-bot, jumped up and spun around, sending Oblivion through the Jack-bot with a horizontal slash. The Jack-bot dropped lifelessly to the ground, splitting into two even halves just as the last four blew up in flashes of green light.

"You don't waste time." Danny commented, landing next to the panting blonde. "You killed twice as many as I did and I was shooting a barrage from the sky."

"Now you know what happens when I get mad." Roxas responded heavily before regaining his composure and heading back to the other fight. "Come on, I think it's time to tell Kim to end it."

Jack watched, shaking on the ground, as Kim dodged yet another of Katnappe's scratches. The battle had shifted, much to Katnappe's chagrin. Kim had figured out her fighting style and instead of the stalemate they'd been in before, Kim was dominating, taking almost no hits while all of hers landed perfectly. Katnappe was fighting a battle out of her league and she knew it.

"Stay still." She screamed, jumping into the air in order to deliver a brutal kick.

"If you insist." Kim taunted with a smirk. True to her word, she didn't take a single step. Instead, she grabbed Katnappe's ankle and swung the wide eyed villain behind her and right into the bank's brick wall headfirst. A few high pitched whimpers left Katnappe's mouth as she fell to the ground, unconscious.

"N-no way." Jack cried, his eyes as big as saucers and still pouring rivers as he stood up and stared fearfully from Katnappe to Kim. "Even the monks had difficulty with her on more then one occasion."

"I fight very differently from Raimundo and his friends." Kim replied with a smirk as she turned to Jack. "So are we going to this the easy way or the hard way? Personally, I don't care which."

"You…you… SILK SPINNER!" He screamed in terror, whipping out the web slinging Shen Gong Wu and firing at Kim. The red head heroine's smirk grew as she jumped and flipping back, avoiding the shot with ease before pushing off a wall with both feet and surging at Jack, her fist pulled back.

"AAAAAHHHHHH!" Tossing the silk spinner at Kim, Jack dived to the side, narrowly escaping Kim's punch.

"AAAARRRGGHHH!" However, Kim still managed to peg him with the silk spinner tat she'd caught along the way right into the head. "That hurt." He whined, turning back around to face Kim. "Be more careful where you throw things."

"That was intentional, oh brainless one." A cold voice stated behind him. Recognising the voice, Jack tensed and screamed yet again.

"NOBOD- AAARRRGGGHHH-" BANG! Before he could even turn around a flash of white struck his side and sent him catapulting away and into the wall Katnappe had had hit only a few moments before. However, instead of falling to the ground, Jack panicked and tried to pull his head out of the wall before his body fell limp.

"Don't you think that was a bit much for a weakling?" Danny asked, not sure whether to frown or laugh at Jack's predicament.

"He's not dead and he'll heal, though you might want to phase him out of there." Roxas responded as his Keyblades disappeared in a flash of light. "I probably could have hit him more gently, but I just couldn't bear to be called that again." He added a moment later, looking down at the ground sadly as Danny effortlessly pulled a colourless, blue outlined Jack out of the wall and dumped him next to his companion.

Danny and Kim looked at each other with understanding before turning back to Roxas with sympathetic expressions. Before they could say anything, the cops, having finally gotten clear of their cars, ran straight to them and picked up the unconscious villains.

"Thanks for the help. These two caused almost as much damage as the Nobodies did." One of the cops, an elder one with greying hair, thanked the young heroes, though he only looked at Kim and Danny. "It's so good to have you guardians around."

"We're happy to help sir." Danny responded, his happy tone hiding his irritation. It was clear to all three that the cop was ignoring Roxas' existence.

"Now we better get going." Kim said, giving the cop a smile. "We'd best get back to the satellite."

"Of course. A hero's work is never done. I'd know a thing or two about that." The cop responded, shaking Kim and Danny's hands. Roxas didn't even bother approaching the cop, merely moving towards their aircraft. "Come on back any time Kim, Danny. You and your friends are more then welcome here."

"Yeah, I'll bet. As long as they aren't a certain blonde haired boy who just happened to have helped save the day." Kim muttered under her breath as she and Danny headed off and caught up to Roxas. Turning to the boy in question, Kim wrapped an arm around his shoulders. "Are you ok Rox?"

"I'll be fine." He responded sadly, leaning into the touch appreciatively. "Lets just get out of here before-"




"Exactly that happens." Roxas sighed softly, his eyes watering as more and more of the civilians got involved. Kim tightened her grip on the poor boy and picked up the pace towards the hypersonic spacecraft while Danny gave the people a dirty look and flew to and through the ship's wall in order to get it started quicker.

The people's screams of hatred continued even as the ship rose into the air and took off, back towards the satellite and the comfortable silence of space. In his seat, Roxas felt the last of his restraint snap and sobbed as tears poured freely from his eyes. His companions looked on sadly, wanting to help him, but unable to take the pain away. Danny placed a comforting hand on his shoulder and watched as the boy cried his heart out. Danny and Kim wanted to do so much more, but there was just no way they could help him anymore then being there for him.

"What are we going to do? No one should have to live like this." Danny sighed sadly when Roxas had cried himself to sleep.

"I know. But even we don't have the power to change the opinions of others." Kim responded forlornly as the satellite's hanger doors opened for them. "All we can do is be there for him."

"He needs to know that there are people in the world, besides the Valour Guardians, that don't see him as a monster." Danny said as the ship landed. Picking up the boy in question, he followed Kim out of the ship and of towards Roxas' room. "He needs to find acceptance outside this Satellite. Somewhere where there are a number of people, but no one that'll discriminate against him."

"You are right, but lets worry about that later. Lets just let him rest for now." Kim stated as she opened Roxas' door.

Both looked around the room as Danny placed Roxas on his bed and felt their pity for the boy intensify. They hadn't seen inside of his room before. The room was almost completely bare, only containing the basic furniture. Everyone else, even Namine, had quickly decorated their rooms, painting the walls, putting up pictures and posters, and bringing in other little knick-knacks. The fact that this room was bare, especially since unlike all of the others, he and Namine actually lived on the satellite, amplified the fact that the Key of Destiny had yet to live a real life.

"He doesn't do anything but train, monitor and fight, does he?" Danny said quietly and sadly as he and Kim left the room.

"Unless you count eat and sleep." Kim agreed, walking towards the bridge. "He really needs to get out and live. Even Namine leaves frequently, painting landscapes and animals. We have to do something for him.

"Yeah, but that takes us back to him needing a place that he can go and be happy." Danny responded, shaking his head. "And where in the world could that… I got it." He cried excitedly, running towards the bridge. "Come on, we've gotta make a call."