Batman and The Hunter;

Chpt. 1: A Lady Waiting.

Fan Fiction Story written by Kathryn Cornell.

Batman created by Bob Kane.

Gotham City. A place of corruption, crime, and a law breakers paradise. People lived in fear, as mad men steal, rob, and take lives within their own ways. However, a major plan was going change the city forever, not even The Dark Knight would know what to do.

As the city remained silent, a limousine drove to an abandoned home, within a large set of land. It pulled up towards the entrance and stopped. The door opened and a mob leader stepped out, lighting a cigarrette.

"Bring the dame," He ordered his men, after taking a drag.

The back door opened from the other side and a strange woman, no older than a young adult, was pulled out; tied by her wrists and blindfolded. She was a beautiful creature with a shimmering blue and white coat, with a beak resembling that of an eagle;. Her golden wings shone in the moonlight, with white tips. The maiden's ears were cat like, and held back in fear. She bore a maternaty dress and sandals that indicated she was due to have a child. Her hair was a gentle blue, like the ocean on a tropical beach, pulled into a tight braid.

"Please, let me go?" The Maiden said with a fearful sob, as the mobsters escorted her into the house.

"Keep moving!" A mobster said with a rough shove to the prisoner's shoulders.

The maiden was brought into a large room and forced into a chair, where her wrists were retied to keep from escaping. The blindfold was removed, to reveal elegant aqua eyes. They widened with fear of what may happen to her.

The Mob Leader approached the hostage and blew smoke into her face. She coughed from the smoke, choking and gagging.

"Comfy? Good. Just be lucky you're in good health."

"Please, don't kill me? I'm expecting."

" We ain't gonna kill long as the city pays for the ransom. So just sit there and keep quiet and maybe we'll feed ya enough to keep your kid in good care."

The maiden lowered her head ready to shed sorrowful tears.

Suddenly, Batman crashed through the window, as he swung from a cable. He stood with narrowed eyes and cape folded. He was there for a reason and his reason was clear and there was nothing the mob could do about it. The Mobsters drew out their guns, ready to fire, but were immediately knocked out thanks to Batman's batarang. A mob member charged with his fist ready to strike, only he missed and was given a punch to his gut then rendered out with an upper cut to his jaw.

The maiden could only watch in horror, as Batman made clean work of the mob, then approached her. She shot her ears back in aggression and let out a loud hiss. Batman stopped a few feet from her, unfearful of her attempt to ward him off.

"Now stop!," Batman told the girl, "Is that anyway to treat someone who's trying to save you?"

The maiden stopped with tears flowing from her eyes. He was frightning to her, but perhaps he was the only way she could escape being killed.

"Help me...please?" She sobbed.

Batman said no further words and cut her wrists free gently with his batarang. He helped the girl to her feet and caught her as she stumbled to stand. He could see she was poorly treated and let alone weak from hunger. Batman also saw she was carrying an unborn child and knew she had to be fed soon, or she would surely lose the baby. He escorted the young girl to his car, then, got in himself. The Batmobile sped off towards the city, and to the lady's safety.

"I am...Lisa Glider...," She finally said, "Princess of...Ohhhhhh"

Lisa passed out from exhaustion, as Batman looked to her in concern.

He continued to drive towards the cave, with a notion that someone may be looking for her. He wished he knew "Who."