Kissing her because she's a freaking goddess.

His dark eyes, slightly bloodshot from nights of insomnia, couldn't pull away from the sight of her sleeping face. He bent his head and kissed her closed eyes, her warm cheek, her soft neck, impressing his love on her through his lips against her bare skin. The familiar smell of her bath soap, a floral scent, entered his nostrils as he pressed his cheek against hers for a moment. Unconsciously, he matched his pace of breath to hers.

Her nightly figure was exquisite. The moonlight danced on her body, giving the gentle curves covered by the thin bed sheet a silver gleam. The image of her naked body lying on the bed looked like a Renaissance painting, a masterpiece of color and softness.

Sasuke repositioned himself closer to her so only a few inches separated the two. He caressed her cheek with a gentleness he had never used before, never even known he had possessed until this quiet moonlit evening. Something about Sakura brought out things from within him that he had never thought to exist.

He kissed her lips once more before he let his eyes close, and he drifted to sleep in the warmth of the most beautiful girl he knew.

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