A/n from Jessica: Ok, so i wrote this a while ago but never got around to posting it. it's after the Feb. 15th episode of Raw, where randy faces sheamus, cody gets involved, gets rko'd by randy and ted gets kicked by sheamus....the raw before elimination chamber.

A/n from Kirbey: Jessica wrote something yay! I think I'm going to cry or die from pure shock either way hope you like it!

Summary: Cody loves Randy! Cody and Randy sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love then comes marrige then comes Cody with a baby carriage... jk I HATE mpreg. SHIT HAPPPENS! Review thirsty tricks... (told you I hate summarys now write your own goddamn summary Jessica) gah rude person...

Real Summary/explanation: After a night of drinking and clubbing-and watching provocative grinding- Randy discovers feelings he's had for Cody that have been buried for a while. But before he can react, Cody gets attacked and nearly raped, and randy has to save what he cares for most.

Explanation: All right after careful consideration, and the realization that all of our stories kinda involve somebody gettin hurt and somebody saving them, and re-reading Emono's "Under the Rose" series for the BILLIONTH time....kirbey and i have decided to create our own little 'save me' series. The stories are unrelated and don't have to be read in any specific order, but we'd love for you to read them all! we have a couple more ideas and the next story will be kirbey's to write, so stay tuned!

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Warning: Slash, cursing, and smut laters.....

"…And of course I get the RKO."

"Are you kidding me Codes? I got kicked…in the face!"

Randy sighed, shaking his head back and forth. It was about 3 in the morning after a pretty successful Raw. Normally, Randy would be in his hotel room resting up his sore muscles by now-but not tonight. John Cena had taken it upon himself to entice Randy into his rental with promises of a memorable night. 'Just have one drink', he had said. 'Just have one, and I'll drive you to the hotel myself.' It sounded like an okay idea then-until Cena saw that Monday's had half-priced beers. Now Randy was stuck at some club across the street from the arena, with no chance of leaving anytime soon.

"Yeah but, come on Ted, I got an RKO." Cody said, his eyes going wide. "Randy's finisher is SO deadly because he can strike, like that." He snapped his fingers in Ted's face to emphasize the point.

Randy just took a sip of his beer, smiling. Ted and Cody had recently taken it upon themselves to start playing a little game of one-upsmanship. Unfortunately, Randy had to put up with it ever since that little backstage segment on Raw-the one where Ted proclaimed he was better than Cody. Cody apparently took it a little too seriously.

Randy looked across the booth at his protégés, who were still bickering about which finisher was more deadly: the RKO, or Sheamus' kick. Randy laughed to himself, as legacy continued talking like he wasn't sitting right there.

He got up from the booth, stretching his long limbs once he noticed his beer was close to empty, and strolled across the dance floor, making his way to the bar. Picking up a drink for himself, and shots for Ted and Cody, he made his way back to the far side of the club, to the little secluded spot legacy had claimed. He laid the shots in front of legacy, who were still arguing; normally they were a little more civil towards each other when they had some stronger alcohol in them.

He plopped down into his side of the booth, making note that Cody was still talking animatedly about randy and his finisher, lecturing ted about exactly how many people had actually gotten hurt when randy got a little stiff in the ring. God, randy thought, an amused expression on his face, how much can he seriously go own about one move?

"…Oh whatever Cody," Ted sighed apparently disagreeing with Cody's spiel. "You know you're only saying all that cause you're in love with him."

Whoa, what? They weren't still talking about Randy right? Admittedly, randy knew about Cody's little crush on Randy and his career-Cody even admitted himself that he followed Randy's time in the WWE while he was still training. But that was just hero-worship right? Cody only respected him as his mentor and his friend…didn't he?

"OW!" Ted yelled as the entire table shook, "don't kick me- you know it's true."

Randy was about to demand to one of them to explain, but the look on Cody's face, coupled with him looking everywhere but at Randy, made him stop short.

"I-…I don't know what you're talking about Ted…" Cody said, apparently very interested in the cracks splintering from the table in front of them.

Randy turned away, watching the crowd of people dancing, pretending like he hadn't heard a thing Ted had said, attempting to make things less awkward for Cody until he could get the story behind this.

"Oh come on Cody!" Ted practically yelled, stealing one of Cody's shots and downing it. "Everyone knows it-apparently just not him."

"Ted, shut up." Cody said, a blush creeping up his features, as his eyes strayed downward under the booth looking as if he wished he could go under there and hide.

"No Cody I won't, you should tell him; he has a right to know."

This was really starting to get uncomfortable. Cody was looking like he wanted to crawl in a hole and die; he was sneaking quick glances at Randy when he thought he wasn't looking, as if to gage his reaction. Ted was blissfully unaware of the tension he was creating, still continuing to slam down shots in rapid succession. And unfortunately, based on Cody's mortified expression and the relentlessness of Ted's statements, it wasn't going to get any easier to continue sitting there.

"Cody!" yelled Evan Bourne, running up to the booth, out of breath. "Come dance with me- I talked the DJ into playing something we like instead of this techno crap."

"God, gladly." Cody said, downing a shot, and rising from the table.

"You know I'm right!" Ted yelled at the retreating backs of Evan and Cody, only getting the response of Cody's middle finger. "Whatever," Ted grumbled, chugging down his beer.

Randy searched the crowd for where the dark-haired boys had gone, noticing the two chatting up with some other superstars.

Wake up in the Morning feeling like P-diddy…

Of Course, Randy thought, smiling as he recognized the song. Ted plugged his ears rather dramatically. "No! It'll be in my head forever!"

Randy laughed at Ted's reaction, looking back up at Cody and Evan, knowing they wouldn't be able to resist dancing to this particular song, considering it seemed to be Cody's favorite lately.

"Nope, nope, I will not listen to this crap-I refuse." Ted screamed, trudging across the bar and out the front entrance, still with his hands over his ears.

Randy tore his gaze away from Ted's little fit, and scanned the crowd again for his friends, catching a glimpse of them as the crowd split, giving them room to dance. They were definitely enjoying themselves-mouthing the words to the song as they reached out and grabbed each other and pulled the other close. Randy smiled, pleased at the reaction he knew would happen.

The strobe lights of the club flashed and pulsed dazzlingly, synching up with the beat of the song. The lights flickered across the crowd, revealing each person as they grinded and danced with their partners'. The lights had an especially pleasant reaction to Cody and Evan, who looked amazing as they danced under the lights, their body's glistening with sweat from the intense workout they were doing. Cody moved expertly with Evan, showcasing his talented dance moves. The song moved into the chorus again, the beat picking up. Cody grabbed at Evan, pushing them closer together, grinding-somewhat explicitly-in tandem with each other. Randy felt a stir in his cock at the sight-his pants quickly becoming too tight. Randy watched in awe as Cody continued his provocative dance with Evan, looking away instantly when he and Cody's eyes locked. Randy gasped, realizing he had been holding his breath. As if the spell of Cody's dancing had been broken when he had been forced to look away, Randy's once very lust-filled thoughts began to subside, letting him think clearly and take notice of what he had been doing. Why was he thinking these things? Sure it wasn't as if Randy was straight or anything-far from it- but he'd never had these thoughts about Cody before. Randy pushed the impure thoughts away, trying to rid himself of the over-abundant feelings that were now swarming through him.

Randy pushed the alcohol away from him, suddenly feeling a mix of worry and relief at the thought of the shots being the cause of this reaction to Cody's dancing.

The song mercifully went off, and was replaced with 'Martyr No More' (probably requested by Evan judging by the way he ran to Chris and demanded he dance with him.) Randy risked a glance back towards the dance floor, hoping the lack of dancing from Evan and Cody would help stop the reactions his body was experiencing.

He recognized Cody's voice yelling at some sleazy drunk who was a little to close to him for Randy's liking.

"I said GET OFF!" Cody yelled, his voice seemingly being drowned out by the noise of the crowd to everyone but Randy. Cody pushed the man, standing his ground, but was caught off balance as people bumped into him, causing him to stumble and fall onto his side. The man pursuing Cody reacted, swinging his leg out and striking Cody in the ribs and stomach while he was off guard. Randy jumped up, a mixture of protectiveness and pure rage coursing through his veins as he attempted to save Cody from his attacker. He ran towards the other side of the bar, pushing back dancing bodies as he attempted to make his way to Cody. Before he could reach his target, Cody's attacker pulled him to his feet, punched him in his obviously aching ribs, clamped a hand over his mouth, and pulled him into the men's room. Randy's eyes widened in fear and realization, as he shoved past the dancers, forgetting common politeness, and focused on getting to the bathroom before Cody-in his hurt and half-drunk state- was taken advantage of.

He slammed the door of the bathroom open violently, the sound of the door hitting the wall and echoing in the nearly empty room. Across the room, Cody was pushed up against the wall- shirt off and on the floor, hair tousled, and fly unzipped-pinned by the heavier, sleazy man from the dance floor.

"Hey, what are you-" The man's gruff and annoyed voice was cut off as Randy slammed his fist into the man's face. He pulled him away from Cody, continuing to punch him in the face, busting his lip open and leaving bruises. He pulled the man across the room, crashing his face into the mirror, busting the mirror and the man's head open in the process. Randy slammed him to the ground, giving him a swift kick to the ribs for good measure. He looked up, seeing Cody still leaning against the wall for support, looking at randy with scared, wide eyes. Randy ran to Cody, silently cursing at himself for not checking on Cody first, rather than sating the rage that had coursed through him. He silently surveyed Cody, checking him for injuries and signs that the man had fulfilled his goal before Randy had gotten there. Satisfied with Cody's apparent lack of damage, aside from the purplish finger-shaped bruises around his throat, Randy wordlessly picked up Cody's shirt and began to fix his appearance, helping his boy hang on to a bit of dignity.

"Are you alright Codes?" Randy asked, breaking the silence between the two.

"I-yeah, I'm ok." Cody's voice was shaky and he still looked scared to death, but he seemed to be fine.

"I'm so sorry Cody," Randy said, wrapping his long arms around Cody's waist, being careful not to hurt his injured ribs. "I-…I tried to get to the dance floor and stop him, but there were too many fucking people. If-if I had gotten there earlier…" Randy trailed off, cursing himself for not reacting immediately when he saw Cody being hassled.

"What? No, Randy you stopped him; you have nothing to apologize for, I'm ok." Cody said, the fear leaving his voice as he calmed down.

Randy broke the embrace, looking down in Cody's beautiful blue eyes. His face was still flushed from earlier and the bruises around his throat were darkening into a deep purple, but Cody didn't seemed to be going into shock or anything. He pulled Cody into another hug, sighing at the feel of his young protégé's arms wrapping around his torso as he pulled him closer.

"…Ted was right." Cody sighed into Randy's ear, leaning his head against his shoulder.

"Who-what?" Randy said into Cody's hair, burying his face in his dark locks.

Cody smiled against Randy, "He was right- what he said earlier? I know you were listening."

"He was right?" Randy asked, pulling away from Cody, looking into his eyes. "You mean you-…"

Randy was silenced as Cody leaned up and pushed his lips against Randy's. Cody deepened the kiss, reaching up and wrapping his arms around Randy's neck. Randy kissed back passionately, the shock of Cody's bold move wearing off as he slid his tongue across Cody's soft lips, begging for entrance. Cody happily obliged, and their tongues wrestled in each others mouths, dueling for dominance. Cody pushed up Randy's shirt, still continuing the kiss, and grabbed at his abs, rubbing his hands up and down the planes of his stomach. Randy kissed a line down Cody's face, stopping at his bottom lip and gently tugged at it with his teeth. Cody pushed tighter against Randy, a small moan escaping his lips as their now very erect members ground against each other.

"Cody…wa-wait." Randy panted, pulling apart from Cody. "Hang on, are y-you sure you wanna do this? You were almost raped, and I'm pretty sure you're still drunk; I can't take advantage of you like that."

"Oh, don't worry I've never been more aware of what I want then right now. And I- want- you-…" Cody moaned, punctuating each word with a thrust of his hips, rubbing against Randy's cock.

"Oh fuck…Cody you don't know what you're doing to me." Randy moaned, kissing Cody roughly.

"Come on" Cody pulled away, getting a whine from Randy, "Let's go and we can continue this in your hotel room."

"Fuck yeah. Besides we should probably make sure that this asshole is still alive." Randy said, with a nod of his head towards the man laying in a heap on the floor, still passed out cold.

"…Yeah, I guess…" Cody said, although he didn't seem to care one way or the other about the man crumpled on the floor.

"Come on," Randy murmured, leaning down and placing a chaste kiss against Cody's lips, "I'll go tell the bar manager about this guy, and you can go tell Ted we're gonna leave."

"Ok," Cody said, pulling away from Randy and heading towards the door.

"And Cody…?" Randy said, causing Cody to turn back around, "tell him 'thanks'."

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