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"Ted, Randy and I are leaving-do you…uhh…want a ride?"

"Code, I'm a bit busy at the moment!"

Cody looked away, poignantly not staring in awe at the scene before him. After Randy had passed along the news that the bar manager was calling the police on the drunken asshole who had attacked him earlier, he'd been off to search for Ted who had suspiciously disappeared during the entire event. Cody just figured he had gone and ordered another round of shots or something, (Ted liked his Bacardi…a lot) but imagine his surprise when he stumbled into the VIP section and found Ted very passionately making out with, of all people John Cena; well he hadn't seen that one coming.

"Yeah, I can see that…." Cody sighed, looking downward to the floor, still not locking eyes with Ted or John. "I get that you're…busy," Cody said the word with difficulty, seeing as how John had taken the fact that Cody had decided to speak again as an invitation to start sucking on Ted's face. "But I need an answer-you coming or what?"

"I…think…I'll….hmmm…ride with…John." Ted moaned, kissing John during each pause. "Go ahead…I'll…John stop! See you guys… tomorrow…" Cody turned back towards the exit, getting out of there before Cena started getting all handsy with his tag-team partner; that was one thing he did not need to see, not if he wanted to continue his night with Randy without getting nauseated.

Cody smiled to himself as he made his way towards the entrance of the club. He definitely planned on continuing with Randy where they left off in the bathroom; he only wished the drive there wouldn't take very long, which he knew it would. Oh Well, Cody thought as he pushed open the heavy doors and walked toward where Randy was parked, there are other ways to have fun while still in a car… Cody plopped in the passenger seat, still with a bit of a cheeky grin on his face, and looked up at Randy who was observing him with an amused expression.

"What?" Cody asked, as he turned away, adjusting his seat for…future purposes.

"Why are you grinning like an idiot?" Randy asked as they pulled away from the curb, absent-mindedly popping in an 'Our Lady Peace' CD for Cody. "You got something you wanna tell me Mr. Runnels?"

"No." Cody said looking away from Randy and out the window; he'd never been a great liar, and the blush creeping up his face didn't help much.

"Yes you do. Come on, tell me." Randy merged into the turning lane, getting on the interstate.

Well now seemed like a good a time as any-it was late so there weren't many other cars, plus Randy's rental had tinted windows. He just hoped he was still good at doing this-Cody'd been in a bit of a dry spell lately.

"All right, fine." Cody said, unbuckling his seat belt and shutting off the music. "I made a decision a little earlier that I should give you a present…ya know, for saving me and all."

"Ok…" Randy said, a bit unaware of the sultry tone in Cody's voice since his focus was on the road. "Then what's my present? Ooh, did you guys' buy me another car?"

"Well…not exactly." Cody adjusted himself, leaning forward towards Randy.

"Then what?"

"Well…" Cody closed the rest of the gap between them and peppered Randy with kisses across his face.

"Coddles. Driving here." Randy said, trying to maneuver Cody out of his line of vision, as he pushed up his shirt and kissed down his abs. "What are you doing?"

"God Randy, you're so dense sometimes. I'm attempting to give you a blow job here."

"What?!" Randy reacted so quickly he almost swerved off the road.

"Yeah, so do me a favor and undo your seatbelt."

Randy reacted immediately, unbuckling his seatbelt to help Cody get better access. Cody took the opportunity and continued where he left off, making a path of sloppy wet kisses from Randy's abs to his desired target.

"Glad to see that the effects from the bathroom haven't totally worn off yet." Cody said, undoing Randy's belt buckle with a devious smirk as his hand brushed across his semi-hard member. "That'll make this a lot easier."

Randy shivered at the touch, tightening his grip on the steering wheel as Cody began working on the button to his jeans.

"Come ere' " Cody sighed, taking Randy's face with his hands. He looked towards the road, making sure Randy wasn't about to crash considering his attention was directed elsewhere, and turned his face towards him, smashing his lips with Randy's. Their earlier kiss was soft and passionate, as a first kiss should be, but this was hot and lustful. All the feelings from before came rushing back to Cody immediately, making him deepen the kiss with fervor, as he pushed up his shirt with his hands and let his hands roam across Randy's abs. Being in the car made everything a bit difficult, but Cody seemed to manage well. Breaking the kiss with Randy, he made his way downward, repeating the ministrations from earlier. Cody readjusted himself, returning to his previous position, and continued unzipping Randy's pants now that he was a bit more excited. He looked up at Randy, grinning as he saw Randy looking back and forth from the road down to Cody in almost a comical fashion. He smiled up at Randy, as he began to remove Randy's now thoroughly hard member from its confines. He leaned in closer, letting his hot breath wash over Randy's cock, pleased with the moan that escaped him. He let his tongue dart out, flicking it across Randy's slit, tasting the salty-sweet precum already escaping.

"Fuck…Cody, you gotta stop teasing." Randy moaned, leaning his head against the head rest, peaking glimpses at the road and down at Cody.

Cody lapped up more of Randy's precum, "All right then." Cody maneuvered his head around, taking in Randy's entire member, pleased at the obvious gasp Randy gave. Randy moaned at the feel of Cody's mouth on him, working up and down his shaft, bobbing his head, despite the awkward angle. He backed off a bit, sucking just the head, sliding his tongue across the tip.

Randy groaned and bucked his hips, lifting himself halfway off his seat, as he sent more of himself down Cody's throat. Randy attempted to control his thrusting, but Cody waved it off, simply opening his mouth wider and relaxing the muscles in his throat. Randy took one hand off the wheel, intertwining it in Cody's dark locks, encouraging Cody to take more of him. Cody moaned in response, loving the feeling of Randy's hands on him. Randy gasped, slamming his head back on the head rest in reaction to the vibrations shooting up his body. Cody eased up a bit, moving to suckle Randy's head with his abused lips, rather than continuing to deep throat Randy. He moved his one of his hands from behind him to cradle one randy's balls, popping the left into his mouth, then the right, as he continued to work Randy's shaft with his hand. Cody felt his balls tightening in his mouth and new that Randy wasn't going to last much longer if he kept this up. He moved back to put his mouth on Randy's cock, and moved his tongue in circles across Randy's head.

"Codes…I'm gonna…going to…" Randy groaned, to give Cody a bit of warning. But Cody just kept going, relentlessly continuing to suck Randy until he let out an animalistic growl, shooting his seed down Cody's throat.

Cody took it all, swallowing up every bit of cum with a pleased little smile on his face.

He leaned up rather abruptly, moving to kiss Randy's lips roughly. Randy, despite barely coming down from an intense post-orgasmic haze, kissed back fiercely, tasting himself on Cody's lips.

Cody broke the kiss and moved away from Randy, leaning back in his seat with a smug smile across his smile. Randy was returning to normal, leaning back in his seat, mirroring Cody.

"Wait a minute," Cody said, taking in his surroundings. "When did we stop?"

Randy chuckled at Cody's attention to detail. "A while ago actually. Do you seriously think that I focus on the road with that mouth of yours all over me?"

"Oh. Well, maybe in retrospect it wasn't very good to blow you while we were driving on the interstate. But to be fair, you did deserve it." Cody said, as randy pulled off the shoulder, smiling.

"Well Cody, amazing present or not, I still would've saved you from that asshole. I would never let anything happen to you." Randy said, sneaking glances at Cody. "You mean entirely too much to me."

"…You too." Cody said quietly, truly touched by Randy's statements. "Randy look- I…" Cody huffed, trying to make the words in his head come out a bit more eloquently. "Ok. I don't know if you're looking for a relationship long-term or not." He began, rushing his words before Randy could stop him. "But I am, and I just wanna let you know that I really do feel all those things we talked about earlier...and I didn't wanna bring it up, but I know how long your relationships last and I'm just a little worried that after a while you'll-ya know-get bored or something. And I just don't wanna be some quick fuck who...why are you staring at me?

Randy smiled as they pulled up to the hotel, putting the car in park. "Cody believe me, I feel the exact same way. I honestly don't think I could leave you even if I wanted to. I mean I know that I just found out about all of this stuff, but it makes since now, ya know? And- not to sound all corny and everything Codes- but I think maybe I ended all of those relationships because it wasn't you I was with. I think I always knew it- that I had feelings for you, I mean. Sometimes the way you acted in the ring would just…God, you do not wanna know some of the thoughts I had back when you wore those little blue trunks in the ring." Randy said, looking over at Cody, who was still a bit shocked at all of Randy's revelations.

"Well…" Cody said, opening the door and shaking off his shock. "We were supposed to continue where we left off in the bathroom. Maybe I do want to know."

Cody began walking toward the entrance to the hotel, leaving behind a now stunned Randy Orton.

"You comin' or not?" He shouted over his shoulder, pleased when he heard Randy's door slam shut as began running after him.


Randy removed his lips from Cody, gazing down at the beauty in front of him. He began removing Cody's shirt, peppering his well toned abs with kisses as it went. After practically running through the lobby, and a steamy make out session in the elevator, Cody now found himself pressed up against the wall of Randy's hotel room.

Cody kissed back, slipping his tongue into Randy's mouth. They broke the kiss for a moment, taking the time to remove Randy's shirt and pants. Cody moaned, taking in the sight of a half-naked Randy Orton. He lunged forward, planting kisses and small bites across his neck and torso. He snaked his hand from its spot at Randy's waist, and moved it into his boxers, grabbing a hold of his fully erect member. Randy gasped at the touch, and crushed his lips against Cody's, ferociously attacking them.

"Bed?" Cody whispered into Randy's ear, moving his hand slowly across his shaft.

"Yeah." Randy growled in reply, steering Cody towards the bed. He finished removing Cody's clothes, rushing to get them off as he pulled him into another kiss. He removed his boxers, groaning at the feel of his painfully hard cock being released from its confines. Cody bit his bottom lip lustfully, staring at the beautiful man in front of him. He tore his eyes away from Randy's sculpted body and to the bed. He strutted over to the bed, and sat on the edge, silently inviting Randy in.

Randy walked over to Cody slowly, almost teasingly, and pushed himself onto Cody, forcing them back onto the bed. He attacked Cody's lips again roughly, making a trail of kisses down his body leaving small marks on the smooth tan skin. He began moving downwards, stopping suddenly as their cocks ground together, eliciting a moan from both. He continued his path, pulling down Cody's boxers as he went. He slowly made his way to Cody's cock, placing kisses across his hiplines and waist.

"God! And you called me a tease!" Cody moaned, looking down at Randy.

"Patience Coddles." Randy said, making his way to Cody's cock, now steadily dripping with precum.

Randy placed a kiss on the head before taking in his entire member. Cody gasped, shocked at the feeling of Randy's very talented mouth working up and down his shaft. He grabbed Randy's head, rubbing his fingers through his short hair. Randy picked up on the silent encouragement, swirling his tongue across Cody's head, drawing out slutty moans from his young lover in response. He opened his mouth wider, gradually engulfing Cody's member down his throat. Cody panted, beginning to feel the all too familiar coil begin to unwind in his abdomen.

"Randy…stop-you gotta stop…I'm gonna…" Cody stuttered, unable to get any coherent sentences out. Randy stopped, rather suddenly, releasing Cody's cock with a wet pop.

He looked up at Cody, pupils blown with lust, and captured his lips with a fierce kiss as he quickly thrust one of his fingers into Cody. Cody gasped into the kiss, surprised at the sudden intrusion. Randy continued, plunging his finger in out of his lover.

Cody moaned as Randy slipped in another finger, making him looser for Randy's thick member.

"God, Randy…you have really…really gotta…Oh, fuck Randy right there!"

Cody moaned as Randy's fingers brushed up against his sweet spot, the pain morphing into an intense wave of pleasure. Randy pulled his fingers out, jabbing his prostate again with precision. He was surprised at the sounds coming out of Cody from above him. He had never pictured Cody as a screamer, but Cody's lustful moans and whimpers were soundly convincing him otherwise.

"Randy…" Cody sighed, causing Randy to look up from his work. "Please…I need you… Now!"

The sight of Cody sprawled across the bed, so wantonly begging for Randy inside of him was just too much, and with a growl of anticipation Randy rammed himself into Cody. Cody cried out, throwing his head back, as he was filled to the hilt by his older lover.

Randy stayed where he was, reveling in the feel of Cody's inner walls wrapped so tightly around his cock.

"Fuckin move Randy!" Cody panted, "You're killing me here!"

Randy followed Cody's demand, slowly thrusting in and out of him. He didn't want to go too fast; he wanted to savor every feeling and emotion running through him, putting to memory the feel of Cody beneath him, writhing in pleasure.

But he couldn't hold it any longer; he began plunging into Cody with more force gaining speed as his need and lust for Cody got to be too much.

Cody reached up towards Randy, stealing a quick kiss, as Randy pressed tighter against him causing a change in angle. Cody cried out, bucking his hips up to meet each of Randy's thrust, as Randy's impressive length struck his prostate. He grabbed up at Randy, digging his fingers into his shoulders leaving little red marks across the tan skin. Randy growled at the feeling of his lover's nails clawing at him, the roughness turning him on even more.

"Rand…I'm…I don't think I can last…" Cody moaned, his eyelids fluttering closed at the deep pulling that he knew would end the passionate coupling.

"Do it baby. Cum for me." Randy whispered into his ear, taking Cody's neglected member into his hand. He stroked Cody in time with his powerful thrusts, attempting to coerce the orgasm from deep within Cody.

He cried out, letting out a string of expletives as he came into Randy's hand and across his stomach. The clenching of Cody around him was too much, and Randy growled, frantically drilling into Cody's tight heat with every drop of power he possessed. His eyes rolled in the back of his head as his orgasm rippled through his body leaving behind a wave of euphoric pleasure.

He collapsed on top of Cody, leaning up on his elbows to take some of the pressure off of his young lover. He pulled out of Cody, a small whimper coming from him at the loss of Randy inside of him.

Randy shifted next to Cody, leaning back against the headboard as Cody nestled closer against him, burying his head in the crook of Randy's neck.

"God that was…wow." Cody sighed, placing chaste kisses across Randy's collar bone.

Randy grunted in response, running his fingers through Cody's dark hair. He reached down beside the bed, picking up his forgotten T-shirt and began wiping the cum from Cody's abs. Cody looked up at him, lust now sated, and kissed Randy, as he slipped into a deep sleep, a content smile on his face.


Cody opened his eyes, lids fluttering, and took in the scene around him. The room was a total mess, their clothes scattered all across the floor, some furniture moved out of its alignment with Cody and Randy's frantic movements throughout the room last night. Cody looked up at Randy, who was still asleep, snoring softly, the pink light from the windows settling on his face. Cody sighed, smiling up at him, loving the peaceful look across his face.

"Randy!" Yelled a voice, as they burst through the door to the hotel room and moved throughout the suite, heading towards the bedroom. "I got LAID!"

Cody winced at the loud noise, burying his head under the covers. Randy awoke with a start, setting up so quickly he hit his head on the headboard.

"…Ted…" Randy growled, rubbing the sore spot on his head.

"HEY!" Ted screamed, running into the room. "Did you hear me? I went home last night with John and we…"

Ted took in the sight before him, mouth open in shock. Randy and Cody looked up at him both wearing identical smirks.

"Umm…apparently you…guys…did…too." Ted said incredulous, literally scratching his head.

"Yup." Randy laughed, slipping on some clothes as he moved into the bathroom. "Thanks for the drunken rambling Ted; it was the best thing that ever happened to me."

"Wow," Ted said the shocked look still on his face as Cody followed behind Randy. His expression switched from incredulity to amusement.

"Ha. I knew I was right."

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