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Prompt #2: An unwanted phone call

Disclaimer: If I owned Kamen Rider, W would have gotten another episode for the finale.

A day in the Narumi Detective Agency was normally anything but quiet. Today wasn't an exception, either. Though there wasn't any ongoing banters between the lead detective and his chief, Philip still couldn't concentrate.

"Can someone please pick up the phone?" He moaned as the black rotary dial phone rang. He may have been hiding in the back room as usual, but the sound was shrill enough to penetrate through the wooden door and echo throughout the room. Unfortunately, no one else was in the office at the moment, so the researcher finally gave in and exited the back room to answer the phone himself.

"Hello, this is the Narumi Det-"

"Good morning, sir," the person on the other end spoke in perfect English.

'Morning?' He thought. Glancing out of the window, he saw the Sun high up in the sky, which suggested an estimated local time of... 2:00pm in the afternoon. He shrugged the strange statement off as human error and waited for the person to continue.

"I am calling on the behalf of Sunhub to do a survery. May I request that you spare a few minutes to take the survey?"

"Erm, sure." Philip mentally switched his spoken language to English. Whatever 'Sunhub' was, he was sure it wouldn't hurt to do a survey. He shut his eyes to perform a lookup, whist still holding the phone receiver to his ear.

"May I have your name, sir?"


"Are you using any of our services?"

"Services? I don't think so."

"Are you interested in using any of our services?"

Philip quickly looked up the services by Sunhub. Broadband and phone lines... "They seem compelling."

"May I have your address and contact number?"

Philip gave the requested information, before the person hung up with a quick "Thank you". He stared at the black receiver, before setting it down and continuing his research on this 'Sunhub'.

"Sunhub... a telecommunications company?"

A few days later, the phone rang again.

"At last, a case!" Shoutarou hurriedly picked up the phone, wanting to end the drought of jobs. "This is the Narumi Detective Agency. How may I help you?"

A moment's silence was heard, Akiko hovering nearby in anxiety. Eventually, Shoutarou's expression grew sour. "Wrong number!" He barked into the receiver, before slamming it down.

"PHILIP!" The detective shouted for his partner, who emerged from the back room.

"What is it, Shoutarou?"

"Did you give our information to some telecom company?"

The clueless teenager nodded. "A man called 3 days ago from Sunhub..."

"AH MOU! Now we'll be getting these calls" Shoutarou groaned. "Listen Philip, I'm going to request a block on this foreign number to the agency phone. Until then, don't answer the phone!"

Philip nodded, still unaware of what he had done.

This quickly changed, however, when the phone rang again after Shoutarou had left for their phone service provider's customer service office.

"Shoutarou told me not to answer the phone, but I can't concentrate on my research!" He tried to drown out the ringing noise by turning on the radio, but it didn't work. He simply tried to ignore the sound by focusing solely on his research, to varying degrees of success.

This went on for about an hour, before the phone finally fell silent for more than 5 minutes. Instead, another ringtone - his StagPhone's - sounded. Throughly frustrated, he punched the 'answer' button and shouted "WHAT!"

"Oi Philip, what was that for!" An annoyed Shoutarou shouted back.

"Oh, Shoutarou. I'm sorry, it's just that the agency phone's been ringing for a long time and I haven't been able to do anything productive..."

"It's alright, Philip. The ban's in place now, so the phone shouldn't ring. But next time, if anyone asks you to do a survey through the phone, ignore them!"

After a quick apology, Philip hung up. Not too long after though, the agency phone rang for what could have been the eleventh time that hour. Philip marched out of the back room and answered the phone irritatedly.

"Narumi Detective Agency. If this is another survey, please hang up."