Thank you for all the reviews : ) I know Fang and Vanille aren't sisters. Just watching their interaction in the game shows otherwise. But I went with it because it fits in with the storyline I'm going for. Maybe somewhere down the line I'll write a Fang/Vanille fic and see how it goes.

The Pain

Chapter 3

"Why can't you just admit that you lost?" I stopped mid-stride to look at Fang. She had been pressing the subject ever since the battle the night prior.

"You caught me off guard, that's all."

"She kicked your ass didn't she sis?" My eyes narrowed to tiny slits as I glared at him. Snow knew just what would bother me. Attacking my dignity was the button he had become quite fond of ever since Serah brought him home to meet me.

"I'm not your sister. How many times do I have to tell you that?"

"For a stern soldier, you sure do show a lot of emotion." She smirked. It was a different kind of smirk. I knew exactly what she was taking a stab at. She saw me at my weakest.

"Can we take a break, my feet hurt!" I turned to see the two youngest take a seat on the rocks. I knew I'd be outnumbered.

"I'm with Vanille. We've been walking for hours." Sazh joined the pair on the rocks.

Sometimes I forgot how old he was and how young Hope and Vanille really were. "I'm going to look around." I forced myself not to look at Fang before walking through some shrubbery to explore the area.

Not only did I want to check for dangers, I also wanted some time alone. What if they hadn't come looking for us? What would have happened? The longer I walked the more I replayed it in my mind. Over and over again. I don't understand how it's possible for one person to move so fast.

I pulled my blade out and aimed for a large tree. In my mind I placed Fang's face on that tree trunk as I began slashing and hacking away at its bark. Slowly but surely my hits became softer and weaker. They also started slowing down.

"And what, might I ask, did that tree ever do to you?"

I sat down on the ground and leaned my back against the damaged tree trunk. "Following me now?"

"You tend to draw trouble." She chuckled lightly as she sat in front of me on the ground.

"And your point? I left because I wanted to be alone."

"No you didn't." I looked up into those green eyes. The same green eyes I once hated are now the green eyes that melted all of my walls. I quickly looked away. "What is your problem anyway?"

"You!" I stood up and started walking away from her. A few feet away though, I stopped and looked back at her. "You're my problem. Before I met you I thought I had everything figured out. Everything was going just fine in my life. I was following through with my focus. Then you came in…" I looked down at the ground. "You make me question everything Fang."

"Well now, I wasn't exactly expecting that." She rose to her feet and closed the gap between us.

My heart rate started to speed up. "What would have happened last night?" I looked deep into her eyes, she was within arm's reach of me now.

"What do you mean?" Her arms folded over her chest. I've learned from watching her, it's a nervous habit of hers.

"You know what I mean Fang…I dropped my guard last night. The minute you touched me all my defenses failed. And you knew it."

"Hmm." Fang smiled, a full smile, not just a smirk. "I knew there was a heart under that stone cold exterior of yours."

"Everybody has a heart. I just choose not to wear it on my sleeve." I couldn't stand being that close to her anymore. I turned to walk away.

She grabbed my wrist and spun me around to face her. I had no chance to fight before her lips crashed against mine. My body tensed. My senses screamed. My mind begged me to pull away. Yet my heart egged me on. I relaxed into the kiss. It took a moment but I did. My head tilted to the side, eyes falling shut. Arms moved up to wrap loosely around her neck. Her lips were so soft. Gentle and soft, just as I imagined them to be.

"That's…what would have happened last night." A cold chill ran down my spine as she spoke. The words were barely above a whisper.

The only response I could muster up was to push her against the tree and kiss her again. It was harder and deeper then the first one. She made no attempt to push me away. Our mouths fell open in unison and our tongues met in the middle. The only noise that could be heard was a moan. I was so caught up in her taste that I didn't know if it was my moan or her moan. I didn't care. All of my apprehensions were pushed aside at that moment in time.

Thank you Fang. I smiled at her as we broke apart. We didn't say a word aloud, nothing was needed. Thank you Fang, for putting an end to my fears. Thank you Fang, for putting an end to the pain that I felt.

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