The New Mercer

Rated M For : Rape,Sex,Language,Shootings,Violence,and Drugs.

Before Evelyn Mercer was murdered,she met up with a girl who was struggling to find a home for a fucked up child,Evelyn decided she would help this child,now she is dead, and Bobby,Jerry,Angel and Jack our left with the new Mercer and avenging their mother's death.

Pairings:Bobby/Danny and Jerry/Camile and Angel/La Vida Loca.

AU: Takes Place After Funeral on Friday,when the Mercers our eating Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday . And Jack Does not DIE in this fic.



"Jack,answer it."

"Angel,answer it."

"Jerry,answer it."


"Before you even say that,I'll do it."

Bobby got up from his place and wiped his hands,and went to go answer the door. He opened and he was immediately greeted by Detective Green. "Hay Bobby,how ya been?" Bobby accepted the man hug and he escorted to where Bobby's brothers were eating their dinner, Bobby returned to his seat and continued his meal. "Want food Green?" Angel asked.

"Nope,I'm good."Green said."So why are you here Green?" Jerry asked.

"Just to read the note that was found in your mother's safety deposit box." Green said. All the Mercers looked from their meals and Green pulled out the White paper from his jacket pocket and unfolded it.

Dear Boys,

I am writing this note for the good of you boys and her,

I know that something is going to happen tonight and it's going to be bad,

So I have to scribble this down,

3 Weeks ago I had accepted a new Mercer. I Know it's on short notice but please take of her,

Her name is Danny Nero Mercer and she is 17 yrs old, she is 5'5 and she has jet black long hair

with blue streaks,she has several tattoos,she has come to me from violent homes, and boys,

she is just like all four of you mixed into a girl,she has youngness still in her like little Jack,

she has the sarcasm like Angel,she has the appetite in her like Jerry and she has the attitude

like Bobby. Boys,I Hope you take car of her and treat her like she is your own child.


Evelyn Mercer.

Green placed the note on the table and Jack quickly got it and he looked over at it."She's in my car waiting,would you guys like to meet her?". The Mercers looked up and they nodded their heads. Green pulled out his walkie-talkie and spoke in it,"Bring her in,and don't for get to bring her in with the keys.","Okay,over." The boys got up and went over the door and Green opened it and there was a girl and guy fightning over about something,it looked like the girl wanted to punch him but she couldn't because she was handcuffed, Green's partner escorted her with her bags and hockey skates and stuff up to the porch. "Give me the keys." Green ordered,the cop gave the keys and Green unhooked the cuffs from her wrists.

"Dumbass,why don't you tell your shitty partner he needs a dick in his life instead of trying to hit on me okay?" The girl said to Green. Jack turned to Bobby,"Oh yeah,she does have your 'don't fuck with me' attitude." Green handed Danny's file to Bobby and Danny got her stuff and went inside the house.

"She's going to be attending Cass Technical High School as a Junior next sememster in Janurary,her birthday is September 5th,and all the rest is in the file." Green said.

"Is she a smartmouth Green?" Jerry asked.

"Well,she's been with me for 3 hours and yes she is a talented smart-mouth."Green said.

"Does she smoke?"Jack asked."I tell you boys,all her facts are in the file."

Green said his goodbyes to the boys and left,The boys went inside to find Danny in the kitchen doing something on the counter. Confused,the guys went over to where she was,her back face towards them,she failed to noticed them.

"Hay.....Danny?" Bobby moved in to touch her and in a quick flashed she turned and whipped out her own baby,her SMK G2000 BB Repeater Air Pistol,"Don't fucking sneak up on me like that or I put a bulllet in your pretty fucking face boy." She put her gun in her pocket,what she was wearing was some black baggy jeans with some checkered vans and she had on a tight black shirt and she had one tattoo that was visible,it was her named on her wrist, Ma said she had several,probaly on her back,Bobby thought.

"Dang,what the fuck is your problem bitch?" Bobby asked.

"I Got no problem dumb ass." Danny said and she left the kitchen,the guys followed her and she was now in the living room opening up her bag and taking out her hockey skates.

"You play hockey?" Jack asked. "What's it to you Blondie?","Bobby here plays a little hockey,known as the Michigan Mauler." Jack gave Bobby a look. Bobby smirked "What kind rules do you play whore?" Bobby asked.

"I Don't go by the rules asshole,I just play extreme hardcore hockey." Danny picked up her put and tossed it up in the air and caught it."Wanna play?"

Bobby,Jack,Angel,Jerry said "Yeah."

The sound of ice skates scratching the ice,cuss words of better play was being shared,Danny started skating as fast as she could,Jack and Bobby were sharing the put and looking for a goal,once Danny caught up with them she pushed Jack to the floor and she pushed Bobby down with her shoulder,all of the boys freaked,nobody ever pushed down the Michigan Mauler,especially not a girl. Danny turned the put around and flicked the put with her stick and made a perfect goal.

Danny skated over to where Bobby layed down on the ice.

"How many games have you been kicked out of?"She asked with a smirk.

"60."Bobby answered and in confusion when she laughed a little evil.

"Funny.....I've been kicked out of almost a hundred."

She laughed again when Bobby's mouth fell in a gape.

"Now,I want to see the REAL Michigan Mauler play dirty."

"Bitch....are you ready to meet your maker?"Bobby asked.

"I've been ready,Bobby." Danny answered.

"Do you and Danny need a tissue or bandages?"

Danny and Bobby shared the exact same amount of wounds. Three scratches on their foreheads,red cheeks,one gash on the neck."Nope,I'm good."Danny said,"Same here."Bobby said,"Well,I must continue. I Am truly sorry about what happened to your mother,only meeting her one time....she made quite an impression,I know it's difficult to deal wiTh financial matters while your heart still greaves for a loved one-"

"How much do we get?"Jack asked and earned a slap upside the head from Danny and Bobby. The older man fidgeted but got up and went to get the remains of the box Evelyn had deposited,"Dude what the fuck?"Danny said."Jack what's wrong with you?" Bobby said taking the papers from Jack.

The man came back with box."This is the remaining contents of your mother's safety deposit box," He set down the box."I'll leave you to look through it."The man said and he walked out of the room. Bobby got the box and opened it,he passed some papers to Jack and Jack passed some papers to Jerry."Birth certificate."Bobby said and he passed it to Jerry.

"Do I got any papers in there?"Angel asked,and Bobby nodded a 'no'."You got papers?"Angel asked Bobby,again the answer was 'no'. Bobby looked through what was left,"Here we go."Bobby said as he found a couple of bills. He counted them,twelve-hundred. He gave three to Angel,three to Jerry,three to Danny and three to himself."What about me?"Jack asked. Bobby looked down and spotted something,"Here have a little jewelery." He said and they started out putting on their jackets."Your serious?" Jack asked."Stop whining."Bobby said.

"C'mon guys,I want to show ya'll something"Jerry said.

"This is it."Jerry's voice echoed through the room,"So this is your dream Jerry?"Jack asked."Oh yeah."Jerry answered."There's alot of space in here,what are you going to do build some automobiles?"Jack asked. "No,Luxury Lofts,Urban Sufistacation is what I'm talking about." The Mercers were walking in what looked like a abandoned garage,which was really a empty werehouse.

"This whole first floor here is going to offices and store-fronts,'gonna put stain glass windows here."

They stopped at the end and Jack walked away from the group to do his buisness on something,and Danny took out black fat sharpie and started drawing on stuff.

"You got insurance,?


"We could burn this bitch down- "Bobby started to say but Jerry interupted.

"No,we ain't burning shit down,you always 'wanna destroy something."Jerry said."Look at your little brother and sister,man."Bobby said.

"JACK! DANNY!" Jerry yelled. "Sorry,is this the master suite?"The brothers shared a laugh."Hay,Danny you okay?"Angel asked,the 17 year old had not turned around from her drawing.

"What?"Danny asked,she turned and faced her new step-brothers."Oh,my bad Jerry."She put the cap on the sharpie and stuck it back in her pocket,the Mercers walked around a little more.

"This shit all gives a term,the 'Motor City' breakdown a whole new meaning, the hell you going to pay for all this?"Bobby asked.

"Goverment re-development loan,easy to qualify,low-interest rates,yall stick around,might give yall asses a job."Jerry answered. Angel just started laughing out of nowhere. Jack and Bobby took a swig of their beers and turned,Angel muttered something and shook it off. Bobby took a last swig of his beer and chunked it."Let's go get ourselves a real drink."