Chapter 6.

Monday 11:57 AM.

Bobby was getting his dog bite patched up from Sofi,Danny had already gotten her dog bites patched up and her wound on her head was just a medium sized cut and it was located were her right temple was. Sofi put some liquid medicine on a cotton ball and touched Bobby' bite, Bobby let out a loud pain noise,"Suchh a pussy Bobby.."She said,"Give it a break will you?"He said."Should be against the law for dogs bite you.." she muttered,"AY' 'yo police in the house!"Angel warned."Get me something to cover my arm.."Bobby oreded Sofi,"Hurry up...Danny put the guns under the sofa..."Danny nodded and quickly put her,Angel's and Bobby's guns under the sofa,she grabbed a blanket to cover her legs and she rested the right side of her head on a plush pillow on the sofa,Sofi bought a pink desinghed robe for Bobby and put it on him,Bobby groaned at the color and quickly went to the living room and relaxed on the sofa with Danny and put his feet up on the table.

"Angel...may we come in?"Green said even though him and Fowler were already in the kitchen."Y'all already in,Cops are always welcome at the Mercers,makes us feel safe and cozy,just the way we like it..."Angel said,"Woooh' ain't you sexy..."Green said taking the note on Bobby's robe,Bobby stood up and walked over to where Green and Fowler were.

"Thank you...Jackie wanted this little number for himself but I boned him for it..."Bobby joked,Green noticed the blood coming from Bobby's hand and running down his fingers."Did you happen to forget our little conversation we had at your brothers house about not interfering with our with our investigation?"Green asked."Oh no no no,turkey cuttin'...,hockey...a little Mercer family tradition...'Member that don't you Green?You played hockey..boys could be pretty rough out on that ice...especially Danny,she could knock you down with a push of that fucking hard ass shoulder of hers and you'll go down as a rock...I know...she did it on me.."Bobby said and smiled. Danny gave a weak smile too,"Where's your car,Bobby?It's not outside.."Green said and Bobby fidgeted and then Sofi spoke,"We left it at Jeremiah's...","Yeah..Jerry drove us home,you know Volvo's are one of the safest cars out there,Volvo's are incredible man when it's a blizzard out there,"Angel said but Fowler interrupted."Fascinating...ay' Gretzky you know what this?"Fowler asked and held up a small plastic bag which contains a piece of hair."Hair from you wife's tit?"Bobby asked hinting a tiny bit of sarcasm."Try it from your thick skull,forensics's took it off a pair of contract killers we found dead this morning.."Fowler said and Bobby flashed a quick smile."Fishing for a confession with a fony hair huh'? That's a old one boys..C'mon Green..."Bobby said and he went to go sit back on the couch and put his feet on the table.

"You know when I know you got my hair off a dead body right? When I hear the jailhouse doors close behind me girls.."Bobby said."Ok and you tell me what they told think that these thugs were hired to kill Evelyn is that it?"Green asked. "No idea what you talking about man.."Bobby asked and Angel spoke up."Green how do you go from pettie contract killer...and if they were professional shooters like you said..they would've never told us who were they were walking for anyway...even if they got one hell of and ass woopin'" he said and Fowler chuckled,"You think your pretty cute don't 'ya? you do and everybody's a smart guy till' I bust them in the mouth.."Fowler said and he walked over to Angel and Angel stood up,already ready to beat Fowler to a bloody pulp. Green got in between them,"Hold on this ain't what I'm here for..Stop!...Look Bobby if you got something you give it to me and if it's something vitle we will run with this..but don't try to take over Detroit by your damn self..keep knocking on the devil's door long enough and sooner of later someone 'gonna answer you.."Green said and Bobby nodded.

"Victor I swear I didn't know..."

"SHUT UP! I Want to know who killed the shooters now!"

"What bastard hired these guys?"Bobby asked,he,Danny and Angel were looking at the looking in the males Bobby and Angel killed license and wallets.

"That's Morene's brother right?"Bobby asked,"Yeah..."ANgel replied,"C'mon let's go take a look...",Bobby and Angel and Danny and Jack got up and was starting leave when Sofi blocked the doorway,Bobby,Danny and Jack groaned in frustration,"Now Sweetie...wasn't there a discussion about a dinner together,hm? 'Cuz I seem to remember me spending two hours kitchen.."She said,"Baby we got some important shit to deal with right now,Angel said,"She's so La Vida Loca.."Bobby said making a coo coo gesture,"Shut up Bobby,don;t start with that crap.."Sofi said,"Can y'all not argue?"Angel asked and he was ignored and Danny and Jack let out small giggles from the sidelines."You know what I want a girlfriend like you...",Sofi yelled something in something in spanish that Bobby couldn't understand,"Can we go?"Bobby asked,Sofi turned to Angel," said this time was different."She said and walked away with unshed tears in her eyes,Bobby put his hands to his heart and said,"I mommy,your breakin' meh' corazon'...chica."He said and Danny and Jack shared a laugh.

"She's getting real comfortable here huh? What are you doing? I thought you was a macho man,the tough guy,you know it's a shame to know that little Jackie and Danny are down to ride...Let's go Jackie & Danny! Say goodbye to y'all's big sister guys let's go!"Bobby said and Danny nodded her head and Jack just smiled and they both followed Bobby out to the car,"

"Y'all 'gonna leave me to?"Angel asked and Bobby put on his jacket and Danny put on her sweater and Jack decided not to waer a jacket,"Give me 15 minutes man,"Angel said,"She's addictive..."Jack said and closed the door behind them."Man...Sofi!"Angel yelled and went into the kicthen,he heard a loud vibrating sound,""He said and saw Sofi on top of the washer with her legs spread and he smiled,"Just like when we were sixteen..."Sofi said,"my favorite room in the house..."Angel said,"Are you ready to set it to speed?"

Awhile later.

*Little knocks*

"Uh ah...yeah..uhh.."Sofi moaned as Angel grind-ed into her,More louder knocks were heard and Angel and her turned when they heard the knocks,Sofi put on Angel's jacket and Angel put on his thermal and left her to go answer the door,he opened it,"Who are you?"Angel asked,"Uh hi..I'm with State Farm, I have a question or two about your mother's insurance policy?"He asked and Angel let the old guy in and the guy let him in and the guy put his briefcase on the coffee table,opened it and took out call cards,"It's inherit that I speak with Jeremiah Williams immediately,the check is being processed,but none the less some red flags have been raised.."He said and Angel accepted the card and asked,"Red flags?","Well it's an unusual high pay off for a simple life insurance...for the last two years the premium was payed via check from you brother's bank account,and when your brother's criminal record and your brother's bankruptCy it's our responsibilty to investigate.."He said,"So Jeremiah's broke.."Angel said,Sofi came into the room and got between them.

"Excuse me to interrupt,Angel can I ask you a question?"Sofi asked,"Yeah baby.."Angel said and Sofi held up two packs of condoms,"What the hell is this?"Sofi asked completely aware of what they are. Angel fidgited,"Those are breath mints baby give me one sec'.."Angel said and Sofi threw the condoms at his chest,"Angel who did you buy them for?"She asked,"Put the coo coo back in the clock baby I brought them in Vegas way before I even knew I was coming here..."Angel said,"Who are they for?"Sofi asked almost raising her voice,"For no one.."Angel replied. "I must be leaving..."The man said and started to get his things but Angel stopped him,"Please sir please..."Angel pleaded,"Baby look if we 'gonna talk let's talk out side.."Angel asked and Sofi pushed him,"Okay fine you 'wanna talk outside! Well fine we'' talk outside!"Sofi screeched and Angel followed her outside,once Sofi was in the other room,Angel locked her out,"PENDAJO!"She screeched banging her fists on the door.

"So how much did my brother give you?"Angel asked."A little more than four hundred thousand...".