So I've had this idea since "My Bloody Valentine," and I was being lazy about posting it, but since there's a new episode next Thursday, I realized I had to get on it. So here.


"That's not really him in there. Not really."

"I know."

"Dean, Sam just has to get it out of his system then he'll be-"

"Listen I just..I need to get some air."

Without a backward glance Dean walked up the stairs leaving Castiel alone in front of the locked door.

The angel felt a deep pang of…well, he wasn't sure. But it felt cold and empty, and he didn't like it. Then he heard Sam.

"Dean! Please! Cas! Help me please! Please!"

Castiel closed his eyes. When Dean was with him, he could almost bear to hear Sam's cries, but alone…it was much harder.

He steeled himself, repeating that it wasn't Sam in there. Once the screaming stopped Sam would be alright again, and they could put this horrible incident behind them. It worked for a while, and Castiel was able to bear the next bout of screams with minimal flinching. He could leave at anytime, he knew that, but something wouldn't let him.

An hour in the screaming stopped. The silence was unnerving. After five minutes had passed, Cas considered going upstairs to find Dean. He took a step towards the staircase when he heard a soft sound that he couldn't identify.

He listened.

The sound was coming from the locked room.

Cas pressed an ear to the door… and he heard softly "Dean…Cas….please….please…" That was it; Sam was crying.

Cas felt something inside him break and he realized he could not do this anymore.

In a flash he was gone. He reappeared inside the vault. Sam was lying spread eagle on a bed in the middle of the room, his face dripping with sweat and tears. Cas moved forward to sit on the edge of the bed. Sam jerked upright, backing away quickly. He looked at Cas with wide eyes and tainted with fear.

"Are you…are you real?"

Castiel nodded.

Still unsure, Sam slowly crawled forward, extended a hand and pressed it to Castiel's arm. He met solid resistance and breathed a sigh of relief. He sat next to the angel.

"What are you doing in here?"

Castiel regarded Sam before looking down at his hands, "You are my friend Sam. I do not like hearing you in pain."

Sam breathed a laugh, and nodded, "I suppose there's not much helping that." With a small gasp Sam doubled over in pain. Castiel immediately wrapped his arms him. Sam turned into his embrace, burying his face into the angels neck and gripping the trench coat tightly.

Castiel held Sam for hours, letting the young man cry and scream and writhe against him. When Sam shouted for Dean, Castiel would rock him gently. When he shouted for Castiel, the angel would whisper words of comfort.

Occasionally Sam was coherent; he didn't move from his position against Castiel, but they held quite conversations. Despite his pain, Sam was happy to find Castiel was quite knowledgeable in every subject he could think of.

As it got later Castiel gathered Sam against him and moved so they were lying down. Sam burrowed into Castiel's side and promptly passed out.

It was almost midnight when Castiel heard the bolts in the door slide back. He lifted his head and watched as Dean walked in.

Dean eyed them critically. "I was wondering where you went. Should I be jealous?"

Castiel cocked his head, and Dean smiled softly. "Move over."

Dean crawled onto the bed, wrapping his arms around Sam.

"How much longer do you think the detox will take?"

Castiel studied Sam carefully. "I believe tomorrow he will be passed this."


Dean shifted until he was comfortable, "Good night."