Title: Show Me What I'm Looking For

Summary: Harry wants to set up Ron and Hermione, and he enlists the help of Hogwarts' own matchmaking team extraordinaires, Draco and Pansy! Soon, however, sparks are flying elsewhere. What could this lead to? Hilarity, drama, unexpected friendships, and romance - of course! SLASH! HP/DM + RW/HG

Rating: T for now. If I decide to get smutty, which I probably will, it may go up. There will be language. If that upsets you, sorry!

Author's Note: This story does involve Drarry. If that bothers you at all, then just don't read. Don't flame me saying stuff like HARRY LUVS GINNY!11! EW GAYZZZ! because I've clearly warned you. Also, this falls in their sixth year. It's AU because it completely ignores HBP. If you hate AU stories, sorry! This is just for fun. :] Please read, enjoy, and review!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything.

Oh, and if it's in italics, then it's a thought of Harry's.

Now onto the story!

Everyone knew that Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger would make the perfect couple. Well, everyone except Ron and Hermione that is.

After many years of watching the two blush anytime they accidently touched each other, their constant bickering, or their shy glances when they thought no one was looking, Harry decided to pair them together. Sort of like a matchmaker.

However, since he had the most rotten luck when it came to love (or well, when it came to anything, for that matter), Harry concluded that after many failed attempts to set them up that he needed help. Real help. Real, professional help.

Which is why when Harry heard from Lavender and Parvati about P&M Matchmaking Company, he felt as though it was a sign from Merlin himself (even though he was quickly unsettled when he found up just what the P&M stood for).

And when he saw the matchmakers sitting in the library on Saturday afternoon, alone, Harry just couldn't help but feel as though things were falling into place.

He got up from his seat and walked over to Pansy Parkinson and Draco Malfoy. He noted to himself that Malfoy looked kind of adorable with his right eyebrow cocked up in that manner, but his thoughts were quickly interrupted by Pansy slamming her book down hard on the table.

"And what the fuck do YOU want, Potter?" She said, smugly.

Harry glared at her. Stupid bitch. "I've brought you a potential match for your little business, Parkinson, unless I should go elsewhere?"

Pansy immediately brightened up at the thought of prospective romance. Malfoy smirked next to her.

"And who exactly do you want us to match up, Potter?" The blond slowly drawled.

"Ron and Hermione."

"Ugh!" Pansy remarked in disgust while Malfoy frowned, his eyebrows knitted together. So cute… Wait… What the hell? "That Mudblood and the Mudblood lover?"

Malfoy glanced toward the girl as she said this and raised another cute eyebrow. Harry shook this thought out of his head.

"Well, Pansy, you just said it yourself. They obviously deserve each other," he said pointedly. She sighed in agreement.

"Alright, Potter," Pansy motioned for Harry to sit down across from them. Malfoy reached into his school bag and retrieved 2 quills and 2 pink notebooks, both with a big P&M emblem on the front. "Let's talk business." And with that, they both opened their notebooks to the middle. Harry raised both his eyebrows; he had no idea P&M Matchmaking Company was so popular.

"Erm… well," Harry cleared his throat, a little uncomfortable with the spotlight being put on him suddenly. "I've tried to get them together… you know, like dates to Hogsmeade and such, but I haven't the best luck, you see-" Here, Malfoy chuckled to himself. "- and so I figured you both could help me."

Pansy, with her head looking down, nodded quickly as she made tons of notes in her pink notebook, although Harry had definitely not said that much.

Malfoy smiled sweetly at Harry. "Well, Potter, you're in good hands." His ice grey eyes bore into Harry's emerald ones. Harry immediately felt his breath catch and heat rush to his cheeks. He could do nothing but stare back. What was Malfoy doing to him? Why couldn't break away from the silvery gaze…

Pansy cleared her throat very loudly and suddenly, causing Harry jumped out of his seat. He quickly looked at her and saw a playful smile dancing on her lips. Harry felt embarrassment creep onto his face.

Harry stood up quickly, not wanting to look at Malfoy again.

"Well, er, please do the best you can, and keep me updated," he stumbled out, mainly talking to Pansy. She was still smirking.

"Oh indeed, Potter, we will. We also may have more questions for you, so don't be shocked if we approach you in the corridors," and with that Pansy dismissed him as she went back to scribbling in her notebook.

Harry muttered an awkward 'okay' in her general direction, and glanced quickly at Malfoy, only to see that dulcet, mesmerizing smile still on his porcelain face. Harry felt his heart beat pulsate throughout his entire body, and he thought perhaps his heart would beat out of his chest.

He gave Malfoy a curt nod before he promptly turned on his heels and fled the scene.

Harry still felt Malfoy's gaze on his back as he made his way to the library exit. He practically broke out into a sprint, because right then, he wanted to get out of there as fucking fast as he could.

It felt like eternity before he finally made his way back to the practically empty Gryffindor common room. He mumbled a hello to Seamus Finnegan and Dean Thomas before laying himself down on the couch in front of the fire place.

Harry sighed a bit dramatically and tried to nap, but all he could see were those alluring, pale silver eyes.

Is Harry finding himself attracted to Malfoy? What was Pansy smiling about, anyway? And are the P&M matchmakers as good as they say they are? The only way to find out is to review! :]