A Dragon's Crimson Cry

By: Tippi

Ch 21 Council's Lies

~On Draco Island~

The dragon council was in the middle of debating about one matter or another.

"Okay this is getting old" Councilor Chang said.

"Can't we come to an agreement here" Councilor Andam demanded.

"I will not change my ethics just to end this disagreement" Councilor Kukulkhan yelled.

"I vote we brake for lunch" Councilor Andam announced.

"I second it" Councilor Omina said.

Councilor Kulde sighed and stood up to follow the rest of the councilors to get lunch.

"Counselors" a voice called echoing through the meeting room.

"Loa Shi, what brings you here" Councilor Andam asked.

"Unannounced" Councilor Chang added.

"I have to ask did you know." Loa asked in a demanding voice.

"Know what" Councilor Kukulkhan asked.

"May 3rd you gathered all the world's dragons here to discuss what the huntsclan was doing saying that you didn't know. I need to know if you weren't being totally honest" Loa asked still using a demanding voice.

"We told you everything we know" Councilor Andam said. "They were going after oracles, not their usual targets, and we don't know why."

There was a moment of silence before.

"Actually we haven't been completely forward with you" Councilor Kulde confused.

"What" Councilor Andam, Omina, Kukulkhan, and Loa all yelled.

"There's more information that we actually have on the matter that we didn't release" Councilor Kulde admitted.

"And what is it that you haven't shared with us but from the looks of it shared with Councilor Chang" Councilor Andam asked.

"I don't feel we needed to divulge that information" Kulde said.

"I want and need to know" Loa demanded.

"And what makes you think you have the right to demand us giving you classified information" Councilor Chang informed.

"Because while I was here my entire family was murdered by the huntsclan" Loa yelled.

A long silent pause filled the room.

"I apologize and am sorry for your loss" Councilor Andam said with all the other councilors giving a look that said the same.

"So our first candidate for the first American dragon has been slayed" Councilor Chang said snapping away from her slalom state.

"That is hardly a matter to be brought up at a time like this" Councilor Omina said.

"By a miracle my oldest grandson came out of this slaughter alive," Loa informed "him and him alone."

"I suppose you have a right to know then" Councilor Kulde said then told the information he and Chang had been withholding.

"About a few months ago one of the oracles of the Ulrich Prophecy Order went missing…"

(The Ulrich Prophecy Order is an order of special oracles that see and record prophecies. Few oracles have the power to see prophecies and a select few are accepted into the order where they are trained in the art of controlling prophecy visions. Unlike seeing the future that is absolute, prophecies are never set in stone they can go either way and be changed.

The order records and keeps them secret from anyone outside the order.

Due to a prophecy being able to change they get a clearer vision as time goes on making them revise the record constantly until the prophecy is complete.)

"He was recovered by another member of the order but after weeks of his capture, by the huntsclan, he was tortured till telling the most recent prophecy. He has been expelled from the group with all visions erased from his memory." Councilor Adam finished.

"What was the prophecy vision" Councilor Omina asked.

"They refused to tell us" Councilor Andam answered.

"Tell them what happened they can't ignore that, they'll have to tell us" Loa demanded.

"Unfortunately they don't have to, we have no control in the order and there for can't make them do anything" Kulde informed.

"Still tell them, if they hear about this it may change their thoughts" Lao said.

"We are going to tell them of this but if that is all we have nothing else to discuses" Councilor Kulkulkhan said.

"Actually there's more" Lao said with a short pause "Jake seal is cracking early."

"This presents another problem to address" Councilor Kulde said.

"Though not as horrible as the last one" Kulkulkhan added.

"Are you sure it's premature" Andam asked.

"Yes, there were no signs of the seal weakening as it should when a dragon's chi starts to flow. But just one night his whole arm transformed" Loa explained. "Jake was asleep and it returned to normal when he awoke so he didn't notice."

"This has happed before with other dragons, with the help of the other members this should be no problem" Kulde announced.

"Since he isn't able to controllably transform and not in training he isn't permitted on the island unless the rest of the council allows it" Omina explained.

"Why waste time bringing the boy here to do a simple repair job that three of us can do on any land" said Chang who had been pretty quit up till now said.

"Very well," Kulde announced "we shall take care of the matter at your place on Monday at noon."

"Thank you councilors" Loa said as he bowed and left.

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