A Dragon's Crimson Cry

By: Tippi

Ch 24 Chang Shows

~6 o'clock that night~

"Yeah, that's right and don't forget the fortune cookies this time" Fu said into the phone.

As Fu was hanging up the phone Jake began to stir. The boy rolled over and gave a groan before he sat up. Jake rubbed his eyes before he became aware that he had fallen asleep. Jake got over the shock when he realized how refreshed he felt now. But now he was wondering where his grandfather was at.

"Nice to see you're awake feeling better" his grandfather said as he came down the stairs. Loa continued to walk to the front of the shop and returned with the stake of books. "Some friends came by earlier and dropped off the homework you missed" Loa said placing the books on the table next to Jake. "Maybe if you start working on it now you can have it all caught up by Tuesday when you go back."

The thought of going back wasn't very appealing to Jake. It wasn't just that he didn't like school it was also because of all the other students. Would they still look at him the same and what about the teachers? He could hear the wishers of people he didn't even know talk about him when they recognized him as the boy in the paper who oddly survived.

Needing a distraction from such thoughts about her school mates and teachers he pulled the manila folder from atop the stack of books labeled assignments.

In side were papers and work sheets. There where dividers in it for each subject. A paper at the beginning of each divider had the subject written on it plus the assignments written down in order and the dates next to them. It was all done to make sure Jake didn't do an assignment out of order and confuses him self.

Jake's fingers flicked each tab dividing the subjects trying to decide which one would be the most distracting. The word math seemed to be teasing him. Math was never his strong suit and now he missed so much it was like taking a later ship then everyone else only to have that one hit a storm.

Jake figured there's nothing more distracting that a storm so he dove into it.

Jake opened up his math book to the assigned page. The difference between elementary math books and the upper grades was you actually wrote the answer in the book other than on a separate sheet of paper.

Jake's brain was starting to hurt half way through penciling the answers into the book and worksheets. Luckily dinner came to pull him out of his math dilemma trance and give him a breather.

The bell for the front door had rung announcing someone's arrival.

"Jin's Garden delivery" a young man's voice said.

Loa came to get the food and pay. Loa put the bags down on the counter before going over to Jake. He could tell by the expression on his face he was having a hard time with his math.

"Why don't you have dinner Jake and take a break" Loa said putting a hand on Jake's shoulder.

Jake was more than happy to listen to his grandfather and take a break.

Upstairs in the kitchen it was a bit amusing to watch Jake try and use chop sticks for the first time. He eventually got the hang of it.

~Monday morning about 11:15~

Jake his therapist switched sessions to every other day and he spent most of the weekend on homework. By now Jake was almost completely caught up there was a chapter from a book for English he had left to read.

That's exactly what he was doing this morning.

Jake was in his room, sitting on the edge of the bed reading. He was only a page in before he heard his grandfather's voice and a voice he didn't recognize coming from downstairs. He couldn't help but be curious as to who was down there. He left the book forgotten on his bed and made his way to the stairs. He made silent steps down the stairs to the bottom. He stayed on the last step peeking his head around the wall to see. He didn't feel like he wanted to be noticed till he chooses to be noticed.

Loa was sitting on the couch with an elderly lady in of Asian decent. There was cup of tea for each of them and Jake caught his Grandfather addressing her as Chang.

"Councilor Chang you are here 45 minutes early" Loa said seeing Chang walk into the front door of the shop.

"I thought I'd come early and we could catch up" Chang said.

Loa couldn't help but think of the last time him and Chang was alone. That was before he had meet his future wife but now he was single once again.

"Won't you came and sit down" Loa said welcoming her into the back. "I'll make some tea."

"Chang" Fu dog exclaimed seeing the councilor enter the back room taking a seat on the couch.

"You still hang around" Chang said turning an angry look at the dog.

"Hey, sorry about the mess in the bedroom," Fu answered. "Besides I made up for it later."

"I'm sure the two of us would have been able to handle it on our own" Chang said still unwilling of the dog's assistant.

Fu got up grabbing the paper and left for the roof. He wasn't going to stay where he was unwanted.

Loa poured tea for the both of them and sat down beside Chang.

"Sorry we have to get together under such tragic circumstances" Chang expressed. "How is the young boy" Chang said with odd interest.

"He's holding up as well as expected" Loa answered taking a sip of tea.

"How do you suppose he survived" Chang asked.

"I may think it's the same reason his seal is cracking" Loa suggested.

Chang gave Loa an interesting questioning look.

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