Hello Everyone!

On a whim (mainly to delay studying for my Federal Income tax final which is killing my soul), I checked up on this story and account and my heart broke. Oh my God, I am so sorry I have kept everyone waiting like this! I want to finish this story…I really, really do. It's unfair because it has played out in my head many times so I know how it all turns out, but you guys deserve to, too. I wish I was here with an update or to tell you I have an update in progress but in truth, as of now, I don't.

HOWEVER, I can assure you I have not forgotten the story. I promise. I have every intention of getting to it. I hate to give you excuses but school literally kicks my ass on a daily basis.

But to read your guys reviews and PMs (I literally just saw them today for the first time in months. I haven't been involved in the fanfiction world at all, sadly)…oh my God, I am so honored to have such readers! You guys just gave me a HUGE pick-me-up at a time I really needed it so thank you, thank you, thank you! I hope I can do right by you all soon and get this fricten story written!

Thanks again for your kind words and support. You guys have always been my motivation to write this story and that motivation has not gone away!

With GREAT love,