Charlotte is a young english woman - blue~eyed, blonde~haired. She is visiting a house famous for sumo wrestling, and she has heard rumors that there is a ninja who carries down the way-of-the-ninja. Jep! You guessed it - its Hayate-sama *__*

His sister Kasumi see's Charlotte walk in while Hayate receives a massage - he has just been beat to a pulp sparring on the greatest warriors in the house of Oyaakatasuma (totally made that name up! xD) Charlotte applies make up at the site of a handsome man, however Hayate does not notice she see's his bare chest and is having these thoughts about him. Turn back time 12 years earlier, Tiana - Charlotte's bestie from early childhood, has a dream about this fascinating boy she once saw at a Japanese festival celebrating the warrior heritage of the Oyaakatasuma house. Tiana tells Charlotte of this young boy. And Charlotte suggests that if he was so handsome as Tiana describes - that maybe they should buy him flowers - compliments towards his good looks! !

They both giggle it over.

Leap forward to present state, Charlotte now remembers the boy Tiana described as they were young girls. She dresses up and plans on courting and coaxing Hayate into loving her. Flashback to Hayate's childhood. He and his sister always played on the luxurious landscape of early, un-modernized Japan.

Truth is - Hayate would love to receive flowers.

xx The End.

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︴Rated M - For Mature Themes & Audience.

︴Theme; Forbidden Love

︴Pairing; Hayate×Kasumi. Hayumi? Kasate?

This pairing needs Dōjinshi , more fanfic , & love;

So heres to contributing to the fanbase

︴Video Commentary;

If theres any ficticious pairing I would be shipping, it would be Hayate & Kasumi. Hell. If I could, I'd re-write this pairing into a story of my own, this pairing inspires me.

I've done just that.

Which comes to the point, this is a FAN-MADE inspired video. Meaning, theres differences to the actual storyline compared to moine.

In my own FF (fanfiction) Theres more cast than just Hayate & Kasumi, but I just wanted to focus on only these two. The storyline follows my FF.


Hayate. Kasumi. Brother & Sister.

Their temptation towards each other climaxes as their whole clan is wiped out. At this time, Hayate is devastated to lose his "own people." A bitter loneliness sets in upon him.

They look different. They have a entirely different set of genetic makeup, thus, Hayate isn't able to mate with the women outside his clan. Kasumi tries to comfort Hayate, but his heart cannot be reached. The two do-the-deed.

The town's holds contempt!

whispers of disgust whirl.

Hayate feels regret.

Kasumi feels revenge.

Hayate is outcasted.

Kasumi is helpless.

The two rendezvous.

Hayate cuts her short, & says,

"We'll meet in the afterlife."

Kasumi takes this as a insult.

Hayate meant well, that -

in the afterlife, perhaps they would not be siblings and could be lovers. However - the way Kasumi see's it, their actions are justified by the fact that they are in puberty & for Hayate: he can't phsycially mate with other women.

Okay, so.. Kasumi.

Having taken offense to her brother. She wants him dead now. -time goes on- The silence between the two kills her spirits.

Kasumi is able to mate with men outside her clan, and her work as a waitress, leads to her activities that are -less- than honorable. Hayate, by fate, witnesses his sister being used this way.

In the end - Kasumi is saved by death.

The warmth of Kasumi's spirit in the afterlife consoles the weeping Hayate. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬