Once again I found myself in chains, though these were loose and gave me more freedom since I was supposed to 'repent' - as if I'd do something like that. I gave a sigh and looked around the cell, thinking of something that might get me out of these chains and out the really, really high window.

Would it really be a surprise if I said nothing came to mind?

I felt the pangs of hunger and thirst, wanting anything – even McDonald's would sound good right now. However, I had to think of a means of escape and that meant ignoring my hunger. When I looked at the chains in detail, trying to see how the mechanists were going to release me, I saw a hole. Well, there really wasn't much I could come up with aside from 'push in and release'.

It was like the bathroom door, but this time I didn't have a hanger to bend. I thought about what I was wearing and looked around my body, seeing if everything was present. That was when it hit me:

They took my cell phone . . .

Now, I know you're probably thinking, 'So what? It's just a cell phone.' No, that isn't true – these are Mechanists. If they see something they don't understand – they take it apart! I could only hope that Karras wasn't among the few that were here. Ohdeargod, would that be a nightmare! I shuddered at the thought.

Then I was that there was noise coming from the other side of the door and looked up, catching a glimpse of the door handle twisting around and then opening to reveal a middle-aged man in golden and blue robes, kind of like the mechanists but more . . . fancy. His face was slightly aged but knowing, and he had confidence about him that made me want to looked up to him for advice if I ever needed it.

- Kind of like those old guys that seem like they know everything but are like, 'Oh no, deary – I've just seen my share of the world,' and you want to just hug them and tell them they're awesome.

I was about to ask if it was time for me 'transform' before he walked forward and tripped on a lifted crack in the floor and fell to the ground comically. I stared at him, eyes wide and incredulous as he groaned and got back up.

"A pox upon these cursed cracks in the floor, wouldst that I could I would weld away these imperfections." He huffed, getting back to his feet and my eyes widened even more in realization.

Holy Builder in where-ever-he-may-be-! It was Karras! And he didn't have his . . . err, 'hat' on? His hair was dark brown and short and his face easily changed its features when he was expressing emotions. He looked up at me now and I swallowed nervously.

"Erm, hello?"

He nodded to me, a slight red tint of color on his cheeks as if he seemed to remember that I saw everything that had just happened. Well, it was funny; I've got to say that, but I wouldn't laugh at him. He might think I'm laughing because of his speech impediment, which – in my own rightful opinion – made him a much deeper character with a hell of a lot more meaning to him!

"Yes, I pray thee dost . . . mind naught of what thee hast just seen. Twas but a mindful slip, to be sure." I couldn't help but smile as he seemed to try and cover himself up for his clumsiness.

"No problem – it happens to me all the time."

"Dost it really? I find myself most unfortunate to suffer these bumblings often, though fortunate enough naught to have mine brethren there to see." He was a good conversationalist – very easy-going and a nice person to talk to. How the hell did he become so mad? He brushed himself off and walked up to me, his hands undoing my shackles as I stared at him in confusion.

"Why are you releasing me? Am I free now?" He looked down at me with a look of knowing and shook his head with a knowing gaze

"-So thee wishes to be free of mine presence already?" I heard the ghost of a contemptuous chuckle and knew that I was already making him mad.

"Err, no, that's not it, it's just-" I sighed at the tense atmosphere, and wiggled my wrist once he had it out of the restraint. "It's nothing against you, I just don't appreciate being thrown into a cell after minding my own business."

"Thou knowest that is not the reason thee is here – thou art here under the suspicion of being a thief." He sounded frustrated, making his voice seem as if he was furious. "I have confiscated thine own technology that wast in thine own pocket and, even as I marveled at it, I knew that thou were naught but a peasant with naught a clue of the grand technologies of the Builder."

Even though I was very insulted and almost on the verge of smacking him, I thought about what he said and agreed; I don't know how to make a cell phone and I probably never will.

"I am not a thief, but you are correct – I didn't make what you found." Gone was the gentleman that I was speaking to – now I knew why he was mad, now I knew the depth of his obsession. His hands found their way to my shoulder and he held onto me tightly as he (with me in hand) walked towards the door.

"Hmm, thou seekest to elude me, but at this distance thee will fail." His grip tightened and I was tugged harder towards a room that sounded like it was filled with muffled screams. "That is why thee shall undergo the transformation and become . . . the Builders' Servant." I stared at the door in horror as he pulled me closer and closer to it.

Oh, hell no!

I immediately began my struggle, jerking from his hand that gripped me tightly and started to cut off my circulation. His face contorted to an expression of frustration and fury as he tried to keep me in his grasp, "Thou whilst cease-! . . . Thy strugglings-! . . . and tarry not!" His voice was harsh and nearly unintelligible in his rage.

"Let me go! I don't-! I don't deserve something like this!"

"Thou knowest naught what thee deserves – for it is the Builder that whilst grant what thee deserves!" He used both of his hands now and held me to the wall; even as I feverishly tried to kick at him, bite him – anything to get him to let me go! "Why dost thou oppose me?!"

"Why are you trying to kill me?" I blurted out at him, even as his grip was creating bruises and making my arm tingle. "This servant shit you spout about is nothing but a way to kill me and get my body under your control!" His face was a mask of surprise and astonishment – as well as unbidden fury.

"Thou . . . knows about this? How?"

"I can't tell you."

"Then thou whist not tarry thy own fate." He resumed trying to move me but I stood firm, keeping my feet planted to the ground.

"I will not. I can't tell you because I-!" You can't say it! You can't say you're from the future or that you're from another world or else he will think you're lying anyway! "- I am working for someone." Oh, yeah – smooth as a porcupine.

He scrutinized me for a moment before hissing, "I thinkest thou is lying – trying to extend thine own life! However, I whist wait a moment more for thee to explain thy tale." His grip loosened and I made my chance and did something only my brother could do.

I head butted the biotch.

He reeled back, totally not expecting something so primal and primitive and I took that moment to run away from him. I made my way down the and towards the stairwell. Suddenly, I stopped for a second to glance back at him and saw him holding his head like someone had thrown acid into his face. The sounds of his screams made me begin to regret my action – almost go to him and try to comfort him. When he turned to me and saw me hesitate, he apparently saw his chance and I thought I saw one of his hands move. Before I could really understand what was going on I saw a small dot of light begin to glow from his hand, growing bigger and bigger every second before he launched a really large gear at me that looked like it was on fire.

"Shit!" I cursed and jumped down the stairs, skipping two steps at a time trying to get away. When I found a bottom, I practically flew towards any door that seemed like there was an outside to it. Many times I had to backtrack because I heard the familiar 'Children' muttering about the Builder and had to find another way out. No way could this get any-

"Children and loyal followers of the Builder – a prisoner hast escaped the Servant Project and is now searching for a way out. All whilst be on high alert and guard any hopes of this ones escape!"

-Fucking Karras and his damn P.A. System!

"And friends? I beseech thee to bring her to me . . . alive."

OK, maybe he wasn't all that bad but still – damn it!

I hurriedly made my way past the halls and listened for any sounds coming down the halls. I was in so much of a hurry that I didn't notice a mechanical eye in the distance that caught my movement and was too far away for me to hear its alarm. Only when it went off did I realized just how screwed I was.

Eight walls rolled up and with each wall a mechanical robot came out and their chants were as followed:

Thou . . . shalt not escape.

Indications . . . I do not know - wretched creature!

Alert the brethren of Karras!

This incident . . . I do not know!

The other sounds blended into the background as their foot stomps invaded my ears. Worse yet, the exit could be seen just beyond them. So, I had to somehow run past eight iron beasts, bash open the door (if it's locked) and escape without a scratch on me . . . yeah, that's impossible.

Oh Superman, why aren't you real right about now? I could really use a man of-

"AHAA! I hast found the villain!"

-steel . . . Not what I had in mind.

I turned to see a man in a teal and gray tunic running at me with a mace readied in hand. Not far behind him, a handful of 'friends' were following as well. My legs were practically trembling with fear at what would happen if I didn't figure something out right now! I frantically twisted and turned, trying to find something to climb onto or to hide in or something!

There! It caught my eye in the light, but I saw a window that was open a little bit. Problem is, though, that it was so large I might as well get a crowbar and swing at it to get it all the way open. Well, the choice was there: squeeze through or get captured and really get caught this time!

As if you even had to ask -

I hauled ass to the window, jumping on the couch that it sat under and pushing my arm through, getting my shoe on the edge and squeezing both breasts past the narrow window. Girls, you know how it feels when you can't get past a narrow entrance because of your breasts - Well, let's imagine that, shall we? Once I had painstakingly gotten through, I had to stick close to glass and not fall down the nine stories I had been dragged up.

Yes, indeed this day sucked worse that a burrick burger which didn't really sound bad right now.

I glanced behind me and nearly screamed as I had less than a second to move my feet to make sure one of the mechanist women weren't grabbing my ankles. She seemed to growl when she missed.

"Thou whilst return to Karras at once, Unbeliever!" She yelled, trying to convince me to get over to her so I could become a servant. I yelled back, defiantly.

"No, and if you ask me again, I'll jump and kill myself." A very bold and untrue threat, but I had to think of something to get them to stop grabbing for me. A man pulled back the woman and took her place.

"Why dost thou oppose Father Karras? He only speaks to save thee and right thee on thy own path to the Builder!" I managed to not scoff at that and replied.

"That is not true and, whether you know it or not, that's not what really happens!" He stared at me in confusion but I continued, not really thinking about the repercussions of my words, "The Servant Project is only there so that Karras can make his silent killing machines; 'Bring about the Builders' Paradise', he says - that's not true and he doesn't even know it! He is being led on a lie his own mind has created! It'll mean his death!" I had to stop and take a breath, staring at the man as though he the only person I had to convince. As an afterthought, that I really thought was a thought, as confusing as it sounds, I had added in, "I saw it."

"Thou . . . saw his death?"

I looked at him as if I'd told him I was pregnant accidentally and closed my eyes in shame. I was silent before I accepted that it was too late to take it back so I looked at him and nodded. He seemed to instantly become detached and looked around as if Karras himself had just told him he was a heathen.

"Who art thou?" He asked, not looking at me. I noticed through the window that the woman seemed to have heard my words and was also as confused as the man. I looked at them both, unsure of what to call say before I glanced down, seeing a large river off to the side and decided my next actions.

"I-" I stopped myself in mid-sentence, hesitating. If I was as dramatic as I'd have wanted to be, I would say 'The Foundry Mother', because that would have sounded cool. However, this wasn't a joking moment or a moment of astonishment and excitement so I replied with a name only my friends would recognize. "C-call me 'Z'." I then let go of the ledge and fell, not taking my eyes off the both of them as they seemed to move in slow motion to try and stop me.

Now I was hurtling at 'Builder-knows-how-fast' down towards water that would no doubt hurt like hell and I had to think of how to land that wouldn't break my bones. I didn't even know how shallow or deep it was! I took the initiative and decided to land feet first and I was relieved that when I did land, it was in deep water.

I gasped for breath as I swam up to the surface and tried to navigate the rushing waters of the river, but the fall took a lot of my energy. I was basically floating along, trying to keep my head above the water.

"Oh ho! I gotcha!" I heard a man yell, but it sounded as if it was muffled with a cloth; it must have been the water in my ears. The feeling of hands grabbing my shoulders and pulling me up made me aware that I was out of the water and finally able to breathe. "Huh, it's you; the uh. . . " He seemed to think for a moment,"-the weird girl in the dirty shack! Yeah, I remember you; what're ya doin' out here? In the river, too."

I opened my eyes just a little, seeing as it was dark and I saw the guys' face and weakly replied, "Uh, g-goin' for a . . . swim." I gave a small smile and made the guard stare at me strangely before breaking off into a chuckle.

"You are a weird, weird girl."

At least I was safe now . . .

"Oh, that's right - it's against the law to swim in the river."

. . . Damn it.