It was now nearing the end of September, and I was glad to say that nothing strange had happened. Al was still safe at school (as safe as he could with James constantly using him for his experiments) and Ginny was everywhere but Azkaban.

Yaxley, however, was in Azkaban now. I had made it my goal to get him locked up, and fortunately (in some weird, twisted way) the Aurors who had gone to investigate the case, had found some dark items in his house. Everyone had been sceptic when I first accused him of wanting to follow in Voldemort's footsteps (I didn't know whether or not that was true, but he sure had seemed like a potential threat to me), saying that the past should be forgotten, but after that investigation, they believed me. It was just hard to explain how I had known that.

He hadn't denied that the dark items in his house were really his, or that he was experimenting with them to bring down Harry and everyone around him. That was enough evidence to give him a lifelong sentence to Azkaban.

Not too long after condemning Yaxley, I started looking for a new job; within the Ministry and the same Department, but something different. After witnessing a court case from the family's side, I could hardly stand sitting with the other judges anymore. It might sound stupid and silly, but to me, it wasn't. Besides, there were so many other things I could do; the possibilities were endless. There were so many things that needed to be fixed and I could hardly wait to start somewhere else.

So everything was perfect, right? Well… almost.

The day before I would switch jobs, there was one last case where I was needed. It was rather small and the verdict would be delivered without the defendant or the family present. This often happened in smaller and less important cases.

I had had no time to read the file beforehand, so I was quite unprepared for what would happen. As I entered the room, all my colleagues stopped talking.

"Hermione, take a seat, please," Doug said, gesturing towards the only unoccupied chair in the room. After sitting down, I glanced around curiously. "Did you read the file?" I shook my head at this; better be honest. "Maybe you should have. We weren't sure if we could let you do your say in this case, but you can stay anyway, if you want to."

"Uh – sure," I replied. What was wrong, then? What had happened now? Wendy handed me the file and I quickly skimmed through it. This was unbelievable. After everything I had done – now this?

Obviously, there had been some sort of informal party for the Daily Prophet's employees. Ginny, as a writer for the paper, was there as well, and apparently, according to this file, she got smashed. Very smashed. That wasn't the end of it, unfortunately. Nobody had any idea where she got it, but the general consensus was that it had to be stolen – a flying carpet. Yes, you heard me right. In her drunk state, Ginny managed to somehow get her hands on a flying carpet. And naturally, being the born flyer she is, she went for a ride on it.

So not only was she drunk in public, she also stole someone else's property (even if it was an illegal item), and she rode a flying carpet, which is still forbidden here. While she was still under the influence of alcohol. Unbelievable, but true.

While I read the file, my colleagues had come to a verdict: Ginny got the chance to think everything she did over – in Azkaban. Fortunately for her, she only had to go there for two weeks, instead of the rest of her life. Of course, I couldn't very well comfort her with that, but to me, it was a relief, although it was somewhat bittersweet as well. After all my efforts, Ginny had still managed to land herself in Azkaban this time around.

A/N: So, the end! What did you think of it?
I'll just explain my need to end this the way I ended it a little: this fic was originally written for a challenge at the HPFF-forums, and the point was, someone (Ginny) did something (she killed Albus and was sent to Azkaban). Someone else (Hermione) had to go back in time to prevent this from happening. The twist was, even though this person succeeded, the outcome didn't change, and although Ginny didn't kill Albus now, she had to go to Azkaban for some reason. I hope that cleared things up a little, if not, let me know :)