Tony loved it when the sun finally set in the sky and darkness enveloped the city. It had nothing to do with being a vampire. His love of the night didn't arise when he suddenly found that he didn't need to sleep, eat or breathe. It arose before that, back when he was a child, when he was human. Tony had always hated the noise and bustle that happened throughout the day. During the day he had to deal with his father being drunk before noon, his mother screaming at his father for being drunk before noon and then both of them screaming at him for not being perfect. But at night Tony could relax. He didn't have to act like the perfect son, didn't have to pretend that everything was normal, he could simply be. He had loved sneaking out of his room, silently sneaking his way downstairs, always pausing as he went past his fathers study checking that no noise came from inside. There never was, his father was always passed out by then. Always. Tony would let his sock clad feet slide across the perfectly polished wooden floors, they were always perfect and he had known well enough by then the consequences of scratching them. As he slowly unlocked the door and slipped outside he could never stop the smile that would emerge as the crisp, clean night air brushed across his face.

Tony had never enjoyed his house, mansion to be more precise. It was huge and empty and lonely. There was only so much time one could spend playing hide and seek in the numerous rooms before it became so glaringly obvious that there really was no one else playing with you. It had never been fun in his house, double checking every move he made just in case it would disrupt the chaos that his parents called perfection. Tony may not have enjoyed the house but he had loved the garden and as soon as he had savoured that first feel of night air he would be off, sprinting towards the perfectly manicured flowers and hedges that adorned the property. As much as Tony enjoyed stopping and walking slowly through the garden, admiring how each flower seemed so much more at home in this silent, dark environment than they ever would in the sun, it was never his final destination.

Where Tony had always gone was further, beyond the perfect flowers and hedges, past everything that resembled the structured format of his life, to the abandoned section of the garden that no one bothered to care for. It was here that Tony felt at home. He didn't have to stand up straight, he could slouch just as the knotted, dying willow did in the corner. There was no need to be tidy, to have everything around him in a perfect arrangement, he could be just as disarrayed as the numerous wild flowers scattered all around. They didn't have to bother about order and semblance, they just grew wherever they wanted, blissfully unaware of how they were breaking all the rules. Tony had sometimes lain down amidst them all and wondered how peaceful it would be to be a forgotten wildflower, growing wherever he wanted, not caring about rules and regulations. It would have to be better than being a forgotten son.

Tony would lie there for hours, savouring the cool air and the darkness that surrounded him. He would stare up at the stars and try and count them and no matter how many times he saw a shooting star his heart would always leap. Tony would always make a wish when he saw one, a habit he still kept with him now even though he knew that those wishes would never come true. He had wished that he could fly away; somewhere where people didn't give a damn whether your shirt was tucked in or not, somewhere where if he ran inside covered in dirt there wouldn't be yelling. He had wanted to be where there would be laughing, where someone would bundle him up in their arms and rub his head before attempting to rub the dirt of his face. Tony didn't think his mother had ever tried to clean his face. She had never tucked him in or read him stories. Back then Tony had always felt ashamed at the pleasure he took whenever she brushed past him on her way out because at least then he could say he had been touched by his mother that day. Tony had never been able to decide who he preferred, his mother or his father. He had spent many nights lying out in the disarrayed garden thinking over it, over whether having no contact was better than having contact that collided with the side of his face. He had still never decided which he preferred.

Tony had always known that his love of the night would get him into trouble, but he had always thought it would have happened when he was older. But then again he had always attracted trouble, which is probably why it didn't surprise him when he ran into a vampire in his garden. Looking back it always amused him when he remembered how his nine year old self had reacted. You'd think that he would of run, but he had always loved the night, and really, vampires were the epitome of darkness. Tony would have run now if he had the chance again. He loved that he could enjoy every minute of the night without sleep that he could watch the sunrise every morning but it wasn't worth what he had sacrificed in order to see it.

Tony had stayed and talked with the vampire, questioned him, asking everything he could possible come up with that had anything to do with vampires. But in the end there was only one question that had really burned through his mind, begging to be asked.

"Are you going to kill me?"

Looking back Tony knew it was a dumb think to ask, you never let a potential threat know what you're thinking, what you're worried about but he couldn't change the past. No matter how much he wanted to.

"No, I'm going to do something so much better."

Even his nine year old self had known that running would be pointless by that stage but that didn't stop him from screaming out as the vampire had swooped down over him. He had lain amongst his favourite flowers and looked up into the pitch black sky as the blood had been sucked from his body. He had stared up at the stars, watching as the individual pinpricks of light had all merged into one as he became too tired to struggle and succumbed to the vampire.

When he had awoken everything was different. The flowers were still there, the old willow was still hunched over and the air was still cool and crisp. Only he could feel it. Really feel it. He had felt the life from the willow regardless of how dead it had looked. He felt the life flowing in the garden around him, wild and untamed. It had been one of the most exhilarating things in his life. Until he had heard the low chuckle above him.

"You surprised me kid"

Tony hadn't known how he had surprised the vampire, to him it had seemed like he had acted like any stupid vampire victim from the movies.

"I thought for sure you'd be a dominant. The complete lack of fear kind of gave it away but apparently I was wrong."

"What's a dominant?" Tony had asked. He had wished he had known about dominant and submissive vampires before being turned into one. Though he doubted it would make a difference.

The vampire had chuckled deeply again before cupping his face and running his thumb gently over his lip. "Oh honey you'll figure it out soon enough. I have to leave you now but I'll return tomorrow, you will learn everything then."

Tony had been confused out of his mind and scared beyond all belief. He hadn't liked how the vampire was looking at him and he wished now that he hadn't gone back the following night.

"What am I supposed to do now?" he'd asked stupidly.

"Go back inside. There are few things that humans have got right about vampires. No one will be able to tell any different."

So he'd left. He'd numbly walked back inside, not caring if he made a noise and slipped back into his bed. Tony had wanted to cry so badly when he realised sleep couldn't come any more. He had known that he couldn't die anymore but now he was stuck in this perfect hell and he had no means to escape. It had hurt so much more when he realised that the tears that used to fall wouldn't come.

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