Tony was sick of his constantly changing emotions. One minute he would be completely fine, and the next he would be so angry that the only way he would calm down was for Gibbs to take him down. Hard. Tony knew that Gibbs would never leave; his dom was in this for the long haul, but he couldn't help wondering how long it would take before Gibbs really started to get sick of the mood swings.

His dom had been nothing but supportive throughout the entire ordeal. Every time Tony got angry or upset, Gibbs was there. Hell, Gibbs hardly left him alone. It wasn't like Gibbs crowded him or didn't let him out of his sight, it was more that Gibbs made sure to know exactly where Tony was and was able to get to him in a second if need be. Most times Tony appreciated that, but sometimes he didn't. This was one of those times.

They were just finishing up a rape case; a marine had been brutally assaulted by three men after exiting a well known gay club. It hadn't taken long for them to track down the three men who were currently in interrogation; however the marine hadn't been able to handle what had happened. He'd signed himself out from the hospital, gone home and downed a bottle of pills. They had found him the next day with the empty bottle still clutched in his hand.

Tony knew that the case was getting to Gibbs. The look on his face when they had found the body had spoke volumes. Tony thought at that moment Gibbs was very glad suicide for vampires was not an easy task. Not that Tony had even considered suicide; what Emile had done was bad, but it wasn't enough to end his life over. Not when he had Gibbs.

That didn't mean the case wasn't getting to him. It may have been just over a month since Emile had raped him, but the memories were still fresh and raw in his mind. Seeing that marine lying there in the hospital bed with that bleak look in his eyes was all too real for Tony.

Gibbs was keeping him closer than usual, but right now he was in the process of interrogating the men, and there was no way he was going to let Tony be there for that. Normally Tony would have been pissed off, but right now he was grateful. He really wanted to get some space, just be by himself. Not for long; just long enough to let his thoughts settle. He really just needed to be alone.

"Probie," Tony said grabbing his wallet. "I'm going for lunch; want anything?"

Not that he would actually eat anything, but McGee didn't know that.

"No thanks, Tony, I ate earlier," McGee said suspiciously. "Does Gibbs know you're going out?"

"Gibbs is busy, Probie. I'm not chasing down a suspect, I'm getting lunch. I don't think that requires interrupting Gibbs in interrogation. But if feel it does then go ahead, be my guest."

Tony knew that McGee knew something bad had happened, and McGee had become a good enough investigator to put the pieces together. Gibbs had kept Tony with him throughout the entire case, and Tony knew McGee had seen both Tony and Gibbs reactions to the dead marine. Tony knew Abby hadn't said anything, but he doubted she had to. Tony was pretty sure McGee knew enough by now.

Apparently McGee also knew that Tony wanted to get out of the office because he nodded and went back to his work.

"Thanks," Tony said quietly as he walked past. Gibbs was also aware that McGee had put the pieces together, and he would no doubt be pissed that McGee hadn't contacted him when Tony left.

But right now Tony didn't really care all that much. He walked steadily out of the building, and kept walking until he realised he really had no idea where he was. Sometimes Tony had these really bad moments where Emile's voice would pop up in his head, and he'd feel his cock in his ass and Nathaniel's in his throat. Normally he would be with Gibbs, and his dom would distract him and talk to him, and if worse came to worse take him down. But Tony had had enough. He wanted Emile and Nathaniel out of his head and he wanted them gone now. They were fading though; the moments when he heard Emile were becoming less frequent, and less vivid. That didn't mean that they didn't still shake him up when they happened.

Tony couldn't bring himself to go back to the office, so even though he knew it was a bad idea, he kept walking. He kept walking even after Emile's voice had faded from his head, and he had stopped feeling their touch. Tony kept walking even as his thoughts changed from Emile to Nathaniel to Gibbs, and back to Emile. He kept walking even as he thought of his father, and the feel of his fist colliding with the side of his face. He kept walking even as his thoughts drifted to his mother, and the look of indifference she had whenever she looked at him.

After what seemed like forever, Tony had finally had enough. He stopped walking.

Wincing he glanced down at his watch and swore internally when he realised what time it was. He'd almost been gone for over two hours; Gibbs was going to be beyond pissed. Tony went to grab his cell, and felt his gut clench when he came up empty handed. Shit, beyond pissed was not going to come close to how angry Gibbs was going to be.

Tony shivered and shoved his hands in his pockets before turning to head back vaguely in the direction he thought he had come from. To make matters worse it was getting dark, and although Tony was a vampire he still felt incredibly nervous. He always knew he felt safe around Gibbs, but it wasn't until now, when he was walking down an unknown street with night steadily approaching, that he realised how much.

Tony kept walking until finally he decided enough was enough; he wasn't getting anywhere and he was more nervous than he cared to admit. He looked around and sighed in relief when he spotted a pay phone. Luckily he had some spare change in his pocket and quickly dialled Gibbs' cell before he lost his nerve.

Gibbs answered the call with his usual gruff manner. "Gibbs."

"Uh, it's me, Jethro," Tony said quietly hoping that the use of his lover's first name would show that he didn't really want to be yelled at over the phone. Not that Tony thought he would be getting out of being yelled at.

"Where the hell are you?" Gibbs asked angrily, and Tony winced. Yup, definitely beyond pissed.

"I don't know," Tony replied honestly. "I got lost. Can you trace the call, please?"

Tony heard Gibbs bark at McGee to trace the call before returning to the line. "We've been looking for you for almost an hour," Gibbs said angrily, but Tony could hear the worry loud and clear in his voice. He had scared Gibbs.

"Sorry," he whispered. "I just wanted some fresh air."

"Next time you want some fresh air you wait for me, got it?"

"Yeah, I got it," Tony said quietly. He doubted he'd go off wandering on his own for a while after this anyway.

"We're on our way now," Gibbs said tersely. "Don't move."

Tony didn't bother responding; Gibbs had already hung up.

Tony sighed; he felt stupid and was beginning to feel pissed off. He'd been mapping the streets for Washington for eight years; there was no way he should have gotten lost. He knew that normally he had used to spend most of the night going between the teams' houses but that was no excuse.

Tony looked up when he heard a car pull over, but his hope sank when he saw it wasn't Gibbs. The window pulled down and a grimy looking man stuck his head out the window.

"How much?" he asked.

Tony resisted the urge to start laughing; the man thought he was a hooker. If he wasn't in such a miserable and shitty mood then Tony would have found it funny. As it was, Tony just got angry.

"I'm not for sale. You better fuck off before I arrest you," he said angrily.

The man didn't need to be told twice; he wound up the window and drove off quickly.

It felt like ages before Gibbs arrived, but when he finally did Tony felt more nervous around the man than he had in years. Then again, he hadn't done something to piss Gibbs off this bad in years either.

"Get in," Gibbs ordered angrily but quickly tacked on the usual please as well. Though he didn't look happy about it.

Tony opened his mouth to say something but then decided better. He was already enough trouble as it was. So, Tony didn't comment when they didn't go back to the office, but instead went straight to Gibbs'.

Gibbs was silent as they walked up to the house, but as soon as they walked through the door he pulled Tony into a tight embrace.

"Don't ever do that again," Gibbs whispered. "You scared the hell out of me."

"I'm sorry," Tony said brokenly into Gibbs' shoulder. "The case just got to me."

Gibbs pulled back. "Why couldn't you come to me?"

"I needed some space," Tony said softly. "I needed to think about things by myself. I couldn't do that before; I wasn't ready."

"Did you sort it out?" Gibbs asked, and Tony knew he was hurt. Gibbs was his dom and right now he probably felt like he had failed Tony because Tony hadn't come to him. Then again, Gibbs also knew that this was incredibly difficult for Tony, and he couldn't apply the normal rules to it.

"I know that I shouldn't feel like I have to work through anything on my own," Tony started slowly. "But I think for this I did. I needed to accept what happened and move on, and I had to do that for myself."

Gibbs nodded. "I know, but it's not easy as your dom to see you struggle like this and not be able to anything."

Tony stared at Gibbs. "Not do anything," he said indecorously. "The only reason I'm getting through this is because of you, but you can't do everything. There are some things that I have to do alone, but I need you to help me be able to do that, and that's exactly what you've been doing."

Gibbs gave him a little smile. "You know, I really shouldn't let you off the hook for running off like that."

Tony tried to look displeased, but he wasn't entirely sure he had succeeded. Inside his heart was racing, Gibbs hadn't had sex with him or punished him since Emile had raped him. Tony knew that Gibbs was giving him time to heal, and he knew that Gibbs still wanted him and wasn't disgusted by him or anything like that, but Tony still wanted Gibbs.

He was tired of waiting; Tony knew that he was ready. Before he'd had his doubts, but after today he knew. Hopefully if Gibbs thought he was ready to be punished then he thought he would be ready to have sex also.

"Really?" Tony said feigning nervousness. "I think we can just skip punishment."

Next thing Tony knew he was pinned up against the wall, Gibbs body pressed against his with his arms firmly pulled above his head. Gibbs squeezed his wrists and Tony couldn't suppress the full body shudder.

"I don't think so," Gibbs growled in his ear. "I think your ass hasn't been red for some time. I'm starting to miss it."

Tony groaned; Gibbs wasn't the only one. Tony missed the way Gibbs could make him soar, and the marks he would sometimes leave. Before Tony could even think to respond, Gibbs' mouth was against his and his tongue demanding entrance. Tony happily obliged, groaning as he felt Gibbs kiss him with a purpose, with the intention of it actually leading somewhere; something he hadn't felt in too long.

"Upstairs," Gibbs growled.

Like Tony had a choice. Gibbs pushed and pulled him all the way up the stairs, refusing to be deterred even as Tony kissed his neck and face. As soon as they entered the bedroom, Tony once again felt himself pressed against the wall, face first this time. He didn't need to be told to keep his arms above his head.

Tony felt Gibbs run his hands over his back, before dropping lower to squeeze his ass, and Tony couldn't stop the embarrassing noise that escaped him. God, he hadn't realised how much he wanted this, *needed* this until now when it was right there in front of him. But apparently Gibbs had.

"Mine," Gibbs growled from behind him, and at that word alone Tony felt himself begin to fall. Subspace was becoming as familiar to him as his everyday world, but that did nothing to take away the sense of safety, belonging and love that he got each time Gibbs took him down. When Gibbs took him down he still felt all of his past demons disappear and all he could ever focus on was Gibbs; his voice, his smell, and his touch.

Tony felt Gibbs grab his weapon and throw it on the bed before his hands returned pulling at his belt. Tony relaxed further, letting Gibbs' touch take him further down, his head falling against the wall, and eyes closing.

"That's it," Gibbs murmured, his hands tugging Tony's pants down, before grabbing at the bare skin exposed. "You fall so easily now, don't you? Just for me."

Tony mumbled something incoherent, shoving his ass back into Gibbs' roaming hands. He didn't care what Gibbs did, he just wanted him to something. He was unbelievably hard; it felt even more intense knowing that Gibbs might actually fuck him.

Tony gasped as he felt Gibbs' hand solidly collide with his ass, the pain rushing through him before slowly dissolving into a spine tingling pleasure that flooded through him. Tony felt himself fall further, and harder than he had since the night after Emile. It was different Gibbs taking him down like this; it wasn't easy or gentle, Gibbs wasn't coaxing him down with gentle words and soft touches; Gibbs was *making* him fall. And he was making him fall now.

Tony didn't try and fight it; he never did. He relaxed into the blows that Gibbs was steadily delivering, his ass throbbing with each, but the pleasure didn't subside. It grew stronger, and before Tony knew it his ass was on fire and he was so hard that he thought he might come.

"This is supposed to be punishment," Gibbs' amused voice said from behind.

Right now, Tony couldn't even begin to formulate a response to that. He couldn't even try to explain to Gibbs how any touch from him would make him hard and aching, be it intended for pleasure or pain. But then again, Tony suspected Gibbs knew that already.

"It's all the same to you isn't it?" Gibbs asked as his arm snaked round and he grabbed Tony's cock. "You just want to be touched."

Tony moaned incoherently as Gibbs slowly stroked his cock, and he hoped Gibbs would let him come because he wasn't sure he could hold off.

"I don't want you to come just yet," Gibbs' said, and Tony could *hear* the grin in his voice.

Of course Gibbs didn't want him to come. Bastard.

"Get on the bed," Gibbs ordered, and Tony was too far gone to even register that Gibbs had - finally - ordered him. He just felt his body give into his dom's needs, and it was *nothing* like it was with Emile. This felt right; this was what he was made for. He was there for Gibbs. Tony felt pleasure thrum through his body as he finally gave into the one vampire need he and Gibbs had both refused to fill. It was amazing, it felt like the last puzzle piece had clicked into place and he was complete. Gibbs had complete and utter control over him. It didn't feel wrong to not have control over his body; it was completely and utterly right for Gibbs to have control over him. He belonged to Gibbs.

Apparently Tony wasn't the only one who felt something click because in his hazy state he felt Gibbs rip his shirt off him, and cover his body with his own. He felt Gibbs nuzzle at his neck before pressing open mouthed kisses to the exposed skin. Tony used what little working brain cells he had left to arch his head back, further exposing his neck. He didn't need to say what he wanted Gibbs to do, Gibbs could feel it. Tony felt like his world had exploded when Gibbs' fangs sunk into his neck, he didn't even know what the fuck was leaving his mouth right now. Incoherent moans, Italian or gibberish; it was all beyond Tony. All that he could comprehend was Gibbs' weight covering his body, Gibbs hands tangled in his hair, and Gibbs mouth attached firmly to his neck.

Tony tried to grind up against Gibbs, but Gibbs used his body weight to keep Tony virtually immobilised. Tony whimpered in frustration, but groaned as Gibbs sucked harder. Tony felt like every nerve ending in his body was on fire, all beginning where Gibbs' mouth was attached to his neck, and travelling down his body.

He cried out as Gibbs pulled away from his neck and kissed him forcefully, the taste of his own blood mingling with Gibbs' own unique taste. He could feel Gibbs' fangs collide with his own before gently scraping over his tongue as they kissed. Gibbs hands were tangled in his hair, his fingers tugging and pulling at the fine strands. Tony didn't want this to ever end.

Tony whimpered as Gibbs sat back on his haunches but was quickly silenced as Gibbs removed his clothes; the sight of his dom naked making him more eager. He tried to reach out but Gibbs shook his head before grabbing him and rolling them so that Tony was sitting on top of him, their cocks sliding against one and other. Tony almost fell forward at the pleasure, but Gibbs placed his hand on his chest keeping him upright. He made an embarrassing mewling sound as Gibbs thrust up against him, sparks of pleasure pooling in his groin; he honestly didn't think he could hold off much longer.

A slick finger pressed in at his entrance – and Tony had no idea when the hell had Gibbs grabbed the lube – before sliding all the way in.

"You don't get to come until I say," Gibbs said roughly.

Tony forced his eyes open and stared down and nodded, though he wasn't sure he would be able to. Then again when he was like this, so far down where the only thing that mattered was Gibbs, no command or desire from Gibbs seemed impossible.

Tony struggled not to thrust back into Gibbs fingers as he slipped a second, then third inside. He cried out when Gibbs bent his fingers, sending pleasure shooting up his spine.

"Please," Tony begged. "Please."

His eyes had fallen shut but shot open as he felt Gibbs' hand caress his chest. Gibbs raised his body slightly, and slipped his fingers from Tony. Tony couldn't stop himself from kissing Gibbs; the look on his face was too intense.

"I love you," he whispered as they pulled apart.

Gibbs gave him a small smile and put his hands on his hips. "I love you too."

Gibbs manoeuvred Tony so that he was positioned over his cock before Tony slowly sank down, moaning loudly as Gibbs' cock filled him.

"I want you to ride me," Gibbs said roughly and Tony did.

He raised himself almost all the way up before dropping down, biting his lip as Gibbs' cock hit his prostate. It was damn near impossible to keep his actions going, to lift himself up and down, but managed. He could do it for Gibbs.

Soon they settled into a gentle rhythm, and Tony lost himself in the sweet burn of Gibbs' cock moving inside him. He was getting closer and closer to the edge and just when he thought he wouldn't be able to hold out any longer, Gibbs flipped them and thrust in hard.

"Come for me, Tony," Gibbs whispered in his ear.

Tony screamed as his world exploded, every fibre of his being was alight with pleasure. His world blacked out, and he lay there floating in post orgasmic bliss, barely registering Gibbs tense above him.

He felt it when Gibbs pulled out, and he sighed at the loss of connection, but he was too far gone to do anything about it. He felt it when Gibbs wiped him off with a washcloth, causing him to gasp at the feel of rough fabric caressing his over sensitive skin. He felt it when Gibbs manoeuvred him under the covers and wrapped his arms around him. He wanted to say something about how it was silly to be lying there in bed with the covers pulled up when they didn't sleep, but he couldn't bring himself to formulate the words.

He felt it when Gibbs pressed a gentle kiss to the top of his head, and heard gentle words being whispered in his ears. As far down as he was he still felt Gibbs, and he still heard him. Felt the soothing hands of his dom tracing patterns on his skin. Heard the words Gibbs spoke, slowly and carefully so that Tony would understand each and every one.

"You're mine, and I am never going to let you go."

Tony smiled and titled his head to kiss Gibbs. It may have taken him what seemed like a lifetime to get here, but he had made it. He had finally embraced every aspect of his submissive nature, was finally with a dominant vampire who loved him, and respected him, and would never hurt him. Tony felt wanted and needed, and most of all he felt like he belonged.

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