Dear Dumb diary

Dear dumb diary,

Today is meat loaf day, I WAS pumped that we had a new lunch lady, because the old one tried to force the eighth cutest guy, Hudson Rivers, to eat Stinker, which was the closest, smelliest and most disgusting thing close to her (besides the meatloaf). Yes, I brought Stinker to school for the science project because mom forced me too. My trick was to let Stinker eat a bar of soap and see if he pooped it out like he did with my glitter. Mr. Shutup said it was impossible that Stinker would do such a thing, which I totally, disagree with.

Anyways, the new lunch lady was awful; she cooked the meatloaf worse than mom. I regret being so pumped up about the new lunch lady.

Isabella and Angeline actually like the meatloaf! How dumb, right? I can believe that Angeline likes it, but I can't believe Isabella, my best friend, likes it too! I heard Angeline in the other table saying "Doesn't this meatloaf just taste wonderful?" I was kind of thinking that she was too dumb to actually say that, until Isabella said the same thing. "This meatloaf tastes incredible, right?" Isabella ACTUALLY SAID that to me.

Isabella and Angeline were dumb food-tasters, and only now I realize that.

Dear Dumb diary,

Isabella caught me putting this dumb diary into my locker. This was bad. She took it out of my locker and said 'borrow' just like that. She read the first page of this new diary. She was a fast reader, so she finished reading it after a minute. And she read the LAST sentence out loud. (Luckily Angeline wasn't in the scene, Phew…) She turned to look at me and threw this dumb diary down the floor. I'm not really mad at her, which was because she must've felt really mad at me. I've never seen this mad side of her before. She didn't want to sit with me today at lunch and sat with Angeline instead. They totally don't relate at all, but they have some stuff to talk about. I had to sit with Margaret and TUKWNIF (TheUglyKidWhoseNameIForgot).

Dear Dumb diary, Out of

I don't think Isabella and I are friends, right now. But now you think of it, she wasn't so nice to me after all. I can't believe all these years I've been friends with her, she wasn't that much of a nice person, so I'm okay that she's not my friend. I hope not EVER! Because I got a new friend, a better friend than Isabelle, her name Amanda, but everyone calls her Mandy. She connects with me, she knows me really well. We never met, but she already knows me, now that's what I think is cool! She's kind of pretty, prettier than Angeline could ever be, but not at all like her! I think I'll let Isabella go and hangout with Angeline, I'm actually okay with that.