Author's Note

Hello again everyone. The idea for this story came from reading the first chapter of Night Howl by Andrew Neiderman. This is not a crossover fic though, the novel was basically just a source of inspiration for me (though the timing was kinda bad). Anyway, prologue is kinda short, but with good reason, and I can pretty safely guarantee that the first chapter will be way longer.

So read, enjoy and tell me what you think.

Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon or Nighthowl. You all know what I do own by now.

Brother, Hear Me Cry

AU They were inseparable, till the day he turned on his brother. Eventually driven mad with confusion and grief, he vanishes into the shadows...then weird things start happening...and through it all, his cries echo in his brother's ears...

Kouji M & Kouichi K


He watched them, from the shadows. Watched them carry on with their daily lives, unrestrained by any earthly chains as he, carrying on with trivial matters. From that distance, the people seemed so small and insignificant, the worthless activities they occupied themselves with even more so. And yet he envied them. Envied them for their freedom, to go and do what they pleased.

But not for too much longer. Soon, they would be the ones restrained, straining and clawing in their attempts to be free, while he walked past them, head held high and eyes gleaming...ignoring their pleas. They would learn soon enough how it felt to be denied freedom, to long for a release from their dark prison.

Soon, so soon...

His confidence had grown of late; mere weeks ago he would have stopped at his lust, his hunger for freedom...and revenge. But freedom was the first step. Revenge would later come. But now, the walls of his prison were weakening; the resistance of his host was crumbling. And he knew why.

He could sense these things; sense their darkest fears. They feared the darkness he cherished; the hate, the anger, the sadness they kept inside. They fuelled him, made him strong, and his host in particular was full of it. That darkness would soon free him.