Author's Notes

And that wraps this story up. I just thought I'd post it today instead of tommorow seeing as I had a day off and what's supposed to be an extremely crazy day tomorrow. So...yeah.

Thanks to everybody who's stuck by while this story was in progress, as well as anyone who visits later on as well.

And a special thanks to Kaito Lune who has stuck with me since the beginning.

Totally not what I had expected when I started writing, but it works, I guess.

Short epilogue, not much in it, but I think it's a cute scene, and the prologue was pretty short as well, know.

BTW, italics is Kouji's POV. Normal is 3rd Person POV

That part was inspired by the ending of Tamers, where Yamaki is reflecting on the whole experience with the D-Reaper.

And to answer the question someone asked awhile back, I'm not writing a sequel for this.

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Disclaimer: You should all know by now what I own and what I don't.

Anyway, enjoy the final installment of Brother, Hear me Cry everyone.

Brother, Hear Me Cry

AU They were inseparable, till the day he turned on his brother. Eventually driven mad with confusion and grief, he vanishes into the shadows...then weird things start happening...and through it all, his cries echo in his brother's ears...

Kouji M & Kouichi K


Years have passed since then. The reign of the artificial intelligence programme, dubbed as 'Dusk' was short lived. But the memories of it were engrafted into our minds, and we still remember. To those who were indirectly involved, it soon became like an urban legend, a demon out for revenge against its makers, but for those of us who were directly involved, save Kouichi...we, till this day, remember, and will most likely remember for many years still.

Sometimes it's so hard to remember that i'ts over; thinking that, especially when we are separate, that I'll turn around and he's gone again. But Kouichi understands, sometimes I think more than he lets on, because he's always there to comfort me, and he never asks when he knows I can't answer. Sometimes I wonder how much he knows, or if he ever remembered, but I can't ask. After all, that chapter of our life has past.

Though I suppose we're still dealing with the scars left behind.

'Kouji!' The call came from the distant bridge. He turned, to find the four friends he and his brother left years ago waving to him. Calling out to him.

He smiled. He was sure; those scars would heal with time.

Hands slipped over his eyes, but the familiar touch simply prompted him to lean into it.

'Ohayou Ni-chan,' he murmured softly, enjoying the warmth of the other's hands in the slightly chilly autumn air, hearing soft, but increasingly louder footsteps behind them, before the hands obscuring his vision suddenly disappeared with a small squeak of surprise from the elder twin and a heavy but still familiar weight crashed into his back moments later.

'Guys! Let me breathe!'

And then the sound was filled by the six' laughter.