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Pairing: Rikku x Saïx

Warning: Within this story you will find complete and utter craziness, mild cursing, broken English due to Brother, and some character bashing.

Summary: Rikku and Brother take out Cid's ship without asking, but surprisingly everything is going fine—well that is until a stranger in black shows up.

A sky blue and filled with puffy white clouds, as far as the eye could see, hung over head as two beings stood in the distance of a group. A young blond waved her hands about as she bickered with her older sibling, a pout visible on her face. The older sibling look less then thrilled that his sister continued to argue with him, but it didn't seem to faze the younger one. She was stubborn and all knew it.

The group not far off couldn't understand what was being said, not that they wanted to. The voices of the two siblings were hushed, almost like they were plotting something—which they were. The group wasn't invited either, not that they'd want to. The younger sibling was known for trouble, and none of the others wanted in on that.

"Brother," Rikku whined to the older sibling.

Brother snaps, "Hu, Rikku, I femm hud tu ed!" (No, Rikku, I will not do it!)

"Bmayca, Brother, E femm tu YHODREHK!" (Please, Brother, I will do ANYTHING!) Rikku didn't let Brother reply, she clapped her hands together and pouted out her bottom lip. There was no doubt that she wanted to do this, and she needed his help to do it. She surely wasn't about to give up easily, even though she'd been at this for at least half an hour. "Lusa uh! Bnaddo bmayca!" (Come on! Pretty please!)

Brother mutters, "Hu, Rikku."

He watched as she leaned forward, sticking her bottom lip out farther. He wanted to walk away, but he knew the girl would follow him. And if that happened, the whining and pouting would get worse. He could only hope that she would grow bored with this and walk away.

Sadly, she wouldn't. Not until she got what she wanted.

She whines, "Zicd drec uhla, bmayca!" (Just this once, please!)

He shook his head, "Zicd pa xiead, Rikku." (Just be quiet, Rikku.)

She stomped her foot, "Lusa uh! Zicd drec uha desa!" (Come on! Just this one time!)

He shouts, "Vun dra mycd desa, HU!" (For the last time, NO!)

"E femm HAJAN pudran oui ypuid yhodrehk ajan ykyeh," (I will NEVER bother you about anything ever again!) Rikku whimpers—probably faking it.

"Veha! Pid drec ec dra MYCD desa," (Fine! But this is the LAST time.)He sighs.

He had to give in. He felt bad for yelling at her, but she was just being so annoying. The only downside to this was the fact that she won. Along with that, she knew how to win against him. He mentally smacked himself for letting the girl get her way. This certainly wouldn't be the last time.

She smiles brightly, "Really?!"

He nods slowly, "Oac pid oui lyhhud damm vydra ypuid drec." (Yes but you cannot tell father about this.)

"E Bnuseca!" (I promise) She cries out happily while hopping up and down for a moment, before tackling her brother into a hug. He mutters a few things under his breath—probably curses—before pushing her away. She pouted for a moment, holding back a giggle, before turning quickly. She waved over her shoulder sweetly, "E'mm pa uh dra creb!" (I'll be on the ship!)

He sighed, "Veha, Veha." (Fine, fine.)

She shouted a quick thanks over her shoulder before taking off towards the ship, which was parked a few yards away. She was happy to get ride in a ship pretty much by herself. Every time she was on it so was her father, or someone else, and she was never allowed to do what she wanted. At least with Brother, she could do some of the things she wanted, and there would be no getting yelled at, or at least she hoped.

The downside was that this was her father's ship, and if he found out that they were in it—without him—he'd kill them. So they had to do this quickly and hope that nothing would go wrong. But there was no chance of anything going wrong, Brother piloted their ship perfectly so no chances of wrecking. Not to mention, they didn't have to worry about Cid finding them. He was working on something for the day, so he wouldn't be watching over them like a hawk or anything.

Soon she had gotten to the ship and opened the door, swiftly moving inside and glancing around. She shouted out a greeting and waited for a moment, waiting to see if she got a reply. Happily, she didn't get one, meaning that no one was inside. Grinning at this, she raced over to the controls and started poking around.

She smiled brightly and let out a girlish shriek of excitement, she couldn't believe they were getting away with this. She moved over to a window and peered out of it, just to make sure there was no one around. Her spiral green eyes scanned the area, before settling on something in the distance. Her heart began to pound in her chest, for reasons even unknown to her.

Suddenly this didn't feel right. In the distance stood a figure dressed in black, a hood over their head and hiding their face. She stared at the figure, her palms began to sweat a bit as she made a fist. Her mind began to race as she continued to stare, the figure lifting a hand in front of the hood.

She watched as it held up on finger, almost like it was telling her to be quiet. This only caused the girl to panic a bit, continuing to stare at the figure in the distance. Unknowingly, she began to step backwards to move away from the window, probably going to exit the ship.

"Ready," came her brother's loud voice.


Her eyes snapped over to her sibling, staring for a moment. He raised a brow as he repeated himself, looking somewhat annoyed by his sibling's behavior. Her eyes moved from him, as she parted her lips to speak of the stranger. Her eyes settled back on the window, finding the stranger in black to be no where in site. She blinked a few times and moved to the window, staring out of it.


"Huh?" She moved her gaze back to Brother, who rolled his eyes.


"Oh!" She smiled brightly, shrugging off the feeling and the stranger, "Yeah!"

She turned on her heels and watched her brother roll his eyes and move to the controls. She quickly moved behind him and watched him begin to hit buttons, feeling the ship lift into the air. Smiling brightly, she began to hop up and down again, clapping her hands happily. She couldn't believe this was happening.

Brother grinned, "Rana fa ku!" (Here we go!)

A/N: I absolutely love the idea of this pairing. I think it's because, in some weird way, Saïx reminds me of Auron and I like Rikku/Auron. Also as a warning, people might seem slightly out of character and there might be hints of other pairings in here. Possibly some Squall/Leon x Rikku. ;] What can I say, I like hooking Rikku up with the moody guys and/or the ones with scars. Nonetheless, enjoy!