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Pairing: Rikku x Saïx

Warning: Within this story you will find complete and utter craziness, mild cursing, broken English due to Brother, and some character bashing.

Summary: Rikku and Brother take out Cid's ship without asking, but surprisingly everything is going fine—well that is until a stranger in black shows up.

The young Al Bhed female turned her gaze from her sibling to the crowd that gathered around, as her brother stepped down to the ground. She let out a small noise and quickly followed his movement, hopping off the ship and landing next to him. Her eyes scanned over the crowd; she couldn't spot a single Al Bhed seemed to be in sight. Rikku could feel her stomach knotting.

Brother questioned quietly, "Rikku…?"

She ignored her sibling and kept her eyes on the crowd. Her stomaching twisting and turning, her hands beginning to clam up as they shook softly. She moved a piece of her blond hair back a bit, beginning to wiggle about in her place nervously. "Hello…?"

"Fro ynah'd drao cbaygehk du ic?" (Why aren't they talking to us?) Brother's voice was barely above a whisper for once, due to the fact the crowd were whispering among one another. Brother felt uncomfortable with all of this, but he didn't want to show this to his sister. Even though Rikku could very well take care of herself, Brother felt the need to be strong and protect her. "Rikku?"

"Shh, brother," She replied quietly. She glanced over at her older sibling once more before moving her gaze back to the crowd. She gave off a sweet smile and a light wave, "Can someone tell us where we are? And if you know anyone who can help us with our ship?" She got nothing from the crowd again, causing her to let out a small sigh. "Come on, please — pretty please? We just want to go home!"

Brother muttered, "Drec ec fundrmacc…" (This is worthless)

She warned, "Brother."

He grunted, "Cunno."

"Listen, we just need someone to help us fix the ship. Pretty please? Can someone help us? I swear we're not here to hurt you. We just want to go home without any harm done, I promise." Rikku tried to reason with the crowd, but still didn't get an answer. "Come on! Pretty, pretty please! I just wanna go back to my dad and cousin, and my friends! So does my brother."

Brother just nodded in agreement.

"Hey!" A strange female — not to mention somewhat whiny — voice shouted, "Let us through!"

Rikku blinked, "What's going on?"

Brother whispered, "E tuh'd ghuf." (I don't know)

The two watched as a group of three people came out of the crowd. The group consisted of two young women and a somewhat older male; both siblings could certainly see that they weren't Al Bhed either. This made the two siblings rather nervous, they weren't exactly sure what do or say. Both of the Al Bheds stood still as possible, just staring at the group that now stood near them.

"Rikku…" Brother gripped the machina weapon that rested at his side, ready to protect his sister if these strangers made a move.

"Brother… be quiet," she whispers back — staring at the group. She could feel the tension in the air, even feeling the movement of her brother's hand moving to his weapon. She glanced over at him, a nervous look in her eyes. The look only grew when a deep voice echoed through the air.

"Who are you? Why are you here?"

"Leon, don't be so rude," the older female of the group scolded. The female received a glare from the male, which only made her giggle and turn her attention back to the Al Bhed siblings. She gave the two a sweet smile, placing her hands behind her back. "Hello there! I'm Aerith — this is Leon and Yuffie. What's your names?"

"Oh!" Rikku smiled a bit, feeling comfortable with this female — she reminded Rikku of her cousin, Yuna. "I'm Rikku! This is Brother."

"Luimt oui ramb ic fedr uin creb?" Brother shivered slightly under the stares of the three strangers. He realized that he didn't speak English, then again it probably wouldn't have made more sense. Even Brother knew that his English was horrible and broken.

Yuffie questioned, "What did he just say?"

"Oh…" Rikku blushed, "We're uhh…"

"Do you think," Leon questioned Aerith.

She nodded, "Yeah… I do, but why now?"

Rikku questioned, "What are you talking about?"

Aerith smiled, "Don't worry about it, Rikku. Now what did he say?"

"Oh!" Rikku answered quickly, "Our ship is broken. We need some help…"

Yuffie smiled brightly, "Don't worry! We'll have our friend help you out with that! He's good with airship! Right, Aerith — Squall?"

Aerith nodded, "Yup!"

Leon muttered, "It's Leon now, Yuffie."

"Huh?" Rikku blinked, "I mean, umm.. Thanks!"

Leon snorted a bit, "Yeah."

"What's with him?" Her eyes moved to Leon after he turned and walked away, "Seems a little mean."

"Don't worry about it," Aerith giggled. "Let's get you two somewhere to rest up — Yuffie will talk to our friend about getting that ship fixed up."

"Right!" Rikku nodded at the older female, glancing to Brother who nodded as well. Though Rikku was confused about all of this, she couldn't help but feeling a little at home already. It was probably because of this Aerith girl seeming so much like her cousin. She wondered if Brother thought the same, she'd have to talk to him about it later.

But little did she know, someone was in the shadows. That someone watched her and her brother, carefully keeping an eye on the two. Not to mention that this someone's Superior had quite the plan for her — well more like her heart.

A/N: Kinda short. The next one is going to be a bit more exciting. Also, I would like to say that there will be other pairings as well — not just Rikku and Saïx. The other pairings will be Aerith x Brother and Squall/Leon x Yuffie so far. :]