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Nezumi's POV

The proctor lead us to a different room and gave each of us numbers. It was a classroom that managed to fit all of the genin inside. Sadly, I couldn't sit near Daisuke-nii or Naruto-san.

The proctor stood at the front of the room and said the rules. Each person got 10 points. You lost 2 every time we were caught cheating. You lost 1 for every question wrong. The tenth and final question is given separately. AND IF YOU GOT THE TENTH QUESTION WRONG, YOU CAN NEVER BECOME A CHUUNIN. And if you lost all of your points, your whole team fails.

I started panicking. The whole team fails?! Naruto-san and Daisuke-nii are going to be so mad at me!!! M-Maybe if I get one right...

They passed out the papers. At that moment I knew what had to be done... beg Naruto-san and Daisuke-nii not to kill me later. The questions were way to hard for a stupid little kid like me to answer, besides, I wasn't any good at math. And the last question seemed too scary to think about.

I would've quit, but then that would mean letting down Naruto-san. I couldn't do that. So I did my only jutsu I needed for spying. Mujaki Style: The Soul's Whisper Jutsu.

Kage's POV

BAM!!! The kid that was in front of me, the young boy who had the loud teammates, seemed to have fainted. But I noticed that his eyes was still open, even if they did have a glazed look. And there was suddenly a mouse on the floor by his feet that scurried away.

So this batch of genin knew what to do already. Even if he wasn't very subtle about it, he was the first so far to realize what to do. I put my genjutsu to work. My "mind-touch" genjutsu reached around the room until I found Ryu... who fell asleep already.

Ryu. Wake up.

Kage! Did you find me the answers yet? my brother responded.

Yes. You should get your own genjutsu, brother.

You should know that I can't because you needs to be smart. And I ist stupid, big brother. =3


Daisuke's POV

BAM!!! Nezumi used his spy jutsu again. I told him not to use it! I said I'd fry him the next time he used it.

"Daisuke-nii..." said Nezumi's voice. (For those who don't understand how the Jutsu works, aka everybody but me, Nezumi's soul is running around in the form of a mouse and anybody he isn't directly speaking to would only hear squeaking.)

"You know I'm gonna zap you right after this, right?" I hissed back.

"Yes... Do you want me to give you the answers now?"

"I don't need you to tell me the answers."

"Did you finish that brain-electric-current-trick thingy?"

"Uh... yes..." Brain Circuit Jutsu. Jutsu that would jolt your brain cells to make you smarter for about 10 seconds, or fry you brain.

Nezumi knows I haven't perfected it yet! Well, I might as well try, right? I rubbed my hands together and put them on my head.

CLEAR!!! ZAAAAAAAAP. Ow... ok, I know the answers now... but I can't move. Great.

Naruto's POV

This is just like last time. Only noisier. I didn't know the answers, and there were only ten minutes left.

"Numbers 59, 3, and 33, you're done." Three boys got up and left the room. "49, 12, and 29." Three more genin left the room.

I'm doomed!!! No way would they let me get away without answering any questions a second time!

"Chi chi chi..." (squeaking)

There was a mouse on my paper... writing my answers down? With excellent penmanship? What the...?

"Ten minutes left. The final question will be given out," Ibiki announced. A dozen more genin left the room.

"CHI!!! O_O" The mouse disappeared with a poof.

That was weird.

Nobody's POV

Ibiki looked out to the genin. One boy maintained a cool demeanor throughout the entire test. A green-haired boy was sleeping and drooling all over his desk. The youngest one there suddenly woke up in his seat and started hastily writing down answers. Ibiki recognized Naruto and smiled.

"You all passed."

"WHAT?!?!" Screamed the 40-something genin still there.

"If you had the nerve to take the tenth question with your future of being a chuunin in jeopardy, then you're ready for the next part of the exam."

Just then, CRASH! Something broke in through the window and suddenly there was a giant sign that said "Second part of the exams". There was a woman standing there.

"Uh... Anko-san," Nezumi said. "You're facing the wrong way."

"And you're early, again." Ibiki claimed.

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