Title: Smile

Summary: He decides that the most beautiful thing he has ever seen is her smile. RxI hundred word drabble written for Kitty Kat K.O. Happy sweet 16, KO!

In all his life, Shirogane Ryou has seen many things.

He has seen his parents die and the world almost taken over by aliens. He has seen things that no man would ever want to see before, but he has seen beautiful things too; the world blossom into a paradise, the Mew Mews rescuing the world...

Yes, Shirogane Ryou has seen many things. Some not worth mentioning, others that have created memories to last a lifetime.

But he finds that the most beautiful thing he has ever seen, and that he can not see enough of, is Momomiya Ichigo's smile.

A/N: Happy birthday, KO! So you're Sweet 16! :) I hope it's absolutely perfect and wonderful, not to mention your best year yet!

You totally deserve a full 10 page one-shot, but seeing as my RxI muse of ideas recently left me just days before your birthday... So instead you got this hundred word drabble! But you know what this means? You'll be getting a one-shot sometime in the spring or summer from me! So be on the look out for that.

Happy Sweet 16, KO! Hope it's as amazing as you are!

~ Bunny