Translator's Notes: This should go without saying, but this fic is not representative of my work as a writer. While I naturally had to insert some creative touches when dealing with bits that sound odd when translated to English, for the most part this is a straight translation. Rewriting everything to make it up to par with my usual writings would not have been an efficient use of my time.

Most especially, there are a number of sentences that I couldn't make much sense of. I'm proud to say that I've been able to figure out most of the funky sentences through context and such, but nonetheless, you will find a sentence here and there that makes little sense. Perhaps one day I'll go over each of those with SulfuroXP so that I can properly translate them, but right now I don't have the time.

Many sentences are also simply awkward-sounding; these are cases of my opting to go with SulfuroXP's exact intent rather than something that would sound better but only approximate the meaning.

SulfuroXP has said that he is okay with getting reviews in English, so if you're kind enough to review, I recommend you go to the original Spanish version of the story and post the review there. I will of course forward any comments I receive for this fic to SulfuroXP, but he'll get him faster that way.

The milieu and characters of this fic are all property of either Sega or SulfuroXP. I own nothing but the English translation.

Shining Force: Battle Across Dimensions

script and plot - SulfuroXP

translation - Martin III

Hace 993 años, un ejército de demonios invadían tierra de dioses.
Algunos fueron derrotados, otros desterrados, otros enviados a otra dimensión.

Una civilización nueva a nacido, llena de tecnología y una forma de vivir muy cómoda.
Las leyendas se olvidan, la magia deja de existir.

Ahora la gente tiene otro objetivo, expandirse por fuera del planeta.
El satélite Noah sería el primer objetivo de ellos.

Pero alguien ha aparecido, se le ve cara familiar.
Está dispuesto a liberar el caos nuevamente a este mundo.

993 years ago, an army of devils invaded the land of the gods.
Some were defeated, others exiled, others sent to another dimension.

A new civilization was born, defined by technology and a very comfortable way of life.
The legends were forgotten; magic ceased to exist.

Now the people have a new goal, expanding beyond their own planet.
The satellite Noah would be their first objective.

But someone has appeared, a familiar face returns.
He is prepared to again unleash chaos upon this world.