BUENAVENTURA #4 - Surprise! Your death has come.

"Zeon escaped from the place. The four elemental dragons approached Max to apologize for earlier, and to tell him that it was only to defeat the Devil King but it did not work. It was then that a dark being appeared, that emitted a black cloud almost toxic to the air. His visage could not be seen but his evil could be felt."

-Simone: =O

"It was Lucifer, a malignant being without any connection to Zeon, Dark Dragon or anyone else in the Dark Army. He came to turn the world into a planet as black and empty as his homeland.
Then the four elemental dragons had no choice left but to make a sacrifice, to seal his powers to his place of origin where he could never leave again.
The warriors of light continued on their way, now towards Dark Tower."

In Lforotopia...
-Watchman: Halt!
-Milo: What is it?
-Watchman: Just hold on a moment...

The watchman took out a black cane with a purple orb on the upper tip. He pointed towards Max and his friends and...

-Watchman: Desoul level 2!

Nothing happened.

-Watchman: OK, you can go on. ;)
-Pyra: O_o You nearly killed us!
-Watchman: It's the law of our god.
-Pyra: ¬_¬

They entered a veritable floral paradise. Trees, ferns, mosses, fungi. Further inside, a grass green castle.

-Max: We want to go in.
-Watchman: Only if you pass our test.

The same cane of the earlier watchman appeared in the hand of this one.

-Watchman: Desoul Level 2!
-Pyra: Again!

Nothing happened.

-Watchman: OK, you can pass.
-Milo: But what the #$%&.
-Armand: ...

Inside the castle, down the right corridor, was a mixed hot springs. Max, Milo and Armand immediately stripped and dove in to relax.

-Pyra: O_O
-Max: Come on in, Pyra ;)
-Milo and Armand: Yesssss! :D
-Pyra: NO ¬_¬

Meanwhile, down the left corridor.

-Mars: Venus, are you still tired of our test of love in the hot springs? :3
-Venus: Yes. :3
-Mars: :3
-Mercurius: How much you two talk of that when it was only a kiss that lasted a nanosecond because you collided when you jumped into the water.
-Jupiter: Moreover, aren't you a little old already? =_=
-Venus: No, always young and ready for anything. ;)
-Mars: And with this, we're never going to go back to being old; age is just a number.
-Jupiter: While this never ends...

And in the hot springs, someone appeared.

"A tower of 100 floors, that seems without end. Monsters on every side. On the 50th floor, there were two statues. They appeared to be angels, one good and one evil. They regarded them as of no importance and continued on their way to the final floor."

-Rick: ! There are already people here.
-Pyra: O_O! Put some clothes on!
-Rick: Why should I? If you are here you should take yours off. ;)
-Pyra: X_X

Pyra fainted and fell in the water. While...

-Milo: Are you from here?
-Rick: No, I have no idea where I'm from. I am here by the door that is in the other corridor.
-Armand: Door?
-Rick: It is said that it leads to other worlds or dimensions. But I have not been able to obtain the key to open it.
-Armand: A key like this?
-Rick: :O ... no.

One of the watchmen came in and called to Max. Max entered a sort of temple inside the castle. In the back, a crystal statue.

-Clione: Hi.
-Max: O_O Who spoke?
-Clione: I am Clione, I have been looking for you for an important mission.
-Max: Mission?
-Clione: Yes.
-Max: Ah.
-Clione: ...
-Max: ...
-Clione: And?
-Max: And what?
-Clione: Do you accept?
-Max: And what do I gain by this?
-Clione: I don't know, save the world perhaps.
-Max: Interesting...

An elf entered.

-Chester (elf): You called me?
-Max: (And Big Ears here?)
-Clione: He will accompany you on your mission.
-Max: (Crud. ¬_¬)
-Clione: Gather your friends and go through the left corridor until you reach an enormous red door.
-Max: OK.
-Chester: Hi, I'm Chester ^-^
-Max: Hi.

Max and Chester made their way to the hot springs; Max slammed the temple door shut in his anger. While down the left corridor.

-Jupiter: Shall we go?
-Mercurius: Let's go through the Thousand Year Door! :D
-Venus: Stop playing!

Mars used a key gilded in the shape of a heart and opened the enormous red door. The four heroes of Rune entered and the door closed.

"On reaching floor 99, it sounded as if the end of the world was beginning. It was Zeon who fought against Darksol on the final floor.
The sound of an explosion.
Some monks appeared and helping Zeon escape. The warriors of light went up to last floor to fight against the last of the Dark Army."

And in the hot springs, all was ready to go to the enormous red door. But Armand is still in the hot springs and Pyra awoke...

-Pyra: How warm, where am I? =_=
-Armand: You're awake now? =)
-Pyra: Yes... But what the devil!

Pyra was in the hot springs with Armand, without clothing.

-Armand: How's it going? =)
-Pyra: Bolt Level 4!

Armand nearly died. Pyra got out of the spring.

-Pyra: And what are you all looking at!

Pyra still had no clothes.

-Max, Milo, Rick and Chester: Nothing. :3

Pyra used Bolt Level 4 on each one of them. They all nearly died. While Pyra got dressed, a light made them all recover as if nothing had happened.

-Chester: It must be Clione.
-Max: :O
-Chester: Well, let's go already.

But a voice stopped them.

-Clione: Wait.
-Everyone: ?
-Clione: You, the dark one.
-Armand: Me?
-Clione: You cannot go.
-Armand: And why can't I?
-Clione: Go now.
-Armand: !
-Milo: Look! The book again.

Armand was surrounded by a black aura, so strong that the castle began to fall apart.

-Milo: What power! O_O
-Armand: So you will not let me go.
-Clione: ...
-Armand: Dagger Dance!

Some flying knives appeared and came at Rick. An arrow stopped them.

-Chester: What the devil is going on.
-Armand: You will be the first. Demon Breath!
-Clione: !

A flurry of souls from another world attacked Chester, but a species of ghost stopped them.

-Chester: Clione!
-Clione: I will die before I permit this, for anyone not of that family.
-Max: ?
-Armand: That will stop you. Hahaha!

The dark aura increased and the castle ceiling fell on them all, except Armand.

-Armand: Darkness!
-Milo: Shining Aura!

They all were surround by a white aura that reduced the damage from Armand's attack, but it was not enough.

-Milo: X_X
-Clione: Supernova Level 3!
-Armand: Nooooo!

Armand fell, dead. His body disappeared.

-Max: Ufff...
-Pyra: Hey! Where were you?
-Max: Far away; I used Egress :D
-Clione: ...
-Chester: Clione...

Clione disappeared.

-Milo: Did she die?
-Rick: She was already dead.
-Milo: ... Ah...
-Rick: Then...
-Chester: To the door. I have Clione's key.
-Max: One moment.

Max thought.

-Max: What is our mission?
-Chester: Clearly, Clione did not sufficiently explain. We must remove the Objects of Chaos from each one of the worlds.
-Rick: Objects of Chaos... I think that...

Rick took something out of his pocket.

-Chester: !
-Rick: I think these are called the Twin Dragon Rings.
-Chester: Where did you get those?
-Rick: An old centaur gave them to me yesterday.
-Chester: Why?
-Rick: He died. He didn't get past the first watchman.
-Max, Milo, and Pyra: =_=

"The warriors of light confronted Darksol, the mind behind all this madness."

-Simone: Grandfather! You're here! :D Excuse me, but we're not going to be able to read any more; I didn't ask permission to take this book. :3 Let's see each other another day. ^-^

-Max: Alright, open the door.
-Chester: Let's go to the real world, we should look for the three Soul Blades.

Chester used the Heart Key. Chester opened the door. Max and company entered the door. A hamster also entered.

The Real World...
-Pyra: What the devil, such strange buildings.
-Rick: Fresher, cleaner air.
-Chester: Trees with thicker trunks.
-Max: Women with the same clothing and very short skirts.
-Pyra: Ah? O_o
-Milo: *¬*

Max and his friends arrived in another dimension, in search of the Objects of Chaos. With new allies in an unknown world, they will continue in search of an explanation for it all.

In the next chapter: Max the NEO Hero has joined the Force!