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The Theif's Lady

Chapter 1

She was sitting reading in her second drawing room. Light was streaming in through the big white French windows making the walls so much brighter than normal. She sighed impatiently and shut her book loudly making her butlers drooping head shoot up. Standing up she walked swiftly out the room shoving the book into the butler's arms. Walking down the big white marble stairs her heals clanking loudly she opened the double door in front of her.

Everyone inside froze.

"Miss Hyuga?" A maid said breathlessly.

"How's the dress going?" Hinata asked kindly.

"I told you earlier. We will be finished by this evening" Tenten her personal maid and best friend told her.

"Just leave it to us Miss"

"But I have nothing to do Tenten! Isn't there anything I can help with?"

"Oh Miss Hyuga you are too kind" The maids started blubbering away not used to the act of equality.

"Go for a walk then. It's a lovely day"

"Yes it is. Thank you Tenten"

"Should I call Master Neji for you miss?"

"No" Hinata said abruptly "I will be outside if anyone needs me".

Walking to the door Hinata smiled. She took off her silvery silk shoes.

"No need for these then". The maids behind her giggled as she slid them off neatly. The maids loved their Lady.

Walking onto the damp grass she glided to her favour willow tree. She loved the way the branches would bend downward like hair. It gave her the perfect hiding place. Stepping into her safe haven she put her hand on the trunk. Her mother had planted the tree when she moved into the manor house. She said that the garden looked too bare without it.

She sat down leaned her head back and slowly drifted off into a daze. Hinata didn't know how long she sat there but was being shaken wake by a maid before she knew.

"My lady! My lady please wake up!"

"What is it?"

"You're father is-" Hinata was already on her feet half running to the house the maid hot on her heels.

"When will he arrive?"

"In about 10 minute's ma'am"

"Bursting through the door she saw Tenten"

"Tenten we must get ready my fa-"

"I know. Upstairs with you we only have 5 minutes"

As soon as Hinata got to her room servants were on her like ants to sugar. The quickly discarded her plain white dress for a fine velvet dress with gold embroidery. Her hair was tied up into a complicated knot with gold claps set into it. As soon as she put on her shoes she was rushed downstairs into the main drawing room.

They sat down gave her book and spread out her long dress around her getting rid of any creases.

"Everyone out now!" Tenten hissed.

As she passed Hinata she touched her cheek and mouthed "Good luck"

Voices could now be heard outside:

"Yes yes keep him thereā€¦ I will deal with this later"

The door opened and her father strode in.

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