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Chapter 22

Final chapter

Hinata screamed. She was soaked in blood. She looked at her hands. They were red, covered in blood and dripping, like water but thicker like poison. She tried crawling forwards but couldn't.

"You fucking little WHORE!" Sasuke shouted at the door. He was livid, burning with fury. Hinata fell down on Gaara's chest sobbing. Because you see it wasn't her own blood she was covered with. It was Gaara's. Sasuke missed Hinata and shot Gaara instead making him fall back onto the bed his eyes wide open and clear. Blood was streaming from the wound in his chest dying the white bed covers red.


Sasuke shot Gaara again this time in the shoulder.

"STOP IT!" Hinata screamed through her tears. What should she do? Gaara was dying, her Gaara was dying! And she couldn't do anything. Sasuke was blocking the door. "YOU'RE KILLING HIM STOP IT!"

"EXACTLLY! AND YOU'RE NEXT!" But he never did shoot Hinata. Instead he fell to the ground dropping the gun. Tenten hit him on the head again with the iron cooking pan in her hand and kicked the gun away into a distant corner.

"TENTEN! HELP ME! HE'S DYING! GAARA'S DYING!" Hinata screamed in desperation. Tenten ran over pulling out a knife from her cleavage.

"Quickly! Bind his wounds and put pressure on them before he loses too much blood." He had lost so much blood already it seemed like a hopeless thing to do but Hinata did it anyway. Sasuke was trying to get back up but again he met with the floor. His arms were pinned behind his back and a knife was being held at her throat.

Neji had arrived with the Hyuga guard. Tsunade close behind him. But they didn't come to help. They just stood there watching.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" Hinata screamed "HELP US! HE'S DYING!" It was not long till they found out why they didn't help. Hiashi entered the room. They were under his control. He had told them to do nothing. So they just stood and watched as Gaara slowly died.

"Father please!" Hinata begged "Please help him!" Hiashi stared for a long time before saying "Hinata I don't think you-"

"I love him!" Hinata stated interrupting her father.

"This man was send to woo you. He is an assassin sent to kill you."

"NO! NO HE IS NOT!" She shouted cradling Gaara's head protectively.

"Hinata. We have evidence! Let him go."

"No! NO!" She started crying rocking back and forth. Tenten had frozen and was staring at Hiashi in disbelief. This could not be happening. Hiashi nodded at Neji. Neji walked forwards and attempted to pull Hinata off Gaara but she held on as if her life depended on it however Neji was just too strong. He lifted Hinata up with difficulty and carried her towards Tsunade. Small, fast footsteps could be heard outside. Ino entered breathing deeply her hands on her knees trying to catch her breath. She looked up in confusion. Neji had given Hinata to one of the guards who were trying to restrain her from running back to the bed. Neji was walking towards Gaara with a knife.

"WHAT?" Ino shouted. "That's not the assassin! That's Gaara!" Hiashi whipped his head round to stare at her. Hinata stopped struggling instead stared at Ino.

"What?" Hiashi hissed.

"That's not the assassin. The assassin doesn't exist! I was trying to tell you this before Hiashi, you're about to kill an innocent man"


"I'll explain later! Gaara needs medical attention now!"

Hiashi flicked his hand in Tsunade's direction. As if on cue Tsunade ran forwards shouting instructions.


"Explain Ino! Now!"

"Sasuke wanted to kill Gaara and the only way he could do that was by starting a false rumour saying that Gaara was an assassin. He would then shoot Gaara and seem like the hero. Sakura-sasuke's bed slave- told me the truth. She also told me his plan for Hinata. He was- as we expected- just going to force her to be his new virgin bed slave and once she had born him a son she would die in 'child birth' in other words. He would kill her."

"HE HEARTS STOPPED! GET IT STARTING AGAIN! HE'S LOST TOO MUCH BLOOD! 1 2 3" A disgusting electric sound came from inside. This couldn't be happening. It was too much. So much Hinata fainted to the floor.

Hinata stood outside looking over the pond. It had been years since she had been here. Years since she had returned here, to the place which used to be her sanctuary. She slowly walked over to her mother's willow tree and sat at its trunk. She felt protected here. No one could see her and she could not see them. She looked down at her small pale hands. They were turning very slightly blue. Hinata blinked in mild shock. Was she cold? She tucked her hands inside her cloak and jumped then they touched the bare skin of her arms. Yes she was cold. The first frost had come that night. It covered the whole garden making it look like crystals sparkling sadly. She heard one of the maids walk outside towards her. She was never alone for long. Doctor had told everyone to make sure she was not left alone for long.

"Miss Hinata are you alright?" The maid asked softly. Another order from the doctor. Never shout or shock her. Everyone talked to her softly now-a-days.

"Fine" Hinata replied bluntly.

"The doctor said you shouldn't be outside for so long during the winter" Hinata was starting to hate the doctor. She had almost no freedom anymore. The maid came over bending to lightly grasp her arm as if she was a child. She just stood there waiting to help and pull Hinata up and help her inside. Hinata tried to batter the hand away even though she knew it was useless. She was very week. She stood up still in the clutches of the maid and walked inside to meet Neji.

"Hinata you should get some rest. You know what the doctor said" Neji said disapprovingly. But he said it softly. Just like the doctor told him too. Hinata scowled and went upstairs for her mid-day nap. They doctor had drawn up a schedule of her day which advised her on how to keep herself healthy. She was too sleep late, have a nap at mid-day and get to bed early.

Hinata didn't like the mid-day nap. She didn't like her room much anymore. It reminded her of the day Gaara was shot. It happened 3 years ago but the memory was still burned into her mind. She felt like Lady Macbeth. No matter how many times the cover changed she still saw the huge red stain. Hinata got into bed anyway and tried to have her nap. Someone knocked at the door. How was she expected to take a nap when people came in every five minutes to check if she is alright! A maid came in and opened her mouth about to ask.

"I am fine! I am in bed trying to have a nap!" Hinata snapped.

"Miss. The doctor said you shouldn't strain yourself." Screw the doctor!

"Screw the doctor!" Tenten said as she strode into the room. Tenten, as always, was the only one to act normal around her. The maid glared at her.

"Out you go" Tenten ordered. The maid glared at her but left. Tenten had married Neji thus bringing her from the bottom of society to the top. Some of the older maids who still remembered her as Hinata's servant found it difficult to take orders from her.

"Is it just me or is everyone more tense than normal."

"Not just you" Hinata sighed in relief. "It's just that people are worrying that you'll have a break down. You do know what day it is today?" Hinata nodded. 2 years ago Hiashi died of heart dieses.

"Anyway. I've ordered us some tea so we can sit down and have a natter. It's been so long since we could actually talk at all. Not to mention you look like you need rescuing from a nap. You only woke up like 2 hours ago." Hinata smiled.

"Tenten that would be lovely but isn't Kara having a haircut today." Kara was Tenten's little girl. She was about to have her first haircut. Tenten spaced out for a minute

"Oh…SHIT!" She ran off top speed "MOVE OUT!" Hinata laughed. She could certainly use some tea. The doctor had said she should eat as much as she could whenever she wanted which she loved. It didn't matter what she ate as long as she did. However she had a set breakfast and a choice of dinners to choose from. Hinata got up again and went into the drawing room to read. She was so lost in 'Cinderella' that she didn't hear the door open and someone come in. The person looked over her shoulder.

"She was the most beautiful woman the prince had ever saw, standing there in the moonlight. How could the prince have overlooked her? He walked towards her transfixed with her-" Hinata snapped the book shut in fright and looked up. Her husband was smiling down at her his eyes showing how much he loved her. He bent down and kissed her.

"How are you today?" He asked. Hinata automatically felt her hands move down to her swollen stomach. This was her third attempt to have a baby. The other two had 'slipped out'.

"Fine. Everything okay today." The last one had almost killed her; she had lost so much blood and fallen unconscious. But that was mainly due to Sasuke. The authorities had locked up Sasuke when he shot Gaara but he had escaped with revenge on his mind. He was responsible for her last miscarriage. An illness had been responsible for her first miscarriage. However Sasuke had been caught and this time executed.

"I was thinking we should move back home. I asked the doctor and he said if we wanted to move we would need to do it soon. The house is almost finished anyway." Her house was being redone, Sasuke had burned it down.

Hinata beamed "That's excellent news!" Hinata loved her old home but it wasn't the same anymore. She wanted to go home and have a fresh start with her baby and her husband Gaara. Yes he survived the shooting and had married her almost instantly. He took over all of Sasuke's property and business. He sold the land, and gave the business to Hiashi which instantly put Gaara in her father's good books. He is still today a thief. The most powerful thief in the land.

His future son, the spitting image of Gaara, would take over the business becoming an even greater leader than his father if that was possible and his future daughter, a delicate Hinata with red hair, would become a feared assassin the one to kill the King's wife and seduce to fellow into making her queen so she could rule the land in a fair just way unlike its predecessors. The wife had been Sasuke's bastard child anyway and just as cruel as her father. And Gaara had his lady. The Thief's lady.

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