Jayne lived in the moment. Whenever they landed planetside he'd find an amenable woman, sometimes one he paid for, and they'd have themselves a grand old time. While she was in his arms, she'd be the only woman in the whole verse. After, though, well, if he came through again, he might look her up but out in the darkness of space, Vera was all the woman he needed.

Until one night, in the afterglow of taking care of his own John Hancock, when he started imagining a woman curled up next to him. His fingertips felt their way across her skin till she gasped as he flicked them over her nipple. He nibbled at her neck, inhaling the scent of strawberries and fresh mown hay. His hand moved south, sliding in and out till his fingers were slick with her juices. Stretching, she rolled over to lay on her back, opening herself to him. He brushed her hair off her face and his eyes widened in shock.

It was Kaylee.

"Ta ma de! I ain't falling for no nice girl." Hell, he didn't even know how to approach a nice girl, not for that.